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  1. I can cofirm this after watching today's broadcast on WFMZ's on-demand stream via SBTV. Looks all traditional which makes me question why they couldn't just use LIVE at Sunrise for the 9AM hour if they use the same name at 5, 6, 7 and 8AM. Its not like the 9AM is different from the other hours, at least from what I saw.
  2. If FOX allowed KTVU to keep their Circle/Laser 2 logo, then FOX should allow KCPQ to keep the Q13 branding but modified as Q13 FOX again.
  3. Umm... no. You crazy. It'll just revert back to Q13 FOX News. KCPQ has been Q13 since DAY ONE (literary), waaaaay before their affiliation with FOX began. Imagine WNEP going from WNEP-TV 16 (their longtime brand) to being called ABC 16. That's what would happen here if it went from Q13 or then Q13 FOX over to FOX 13. That brand may make sense in Tampa Bay or in Memphis but NOT in Seattle.
  4. Woah. Didn't see that coming.
  5. When was there a FS3? Haha. There's only a FS1 and FS2.
  6. But damn Mark Supplesa became a really good solid anchor at WGN so it was all good. But in all honestly, it should've been Steve and Allison at 9 until Allison left (due to health problems).
  7. a.k.a. a sidecar shell company of Waterman. Just like how Sun Broadcasting (WXCW) is a sidecar shell company of the Fort Myers Broadcasting Company (WINK) and how Cunningham is a sidecar shell company of Sinclair and... you get it by now.
  8. WTMJ is now using a line in its opens that hasn't been used in decades... Milwaukee, Wisconsin and The World. If you remember Today's TMJ4 and the Impact days, then that's where you'll remember it from.
  9. Just by looking at TV listings for next week, it looks like Take 5 goes away entirely.
  10. Well they should allow weekend news simulcasts as well. But also, every other CBSN service does that too where they just show the national feed on weekends, aside from local news simulcasts.
  11. So what you're saying is that WJZY/WMYT are now owned by Nexstar while KCPQ/KZJO and WITI are now owned by FOX TS? I know it probably hasn't closed yet, but still...
  12. I believe there's a NWA Digital seal too for those who do forecasting but for digital properties, such as websites. I looked it up and only 4 people have that specific seal.
  13. I thought they launched it yesterday or a few days ago.
  14. WATN is TEGNA now and is still receiving Nexstar services?
  15. I'm sorry if I'm late on this but... is WCAU's new 7:00 p.m. newscast permanent? I ask because it was added as a result of Impeachment coverage being spilled over to WCAU's 4, 5 and 6PM newscasts but I'm looking at listings and it shows its a permanent part of the schedule?
  16. So it covers Worcester, the Berkshires (from the Capital Region market?) and Springfield, Mass. ?
  17. I'ma be honest, this is the first time I've seen their set like this. Never saw this until you posted it because no one told us about this. Also, the last set I remember from them was their newsroom set.
  18. That's a very huge get for Circle. Circle's national HQ is in Nashville, Coffee, Country and Cody comes from 650 WSM Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry is in Nashville, the capital of country music is in Nashville... you get the point. This is one market that Circle needed to get into and they (finally) got it.
  19. I like that top banner that KSWB and KFOR each are using.
  20. Its amazing that nothing can happen to you over your career (i.e. various things like buyouts, layoffs, firings, etc.) and yet, its something health-related that can take you off for good. But its true sadly and here in this case, its the vocal chords that'll take Gayle Guyardo off-the-air for good. February 28th is her last day at WFLA/WTTA after working there for 26 and a half years. https://www.wfla.com/8-on-your-side/news-channel-8s-gayle-guyardo-leaves-morning-news-to-rehab-her-vocal-chords/
  21. WCPO is no longer 'On Your Side' after 20 years but it does have a new logo and look in homage to WCPO being owned by Cincinnati-based Scripps. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/wcpo-9-unveils-inspiration-for-new-logo-and-creative-campaign
  22. Love this guy. One of the best at WGN. I'd watch him more during his 9:00 p.m. run than his midday run honestly but his style is next-to-amazing. Its nothing like it and its why he's so beloved at WGN and with Chicagoland viewers. It'll be sad to see him go, but he deserves retirement in every single sense of that word. Plus, he'll still be peforming too as he's a musician. As heartbreaking and emotional it will be on his final day, it will be more so once Skilling retires.

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