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  1. TheRolyPoly

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    It also includes WDIV and if WXYZ had Bill Bonds, WDIV had Mort Crim.
  2. TheRolyPoly

    2018-19 Syndication News

    WCMH still airs Extra, but now at 7:30pm because of their new 7:00pm news.
  3. TheRolyPoly

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Besides, WSVN has a strong 7:00 p.m. hour in Inside Edition and their entertainment show Deco Drive. That hour has been synonymous with those two programs airing at the same timeslots since Deco Drive launched on the station 20 years ago.
  4. TheRolyPoly

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    It's still durable though, kinda my point.
  5. TheRolyPoly

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    WKTC Sumter, WPWR Gary, WUAB Lorain and KFMB 8.2 San Diego came calling.
  6. TheRolyPoly

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Even though Marquee Broadcasting will have WSWG.
  7. TheRolyPoly

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    That tells me that CBSN New York is weekdays only (CBSN New York and CBS 2 News' newscasts) with weekends being CBSN National (without CBS 2's news) full-time. Also, hi Reena Ninan.
  8. TheRolyPoly

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    So this could mean that Lockwood would start up (or continue) news departments for WFXG (basically expand from just morning) and WDFX (which would need to start from scratch). Either that of WFXG goes all alone and Lockwood continues the 1-year extensions for WDFX.
  9. TheRolyPoly

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Unless they do a CBSN Los Angeles simulcast on those timeslots to promote the new service if they wish.
  10. TheRolyPoly

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Question... why has KCBS/KCAL yet to expand to 7-9 a.m. on KCAL? Like seriously. They already do it on weekends, so might as well do it on weekdays as well.
  11. I can't get new posts from there under "Unread Content" anymore plus I never got any new posts from Speculatron 9000 too.
  12. TheRolyPoly

    The worst news opens of all time

    If that's the case, then imagine KVRR (their sister station)'s intro
  13. TheRolyPoly

    The 69 News/WFMZ Thread

    That's the exact thing I was talking about in the post above you.
  14. TheRolyPoly

    Out and About

    No because the Justice Network doesn't cover trials or live courtroom coverage.
  15. TheRolyPoly

    Out and About

    Not only that, they're bringing back this look...

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