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  1. Seems so small. Really putting the "sister" in sister station to the next level, I guess?
  2. Angie Miles has left WTVR Richmond for the second time. https://wtvr.com/2019/06/16/angie-miles-leaving-wtvr-cbs-6-for-second-time/
  3. And I wouldn't be surprised. Kimberly Hunt used to work at KGTV and then went to KUSI only to go back to KGTV. In fact, if Sandra goes to KGTV, how bout opening up the 7 p.m. to Kimberly anchoring with Sandra? Kimberly and Carol LeBeau went 15 years together. Part deux here?
  4. And more World Series titles too. Oh and I'll add this... CP24 is also airing CTV's national simulcast of the parade starting at 10am ET.
  5. Toronto Raptors Championship Parade: Monday, June 17th TSN starts its special coverage at 9am ET and yes TSN, CTV AND CTV News Channel will air live coverage starting at 10am ET in a NATIONWIDE live simulcast. Enjoy Toronto. You guys have long deserved it.
  6. ESPN Deportes Radio, not to confuse the title of this thread with the television side that'll continue to operate.
  7. CBS All Access is the subscription streaming service. CBSN, since launch in 2014, has always been a free service.
  8. I really liked both website looks that Nexstar has put out recently. This new one, IMO, is slightly better than the old one. I would use this on any website I make because its that good.
  9. Well, you never had to pay one for CBSN. Always been free.
  10. WGN is already on at that timeslot though so I don't know.
  11. You can count WCAX in there too but my thinking is... no. American stations from an American company, probably only playing the American national anthem.
  12. As previously mentioned on the shoutbox on discord... Gray is restoring an American television tradition with the playing on the national anthem, though it will mostly be played during the overnight hours when most of us are sleeping. Most stations are airing it at around 4am local time to signal the start of their broadcasting day. You may wanna check your local Gray station's stories on their website to find out when it will air. https://www.graydc.com/content/news/Gray-Television-stations-to-air-national-anthem-510982882.html Its been a tradition for years at KBTX. https://www.kbtx.com/content/news/510985202.html
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