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  1. For the record, WTOC expanded their 4PM news to an hour like a month or so before this so the expansion is NOT related to COVID-19. This is the report I put out about that back on February 15th: https://changingnewscasts.wordpress.com/2020/02/15/small-minor-newscast-changes-321/
  2. UPDATE: It looks like only WTVJ is doing 7:30 p.m. news on some days with others being another repeat broadcast of NBC-NN.
  3. I mean... its O&Os already stream their local news for free.
  4. I've seen WTVJ and WSVN practice social distancing but not really on WPLG. They're so ignorant. Not sure about WFOR and depending on how long this lasts, we'll see if WSFL will do the same.
  5. KFMB AM/FM aren't even going to be together as KFMB FM is kept by LMSD while KFMB AM will go to the same owners as their main news/talker rival, 600 KOGO.
  6. They should put Barren's background as a live shot of Charleston just for keeps! Lmao.
  7. In WTVJ's case, they're also on at 7:30 p.m. too. So WTVJ is now on at 11:30 a.m. (if 6 in the Mix is shelved in the meantime), 7:00, 7:30 and 11:30 p.m. I know its only temporary, but essentially, WTVJ has added an extra two hours of news on weekdays.
  8. Permanent or during this outbreak pandemic?
  9. *cough* WBTS called *cough*
  10. I still don't know why they call the 11AM hour as the Morning News when its clearly the midday period there. Not only that, Jessica and Frank only go from 7-11AM so might as well cut off the branding after 11AM. 4-11AM: Morning News 11AM-2PM: Midday News Yeah. KTLA wants to become an all-news station outside The CW. EDIT: I know its only temporary.
  11. True and they're about to make a boatload of money, thanks to increased ratings for COVID-19 coverage.
  12. I don't know since I'm usually not up that early in the morning but I bet it does, like the whole network in full.
  13. Yes. Let me clarify something... when I said day one KCPQ became Q13 was the day it relaunched in November of 1980 after being silent for a few months. But I really honestly don't see them transitioning to FOX 13 because Q13 has been their life-blood branding for a very long time.
  14. Or make the fourth and fifth hours available on Peacock. Because even 13 years later, I still think a four-hour morning show from NBC is just too much. Affiliates would love to take that 10AM hour to themselves again. EDIT: If affiliates like WBAL-TV Baltimore don't even air the 10AM hour, then just put it on Peacock and leave it there.
  15. However, the CBC News Network and ICI RDI are still geo-blocked. So while free and available in Canada, its still unavailable here in the states. I was only able to get CTV NC and CP24 here. EDIT: Never mind. I got CBC NN and ICI RDI to work. I don't know why it didn't work for me initially.
  16. Its honestly really interesting. KPDX will take... KPDX - MNT KPTV - FOX (this one is obvious) KGW - NBC Meanwhile, KRCW will take... KRCW - CW KOIN - CBS (also obvious) KATU - ABC They'll also provide split PBS programming so that OPB can be covered too. I can't wait to see how this will be handeled but its nice to see all the broadcasters come together to try out the future of television.
  17. @XFL just posted it. It's official now. https://twitter.com/xfl2020/status/1238242448075304961/photo/1
  18. Both NHL and MLS' seasons ars suspended. MLS just got underway too, just two weeks in and BAM... postponed.
  19. Are channels changing too?
  20. Bryan too with KAGS and KBTX. I dont think there's too many, IIRC.
  21. WOW. First conflict I see is Cleveland (WKYC and WOIO/WUAB). There's probably another but I'm forgetting.
  22. Because... The Bill Elder effect at WWL-TV regins in at Noon.

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