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  1. Monday Stu, starts at KTTV FOX 11 as Good Day LA team! Starting at 4am
  2. Who you think, is number #1 on last weekend coverage? I think KTTV number #1
  3. Today at 4pm on KCAL9 news Juan Fernandez was the only one anchoring the news! I’m hearing Sharon Tay, Garth Kemp and Jeff Michael all been let go so far! Make sure to watch KCBS 2 5,6 pm tonight!
  4. Popular KCBS/KCAL Photographer/Reporter Stu Mundel has left the station. FTVLive reporting!
  5. KTTV first to use the new mic flag!
  6. KTLA won February sweeps books again for those who wanted to know who won in LA ratings.
  7. KTTV newest promo shows new mic flags coming soon?!!
  8. Breaking news, FTVLive reporting all hands on deck meeting at one LA news station, but can’t find out.
  9. Add WJBK To the list. They got their new graphic packages!
  10. KTTV LA Launched the new graphic package today at 5pm newscast!
  11. This morning KTTV using the new graphics with stories.
  12. Some stations are launching the new graphics packages for February sweeps!
  13. KTTV Starting to use the new graphics package slowly. The new graphic is where it says Walt Disney Studios

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