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  1. Imagine Tribune keeping WGNX and developed CBS with it, we could've seen a WGNX/WATL duopoly instead.
  2. Where are you hearing this? And don't worry, I see WGME doing it too once Judge Judy goes off-air.
  3. Oh no way in hell. I really do like that package, especially the open. IMO, it fits with the Guardian package they currently use.
  4. I think WSB's Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore have been anchoring together for nearly a decade now.
  5. My god. Really? This is still happening? If there's a brightside to this, at least there's very clear images of this idiot which will make it very easy for police to capture him and whoever he's working for to essentially fire him.
  6. I get it but I think she needs to learn from this on her own before getting any kind of help from anyone. She's responsible for her own actions.
  7. Sinclair stinks. That's the flat out truth. However, I will give credit where credit is due and in this case, Sinclair did something right for once. And if your asking the question I think you're asking, no... she'll never ever get her job back at KUTV or a job with any other TV news station in Utah ever again. If she does come back, Wyoming or Glendive would be happy to have her, because that or never on TV again, is where she belongs.
  8. Only Albert is leaving. Already mentioned where he's going... *cough* NewsNation *cough*
  9. I'm getting Star Wars vibes with this, especially the Tampa Bay text.
  10. Much much later than I thought.
  11. WFTX, WFTS, WTMJ and WCPO are the only other ones I'm thinking of right now that do have their logos in color in the new opens.
  12. ^ This right here. WPRI was wrecked for a time and despite amazing graphics looks and talent they had, this one event wrecked them for a long time. I think it even caused WLNE to spike to second in some timeslots to surpass WPRI. Obviously now, it has changed because WLNE wrecked themselves instead of improving and its back to being a two-station market again with WJAR vs. WPRI with WLNE still not a factor.
  13. You just dissed the whole state of Wisconsin! Haha. JK. But in reality, there is something called... the Wisconsin Badgers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  14. This won't happen. I think FOX likes WRAZ and its relationship with WRAL and considering both are very strong affiliates to their respective networks, you can dash those dreams goodbye. I think FOX is jealous of WRAL's strength and dominance in its ratings but also happy to have such a relationship with a legendary "big three" station that WRAL is. I'm sorry to say this but I think WLFL will remain The CW and WRDC will remain as MNT for decades to come.
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