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  1. Should've stuck with more news, less opinion, but no. They decided to go the opposite way and guess what? Its now costed them ratings BIG time.
  2. I think five is sufficient. Four main on-air ones plus a fifth as a behind-the-scenes producer/fill-in.
  3. I think its them? I'm not too confident on that because there's been so many changes in the market over the past 5-10 years that its hard to keep up. Don't quote me on that because I'm not too confident about Vegas TV ratings.
  4. Its not a surprise. One, its Vegas. Two, Gray is converting KVVU into what KSNV wanted to do under Jim Rogers. So now, its 4-10am, 1-2pm, 3-7:30pm and 10pm-12am. That's 13 and a half hours if your keeping score at home, LONG and away THE most hours of produced local news hours in Southern Nevada. I recorded the open and close to the first 7:00 p.m. newscast from that night:
  5. Doesn't bother me. Soaps isn't needed anymore in this day and age.
  6. Actually, they got into the FAST realm before FOX Weather. Its called LiveNOW from FOX.
  7. When does the new 4:30pm news begin and when does the 6pm simulcast begin?
  8. Verizon FiOS will soon become the first pay TV provider to carry FOX Weather.
  9. Logopedia counts WGN as a client with WGN-TV dating back to 1991, so I believe its them.
  10. That word gets thrown around a lot now these days, but in this case, this one really really fits.
  11. Not really. This is Los Angeles after all.
  12. @Spring Rubberand I are both huge watchers of FOX Weather ever since this channel came out. Yes, I have noticed this as well. Is this the start of live 24/7 weather? I don't think so but the changes are really noticeable. For now, the program guide on The Roku Channel still says the program names and the times it airs.
  13. KTLA from 4am-2pm and that's all-news.
  14. Allison is lucky to have had lots of WTOV colleagues work alongside her at WSOC, him and Natalie Pasquarella included. In other words... all local, all morning from 4:30am-12pm.
  15. We both knew this was going to happen. We both knew it! Now watch, this will be the start of an expansion to actual 24/7 live weather fox FOX Weather instead of just airing long-form programming on weekends or even FOX Weather LIVE taking up the majority of its time on weekends.
  16. It won't be. This is an isolated incident with a cable headend in Des Moines. But it was very disturbing to see.
  17. Good news... no longer in the newsroom. They were really terrible when doing so from the newsroom. Bad news... new set, worse one in the market.
  18. Yeah, I know. I know I'm not an average viewer. But then again, who else is? Pretty much everybody else here. Haha. I know average viewers don't care.
  19. if I wanted to watch them again, it will only be from 6-10am, 5-7pm and whenever the hell Prime is on, but now that program is in danger if Megyn Kelly officially joins. Plus, I'm not sure if the 11pm hour will be even better. I feel so bad for Marni Hughes. Just like Rudabeh Shahbazi, I hope she gets to leave soon and escape from this madness.
  20. They eventually will say that. I'll check the AccuWeather Forecast from Channel 7 (WABC) or my First Alert Weather Forecast from WBRC FOX 6. Eventually, it will graze into your mentality. I'm already used to saying 7 Weather Forecast for WSVN or my First Alert Forecast from NBC 6.
  21. Do not talk about Orlando. Everything is staying put. The owners are happy with their stations, and SERIOUSLY have no plans to sell anytime soon. Not now, not for a long time. To put this into perspective... WESH has been owned by Hearst since 1999 (WKCF since 2006), WKMG with Graham since 1997, WFTV since 1985 (WRDQ since 2001), and WOFL since 2002 (WRBW since 2001). To think that NO major Orlando station (not counting WKCF, WRDQ and WRBW) has changed ownership in twenty years is just purely amazing, and it also tells you that these stations are not being planned on being sold anytime soon.
  22. It seems to me that CBS O&Os are finally taking weather seriously with either a unique weather brand (Next Weather) or an overly used brand (First Alert Weather) but at least they're not just going by Weather anymore with sounds very boring.
  23. This has to be the most BS thing I've ever heard of in a Nexstar new set story: No they bleeping didn't! Its just another Nexstar set in a box!
  24. WPTV uses it, so does WBBH. In other words, all NBC affiliates (WTVJ's being an O&O) in Southern Florida (I mean South of I-4) use the First Alert branding.
  25. KTVX Salt Lake City is calling. They got Good Things Utah on from 9:00-11:00 a.m.
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