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  1. I was one of them. On cable? Maybe, but NOT over-the-air.
  2. Not only that, its also simulcast via WDCW's transmitter on 25.1, so you have WDVM on 25.1 via WDVM and on 25.1 via WDCW.
  3. One problem with that: Brian Hutton Jr. is leaving WNCN for WTAE-TV/Pittsburgh very soon. https://www.timesonline.com/story/entertainment/2021/03/15/wtae-tv-names-pennsylvania-native-brian-hutton-jr-new-meteorologist/4712128001/
  4. I don't see that happening. It works in a small state like West Virginia but not in a big state like New York.
  5. Your reading this wrong. He celebrates 39 years at WDBJ and is beginning his 40th year there, having joined in 1982.
  6. Same with Beaumont. Notice the trend... The network affiliate that's sister to the main one gets moved to the main one on a subchannel of Sinclair, not on a sidecar of Sinclair but actual Sinclair itself so that it can get away with FCC regulations and everything.
  7. Answer: WFLX. There you go.
  8. From what I was told, he came back at 7am. In terms of this news... Bye Felicia.
  9. Actually, your wrong. It was WFMZ-TV Allentown who launched the first 24/7 weather channel, in partnership with AccuWeather, back in 2001.
  10. I'm getting SJL/Lily Broadcasting vibes with this.
  11. One problem... I live in a market where Nexstar doesn't exist so MIA, FTL and even PBI (Palm Beach) will have nothing. In fact, the closest airport that could see something like this is TPA (Tampa Bay).
  12. Kelly did traffic but must have kicked her off for entertainment and features when Kristin arrived but is now back to her original job in the morning. And no, this will do nothing to challenge their rivals. Just like their other newscasts, WTVJ is a solid third. Still beats WFOR in the morning, but still... a solid third. If your in Miami, your either watching Today in Florida or the Local 10 Morning News in the morning. There's no either unless you hate both.
  13. This is my first post in quite a while on this forum. I'll explain why on Discord later. Anyways, yep. However, I wouldn't go so far as to ABC going back to WGHP because in all honesty, I think WGHP actually likes having FOX in their arsenal. It just means more newscasts for them than when they would've had with ABC. Besides, I even think WGHP is stronger than WFMY because TEGNA-itis. I know its weird I'm saying that, but I really do think WGHP has taken advantage of WFMY's misfortunes, only because of being a part of TEGNA. However, both still can't contain the gorilla

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