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  1. If I recall correctly, the ONLY FOX O&Os I saw participate in that segment where KSAZ, WOFL, WTVT, KMSP, WTXF, KTBC, KDFW, KRIV, KCPQ, and WITI.
  2. Maybe because they already do weather at the top of every hour or half-hour without branding it as such. Another question off-topic from that... when will FOX Weather finally start allowing its O&Os or affiliates who carry FOX Weather on a subchannel to finally start providing local weather updates on there?
  3. It also helps when Cox Media Group is still connected to Cox Enterprises who owns Cox's cable unit, so no need for a carriage dispute there.
  4. Yep. Off The Clock from 2-3, L.A. Unscripted from 7-7:30 and right now, the only syndicated show before 8pm is Two and a Half Men at 7:30pm. It also looks like they're trying to up their game with KTLA+ by airing repeats of their locally-produced programs from 7:30-10pm there to keep it a 24/7 local operation.
  5. Right now, its 4am-2pm, 3-7 and 10-11:35pm.
  6. If they grow like that into year two and three... ANF could really theaten WSB-TV's longtime dominant decades-long #1 status.
  7. You may say that... but at least so far, WWJ has debuted one new newscast every week. First... launch on January 23rd with weeknight 6 and 11pm news, then exactly a week later on January 30th with hour-long weeknight 5pm news. Now, the February 6th launch of hour-long 4pm news. I wouldn't be surprised if Noon launches the week after that, then weekend evenings after that, then weekday mornings and finally weekend mornings. Also, if this is done within a four-week span, then they would have its full schedule by March, if that one post that said about that timeline is true.
  8. KTLA goes an hour further, 4am-2pm. Also, I live in South Florida. That "1am newscast" is actually a repeat of their 11pm news, just like how WFOR and WTVJ repeat their 11pm newscasts just after 1:35am, while WSVN has their 11pm news repeat at 12:30 and 4:30am.
  9. They go by WTOK News 11.
  10. 15 and a half hours. That's how many hours of news KTLA would air every single weekday if this goes through. 4AM-2PM, 3-7, and 10-11:35PM. The only other outlets in the Southland that do more hours of news than KTLA every weekday... is KNX News - 97.1 FM. KTLA would actually TIE (yes, your hearing this right) Spectrum News 1 SoCal for the second-most local hours of news every weekday on either radio or TV (SN1 SoCal is on 5AM-7PM plus half-hour installments at 9:30pm, 12 Midnight and 1:00am. They air other stuff during other hours like L.A. Times Today, L.A. Stories, etc. Yes, I did check the schedule myself.).
  11. This. This is exactly why CBS Los Angeles did what they did.
  12. Not really when the company that owns NewsNet and Sportsnews Highlights also owns 5-Hour Energy. Its more of a plug than anything else.
  13. I thought Jane had a significant part in the weekday edition of FOX Weather First (and Sunrise beforehand).
  14. The weather section is provided by the team at WDAY-TV.
  15. They're airing a Yule Log today!
  16. And Shop 'Til You Drop. I didn't mind that one either.
  17. The Roku Channel has since updated its schedule for FOX Weather to include that Night Light does air at 5am.
  18. Watching FOX Weather now and this may be the first time they're using a scrolling ticker at the bottom. Its for a Winter Weather Alert.
  19. I see the schedule like this, according to The Roku Channel... 05:00-09:00 AM: FOX Weather First (the new name of the morning program to replace Sunrise) 9:00AM-12:00PM: FOX Weather SkyDome 12:00-04:00 PM: America's WeatherCenter 04:00-07:00 PM: FOX Weather Across America 07:00-10:00 PM: America's Weather NOW 10:00PM-1:00AM: America's Weather TONIGHT/FOX Weather LIVE 01:00-05:00 AM: Night Light TL;DR - It looks like they've added another hour of live weather coverage, renamed its morning program, moving its midday program to essentially late mornings, and added another hour of America's Weather Center. Other than that, all is the same.
  20. Speaking of KUSA, Gary Shapiro semi-retires this morning but will stick around for specials. Last daily broadcast today from 4:30-9am.
  21. FOX Weather is now on TuneIn. https://news.radio-online.com/cgi-bin/rol.exe/headline_id=n42998
  22. Aw man! She's held through and through. But 25 at WTVT, and a lot longer in the business. God damn she's gonna be very missed.
  23. And the first to re-add the 7-9am portion on WWL-TV. They'd do so in a heartbeat.
  24. a.k.a. Nexstar is a bunch of cheapos! This is pretty evident.
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