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  1. Hard news. No interviews, no fluff. Its straight news the entire time from 5-11 a.m. WSVN is a station that doesn't do heavy fluff.
  2. Leading to six live hours of morning news from 5-11 a.m.
  3. Hahaha. I love that Spongebob moment but it sounds true for what's happening to WADL right now.
  4. The weeknight 10, 10:30, and 11pm newscasts are now Scrippscasts.
  5. I'm bringing this back up because Marcelle and Jim are joining KADN/KLAF in the new year to anchor their 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00pm newscasts. https://www.kadn.com/news/the-switch-is-on-the-new-year-will-bring-a-new-station-for-2-familiar/article_059cee46-6c59-11ee-b689-e7532e6a4f7b.html
  6. The weekend early-evening ones are no surprise... Saturdays at 6:00 and Sundays at 6:30pm.
  7. Oh yes, he did. I believe he joined WWOR around '97 or '98, under Chris-Craft ownership then.
  8. Ernie never worked for WPIX's news department.
  9. From the schedules I've seen, yes. Thanks for the promotion. Later tonight or early tomorrow, the first posts will be up. (I don't mean going off topic here, sorry. Hahaha.)
  10. They don't even feature her now as part of the weather team on-air. When they unveiled their new weather branding, she was absent from the promo.
  11. Another inaccuracy here. Your Life Arizona goes back to an hour at 10am, two episodes of Last Man Standing at 11am, and the newly expanded hour-long Arizona's Family News at Noon.
  12. WRONG. There will be a change on WSVN 7 in the 1:00pm hour since Rachael Ray is going off-the-air but I just don't know what WSVN is replacing it with.
  13. I think that'll be the first time in their history that they'll be cutting anything from their newscast schedule.
  14. I'm sorry to hear about this. He did lead a remarkable era of the station's history so my best wishes to him. Hopefully, he can recover and get back to normal ASAP.
  15. This is from Radio Insight and reposted from the TNC Discord server... These are the new registered domains for the yet-to-be-announced brands for its independent stations. We know WUPA will be Atlanta 69, WKBD as Detroit 50, and WPSG as Philly 57. But this is what the domain websites will be for the others, which could give us an indication as to what CBS is thinking with future brandings for their stations... KMAX - Sacramento31.com KSTW - Seattle11.com WTOG - Tampa44.com KCAL - LosAngeles9.com WBFS - Florida33.com (this one makes no sense to me) WLNY - NewYork55.com WSBK - Boston38.com (getting away from TV38?!?!) KTXA - Texas21TV.com https://radioinsight.com/headlines/netgnomes/257769/domain-insight-8-24-connecticut-sports-changes-and-a-bonus-tv-report/
  16. Live's going away, according to TitanTV on KSNW's website. KSN News at Noon becomes an hour-long broadcast once again. EDIT: I believe KAKE's is straight-up local talk while KWCH's is all news/weather. Don't quote me on this since I don't live in the market so I may be wrong.
  17. It wasn't the original. WCJB was with NBC for two years from their 1971 sign-on until 1973. Then, they went with ABC for the reason @tyrannical bastardmentioned... the contract to air Florida Gators football at the time.
  18. That's true. Outside of WPVI airing local news at 4AM, all three stations' schedules will be the same quite literary all day. Local news from 4:30-7am, GMA from 7-9am, Kelly and Mark at 9, more local news at 10, The View at 11, more local news at Noon, GMA3 at 1, Tamron Hall at 2, GH at 3, local news from 4-6:30, ABC WNT at 6:30, J!/WOF from 7-8, ABC Primetime at 8, final local news at 11, JKL at 11:35, and Nightline at 12:37am. Overnights will be the only difference because, again, WPVI does 4am while WABC and WTVD still start at 4:30am so its one half-hour less of a Jeopardy! repeat for WPVI to start their morning news at the time they start it.
  19. Its The Great News Package with the Hello News Melody. WDTN Dayton used this before and so has WOKR (WHAM) Rochester and a few others, according to NMSA.
  20. This is better than the webcams they had before. I just wish they did this sooner. Question... is this during all breaks or only during live programming with longform airing just the countdown clock?
  21. I'm not surprised at all. She wanted to do more weather forecasting, not live in the field reports. The station pushed her on the latter very hard and thus is why she is getting out. I've never seen her in the studio during severe weather coverage, only in the field. She's a meteorologist but the way she worked and was treated, it didn't feel like it at all.
  22. Huh... interesting change in Pittsburgh but not really a surprise for the San Francisco one.
  23. I thought it was just 6-7 and 9-10am and now putting in the 8am hour, but I guess I was wrong.
  24. How in the world is FOX Weather continuing to gain distribution, yet continues to have a shortened plagued staff?
  25. FTVLive here so take it with a grain of salt. However, just read this. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/6/6/fox-weather-staffer-sounds-off
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