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  1. If KPLR St. Louis can get that permission to do so, then so should WCIU.
  2. I mean... that is kinda right due to constant WB/CW preemptions from local specials and WGN Sports.
  3. Does this mean KCTV's 7pm news is gone?
  4. You can stick a fork on Jeff Passolt's career after Sunday, May 5th. He's retiring. 11 years at WTCN/KARE, 3 at KMGH Denver and finally, 23 years at KMSP including 9 p.m. for that entire latter run. http://www.fox9.com/news/jeff-passolt-retiring-after-23-year-career-at-fox-9
  5. Speaking of Weigel, we already have a thread about this so go talk about it here but for those who are still living under a rock... WCIU will soon become The CW's newest network affiliate in Chicago, displacing WPWR which will go back to being the main MyTV affiliate and *possibly* rebrand as either FOX 32 Plus or FOX 32 Xtra. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/04/18/weigel-broadcastings-wciu-become-cw-network-affiliate/
  6. But better than The CW being kept on low-rated WPWR anyways.
  7. Could've said the same thing about any of WISH-TV's news themes since they've used Back Home Again in Indiana since 1991 and was mostly associated with In-Sink (in which what they're using now, again).
  8. I mean WCAX has the same graphics as WCJB, considering both are in small markets so not surprised actually and its not a step back. I always thought Gray's graphics were amazing, even if its standardized now across much of its stations. You just don't see that flyover effect with its logos in a way that Gray's graphics do them.
  9. Bruce Gyngell, the chief executive of TV-am at the time said (and heard in the news) that Sunrise Television (stay with me here) would be bankrupt in 1994. GMTV ended up lasting longer than TV-am at 17 years.
  10. I think the Sunday edition may too. The only reason, I think, as to why is because CBSN New York doesn't do any local hours at all on the weekends. Its just a straight simulcast of CBSN outside its local newscasts.
  11. BREAKING just now: Masters is moving its final round tomorrow to 7:30 a.m. EDT due to bad weather expected in Augusta. This means an early 2:00 p.m. EDT finish expected on CBS. This may mean that local morning news could be canceled as well as Sunday Morning and Face The Nation (at least for this week) as a result of this just announced move.
  12. Especially when it airs against FOX 8 News in the Morning at 7AM. There's no way people would be watching that when everyone's watching WJW at that time.
  13. It's amazing to think that the Univ. of Missouri owns both an NBC/CW and an NPR station. It's so HIGHLY unusual. But so is the Univ. of Alabama which has a This TV and an NPR station.
  14. CBC Sports... Home to Hockey Night in Canada and Champions!
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