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  1. Oh fuck... but to be fair and to their defense, it looks like WGN is trying to do it their way. As you see, the font is different than Nexstar's standard.
  2. In other words, KQTV remains under Heartland control as it will not be sold to Allen Media Broadcasting. I'm not a moderator or admin, but... cue closing this thread.
  3. Oh my. That's not good. Newshub goes away and therefore, TVNZ One would be the only one providing nationwide news on TV (other than Prime's news at 5:30PM).
  4. TheRolyPoly

    The "3" Thread

    Live on Lakeside isn't doing much better either.
  5. Two days before I turn 24, one of Oklahoma's Own is calling it a career. KOTV anchor and reporter Terry Hood is retiring on Thursday, October 24th after 32 years at the station, but unlike many others who decide to retire and stay in their city they've called home in their careers, Terry will actually leave Tulsa to relocate to O.K.C. to be with her husband. She'll anchor her last newscast on that day on The News on 6 at 6:00 and the station has wasted NO time on her replacement. After a short time afterward, 5:00 p.m. anchor/reporter and KOTV veteran Lori Fullbright will take Terry's place as 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. co-anchor. https://www.newson6.com/story/41160502/terry-hood-to-retire-from-news-on-6-after-32-years
  6. Yeah the 11pm news has actually been back for quite some time now. You mean the 4am program... FOX 5 Behind The Scenes? Yeah, I'd like to know too. What KSWB did was add a half-hour of news at 7pm on weeknights and a half-hour at 11pm on Sundays.
  7. Bought myself a copy and now waiting for it to be shipped over. I didn't hesitate. I had to have this.
  8. Well if that was the case, WUPV essentially takes over for what WWBT produced for WRLH.
  9. In fact, Canal 10 was the original precursor to what is now known as Antena 3 today. Btw, out of the six main networks in the country, Antena 3 has been my favorite for quite some time now. tve is not too far behind though.
  10. If Gray bought that station, they would convert that into WTVG's CW subchannel station and it would be a blessing for WMNT.
  11. So what your saying is that the new NBC/CW dual station will be on 30.1 (NBC) and 30.2 (CW) ?
  12. As soon as I heard this for the first time, I thought to myself... winner winner chicken dinner. Best package cut of 2019 so far. Wow, I really love this cut a lot and it will make you dance to the beat of it. Idk why no other stations went with this but I'm glad WJXT did with it and its awesome.
  13. I visit New England a lot. I love watching NESN whenever I can and... sorry, even I think this logo is worse than the 'Ticket' one.
  14. Encore, please Bob? Encore!
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