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  1. Actually, your wrong. It was WFMZ-TV Allentown who launched the first 24/7 weather channel, in partnership with AccuWeather, back in 2001.
  2. I'm getting SJL/Lily Broadcasting vibes with this.
  3. One problem... I live in a market where Nexstar doesn't exist so MIA, FTL and even PBI (Palm Beach) will have nothing. In fact, the closest airport that could see something like this is TPA (Tampa Bay).
  4. Kelly did traffic but must have kicked her off for entertainment and features when Kristin arrived but is now back to her original job in the morning. And no, this will do nothing to challenge their rivals. Just like their other newscasts, WTVJ is a solid third. Still beats WFOR in the morning, but still... a solid third. If your in Miami, your either watching Today in Florida or the Local 10 Morning News in the morning. There's no either unless you hate both.
  5. This is my first post in quite a while on this forum. I'll explain why on Discord later. Anyways, yep. However, I wouldn't go so far as to ABC going back to WGHP because in all honesty, I think WGHP actually likes having FOX in their arsenal. It just means more newscasts for them than when they would've had with ABC. Besides, I even think WGHP is stronger than WFMY because TEGNA-itis. I know its weird I'm saying that, but I really do think WGHP has taken advantage of WFMY's misfortunes, only because of being a part of TEGNA. However, both still can't contain the gorilla
  6. So to recap... WGBH-TV = GBH 2 WGBX-TV = GBH 44 (not even GBX) WGBY-TV = New England Public Media 89.7 WGBH = GBH News 89.7 99.5 WCRB = CRB Classical 99.5 90.3 WCAI = CAI (only that because it has two other repeaters) There you go.
  7. But as far as I'm concerned, no ABC affiliate in the state is called ABC Alabama just yet. They have an opportunity here.
  8. I'm not sure where you heard that from because WTAE has had hour-long news at noon since January.
  9. My god. Just be called ABC Alabama already and call it a day. Why they're still called ABC 33/40 without actually being on 33 and 40 makes no sense to me.
  10. I'd sad about it but also saw it coming because... COVID.
  11. Umm... what?! You freaking serious? Show that to FTVLive so that people can read it and ridicule the company. They deserve all the ridicule and hatred they get. Also, it does mention Maria Athens a few times. What is she like, the co-owner of the company or something? Good grief.
  12. I'm so glad he's healthy and safe. We need Chuck! We need him in 2024 so he can mark 50 years at WNBC. He is more than an icon, he is a LEGEND, not just in New York but in the entire broadcasting industry. Keeping him safe at home was a good temporary move so that he can continue to anchor at 6:00 p.m. on WNBC for years to come.
  13. KCWO is actually a separate station carrying The CW. It's not a satellite station of KOSA.
  14. But does GMA3: What You Need To Know remain after the pandemic or will it be replaced by a new program or just turn over the 2:00 p.m. hour to affiliates with General Hospital moving to the 1:00 p.m. feed? Like what is ABC's plan once the pandemic is over?
  15. We're into 2020 and WMSN is STILL using FOX searchlights in their logo, despite FOX dropping it in 1999. Amazing times to be alive in.
  16. So much for GMA Day too. Also, once the pandemic is over, will ABC keep the 1:00 p.m. timeslot and convert it into an afternoon news program or just shift General Hospital to the 1:00 p.m. timeslot and give the 2:00 p.m. hour to affiliates? I mean, this pandemic is not forever and so will not this program.
  17. But that's what they've been calling themselves at Kern Golden Empire Television for decades now.
  18. Chuck beats them both. Despite Ernie's presence, FOX 5 is just awful in the ratings. Dana is close but Chuck is better and more legendary IMO than Dana but Ernie is right there too. Unfortunately for them, Bill (Ritter) has them all beat.
  19. No launch yet. I wouldn't be surprised if CBSN Miami ends up being the last one to launch, considering WFOR has consistely been one of CBS' weakest stations.
  20. Nope! WFOR still stinks and stinks like un peste, WTVJ continues to lag behind and still puts out a great product out there, WPLG continues to copy WSVN in every way they can and has a newsroom infected with COVID now, still no word as to when WSFL's news department will launch and WSVN is still #1 overall in South Florida English. Any questions? EDIT: Said it before on here. Had (and still have) a crush on Rudabeh. WFOR treated her badly in the end so I'm glad she'll be on WGN America doing weekends for NewsNation.
  21. Not happening, not while WWMT, WOOD and WZZM are also on at 5:00 p.m. and considering that WXMI has the market's only 3-hour local news block from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Its popular in major markets and so far, still is in West Michigan.
  22. I don't think KTAL does that for KSHV anymore.
  23. And this post is EXACTLY why WJW FOX 8 is STILL #1 in the ratings and even if Nexstar puts its influence in it, WJW will still be the 100,000-lb gorilla kings of the market because they've done everything right. They are Cleveland's Own for a reason.

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