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  1. Ahem... Spectrum News 13 says hello. I know this is somewhat old but... I see you peaking-a-boo, Raycom Sports!
  2. Probably a strong second when the other competition is weak stations KXTV and KTXL.
  3. Actually, not really. I was able to check out Milwaukee PBS' weather channel (WMVT 36.3) thanks to Locast and I didn't see any AccuWeather products on there at all. Just maps, radars, forecasts, traffic cameras and NOAA Weather Radio but that's about it.
  4. 7.10: CBS (WSAW) 33.10: FOX (WZAW) 34.1: The CW (WYOW)
  5. WOOD should expand to 4:00 p.m. once Ellen ends. They're #1 big time anyways in West Michigan in most, if not all, timeslots. Just look at their competition and you'll see why.
  6. Nope! She's at CBS: https://deadline.com/2021/04/cbs-news-reorganizes-with-co-presidents-1234735288/
  7. Okay, so this is interesting and Steve is actually *kinda* right. WTVJ's set debuted in 2012 so its almost 10 years old at this point and while the monitors are great and all, it is starting to get dated already. Let's see what WTVJ comes up with but I don't expect any changes to its music or its graphics.
  8. Newsy existed before some of these services, including ABC, CBSN, NBC NN, NN from FOX, NewsNet and others. On a different note... At least we know one affiliate planning to carry Newsy OTA: Scripps' KRIS-DT 6.6 Corpus Christi, as mentioned by RabbitEars.
  9. I was one of them. On cable? Maybe, but NOT over-the-air.
  10. Not only that, its also simulcast via WDCW's transmitter on 25.1, so you have WDVM on 25.1 via WDVM and on 25.1 via WDCW.
  11. One problem with that: Brian Hutton Jr. is leaving WNCN for WTAE-TV/Pittsburgh very soon. https://www.timesonline.com/story/entertainment/2021/03/15/wtae-tv-names-pennsylvania-native-brian-hutton-jr-new-meteorologist/4712128001/
  12. I don't see that happening. It works in a small state like West Virginia but not in a big state like New York.
  13. Your reading this wrong. He celebrates 39 years at WDBJ and is beginning his 40th year there, having joined in 1982.
  14. Same with Beaumont. Notice the trend... The network affiliate that's sister to the main one gets moved to the main one on a subchannel of Sinclair, not on a sidecar of Sinclair but actual Sinclair itself so that it can get away with FCC regulations and everything.
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