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  1. TheRolyPoly

    Tegna Weather Videos

    Very late last year, KUSA dropped WeatherNation for Cozi TV on 9.2 but it did carry AccuWeather before getting WN.
  2. TheRolyPoly

    Non-News Classic Video

    Compared to Canadians when you look at this, we Americans stunk at television.
  3. TheRolyPoly


    That's false apparently. I just checked LasVegasNOW.com and its still the same as those two other sites.
  4. TheRolyPoly

    Out & About

    This could've fit better on International Out and About.
  5. I tuned in for a short period and I think it was Aerial. Listen to the noon open of WAWV on NMSA and you'll hear that cut again.
  6. TheRolyPoly

    WRAL meteorologist Greg Fishel out in reported "personal matter"

    Woah. I really didn't see this coming. The $1,000,000 question now is what did he do that led to his resignation?
  7. TheRolyPoly

    2018-19 Syndication News

    More news in the KC area? This sounds like more of a speculation post to me for right now.
  8. TheRolyPoly

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    If I read this correctly from CNBC, Apollo would buy Cox's TV stations, put LMA's in some markets, acquire stations from Nexstar that they may shelve because of the Tribune takeover and acquire Northwest Broadcasting (like KPVI)? And here's something that would be very nerve-wracking to many of us... I would still be VERY nervous if you're a current Cox TV employee as well, even if you won't be bought out by Sinclair or Nexstar. Just that one line would make me nervous to see what WSB, WFTV, WHIO and a few others could look like in just a few years time.
  9. TheRolyPoly

    WIVB New Set, Graphics and Music.

    I know people think Nexcheap is, well, cheap, but... I think Nexstar may have hit a home run with these graphics packages and these sets. In Buffalo, this is far and away the winner and a whole lot better than the ones WGRZ and WKBW both have.
  10. TheRolyPoly

    2019 AAF Season

    Go Orlando Apollos! When it comes to sports, I like every team that represents Miami, Orlando and Boston. Always had. Always will.
  11. TheRolyPoly

    Out & About

    WTVT is up next to get him! But we'll see...
  12. TheRolyPoly

    WUAB taking CW away from WBNX

    I don't mean to put any speculation on here but... If WBNX was to be sold, which of the two would be a nice fit for a duopoly for WBNX to fit in with? WKYC or WEWS? Only those two because WJW already airs a lot of news on its main channel and will not likely move it and WOIO already has a sister in WUAB.
  13. TheRolyPoly

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    I think that "bid" has been rejected by Gannett themselves.
  14. TheRolyPoly

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    Yes. It's meant to show "Channel 3." Its pretty hidden, just like how Wendy's and Amazon logos are hidden.
  15. TheRolyPoly

    WISC (finally) getting a new set

    TV3 Ireland, which is now Virgin Media Television?

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