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  1. As I already mentioned, there's two Impacts... 615 Music and Gari. I thought Lighthouse was 615, sorry! However, If there's one from 360, then how about one from Stephen Arnold?
  2. They should call it 'Lighthouse' after the Scripps logo. If Impact exists from both 615 Music and Gari and there's already a Lighthouse from 615 Music, then Stephen Arnold Music should call it Lighthouse.
  3. WNYT welcomes its second female meteorologist in two days.
  4. I don't see the UK doing this but kinda nice seeing BFM TV taking the plunge and the commitment to do this across France.
  5. Really? I find that hard to believe. It took WNYT until 2020 to finally take that plunge?
  6. Shows you how much I don't know about television but know how much about television news. Its why I'm on this forum. Haha.
  7. Don't forget... black-ish and grown-ish on The ABC Television Network.
  8. The Live Well Network name is finally going away, years after ending national distribution and mainly being a repeat-focused lifestyle network. Instead, it'll become ABC's Local-ish starting February 17th. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/top-news/243676/abc-oos-localish-expands-with-diginet-rebranding/
  9. Well then get ready to see the Nexstar set you've been seeing a lot lately, unless they also add some elements like what KOIN did to theirs.
  10. It was on WWJ from 5-7 a.m. but WKBD also had a 2-hour extension from 7-9 a.m.
  11. To put it into perspective... its been 7 years since WKBD has aired a newscast, 15 years since WUPA has aired a newscast and yes... 22 years since WTOG has aired a newscast which was their former news department that ended in 1998.
  12. the 11AM was an hour-long for a while before they added the noon earlier this week.
  13. RTVE Spain mourns the death of former Informe Semanal (the equiv. of 60 Minutes) director and journalist Alicia Gómez Montano who passed away earlier today from a battle with cancer. She was 65 http://www.rtve.es/noticias/20200118/adios-alicia-gomez-montano/1995832.shtml https://www.elespanol.com/corazon/television/20200118/fallece-alicia-gomez-montano-exdirectora-informe-semanal/460704151_0.html
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