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  1. Bennett Haeberle, a reporter from WBNS-TV in Columbus, joins NBC 5 as investigate reporter.
  2. Speaking of this, the choir director was on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" 2 weeks ago, and they aired a clip of the performance used in the promo. The clip is at 1:24 of the video.
  3. That on-air disruption came happen 30 minutes into TINY.
  4. Yes. That practice of removing time and temp from the bug which is began last year, after the station changing their news graphics. The time and temp placement on the bug during syndie programming was began in 1995 after the station changing its branding to "NBC 5 Chicago" or "NBC 5". The time and temp on the bug will continue to use on all of its newscasts.
  5. Update for Chicago that I found for the week of September 26: Ring Nation (The U, 11:30 a)
  6. Recently, the official program of this year's Chicago Marathon has using Stefan Holt and Allison Rosati again for the second year in their ad placement. Brant Miller and Leila Rahimi is not involved in the ad, but it also bearing the NBC 5 logo with the URL link and the title of "NBC 5 Chicago News at 10". https://issuu.com/cemevent/docs/2022_bank_of_america_chicago_marathon_program/87
  7. Other syndie changes: WBBM: Magnum P.I. (2018) on weekends (replacing Bull) starting 9/17. WLS: The Rookie (2x) on Saturdays/early Sundays starting 9/17 replacing Castle and 9-1-1 (2x) on Sundays/early Monday starting 9/18 replacing Wipeout. WCIU: iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas at 6a (on its main channel) and 3p (on The U) starting yesterday, Karamo has a additional run at 4a beginning next week. We the People with Lauren Lake began airing yesterday at 6:30a. The Good Doctor (2x) at 2p and 3p and WOW: World of Wrestling at 6p and 9p (in between The CW network programming) beginning 9/17. WPWR: iCrime with Elizabeth Vargas (same as WCIU) at 11:30p since yesterday.
  8. UPDATE: On WGN, Paternity Court has taken the 2p slot beginning Monday.
  9. Changes in Chicago: WBBM-TV: CBS 2 News at 9a, Drew Barrymore Show (1/2) on 9/12. WMAQ: NBC News Daily at 12p, Dateline (from WPWR) at 1p, Access Daily at 2p on 9/12. Days of our lives moves to Peacock on same day. WLS: No Changes WGN: One syndie, Maury ended its production last season, reruns had transferred to WCIU on 9/12. WFLD: Sherri at 10a + Jennifer Hudson show at 11a on 9/12. (replaces Wendy + Nick Cannon), The Real and The Good Dish both gone from the station. Last 8/8, Person, Place or Thing is tested for 4 weeks at 12a. WCIU: Maury reruns (from WGN) at 11a and 3a (replaces Relative Justice at 11a) on 9/12, Karamo debuts at 12p on 9/19, The Neighborhood (2x) at 6p, American Housewife at 11p and both hours of The Drew Barrymore Show at 12a on 9/12, Chicago P.D. reruns (from WPWR) at 12p on Sundays from 9/18. WPWR: Pictonary (2x) at 3p on 9/12, Last 8/8, Person, Place or Thing is tested for 4 weeks at 3:30p. One syndie, Dateline, which is aired at 10p, leaves the station for WMAQ, but they will continued to aired on the station as a weekly offering through MNTV.
  10. Former WLS staffer Matt Knutson joins WMAQ as VP for Multiplatform content. https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wmaq-chicago-hires-matt-knutson-as-vp-of-multi-platform-content/243366/
  11. Wanda Skyes hosted show "Ring Nation" is announced and it will now premiere on September 26. No word on the station groups will be picking up this new series. https://deadline.com/2022/08/wanda-sykes-host-syndicated-viral-video-show-ring-doorbell-technology-1235089510/
  12. Michael Gargiulo was testing positive for COVID-19. He posted on social media that he was fully vaccinated and boosted. They return to work next week. https://www.instagram.com/p/CbdfMAkOfmF/
  13. Filipino-American reporter Chris Jose, formerly of WSB-TV in Atlanta, has jumped over to News 4. His work with the station will start in April. It will be the second reporter of Filipino descent to join WNBC, a year after the death of the station's first Filipino reporter Katherine Creag in February 2021.
  14. Since 2016, "We're 4 New York" is combined with the word "Together" to form "Together, We're 4 New York". There had rumors that they wanted to bring back in 1997 and in 2012, but nothing happened, But they actually revived two times, one in 2002 (after 9/11) and in 2007 (after the station converted to HD). the theme was later used in news promos in 2008-2009, but they replaced it with a production music piece in 2010 but they keep the slogan.
  15. During the live shot by Sandra Torres this morning, there's the reporter from WFLD photobombed the live shot. meanwhile, the bug on the lower thirds had reverted back to normal effective today but this time without the "CHICAGO" wordmark.
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