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  1. Well if it was sold, knowing how cheap Scripps is, this is advertising to them for free.
  2. Agreed, also nice dining set in the far right.
  3. Looks like one of the logos for a television network in the UK... but hey it's flat and modern!
  4. New WRIC logo and maybe new graphics?
  5. Yeah, so it's something like cyan/blue/red/orange on the rundown.
  6. WGRZ seems to use 4 colours on the rundown including the traffic cyan and tech orange.
  7. I haven't seen it a month ago, so this is probably quite recent UPDATE: KFDX also livestreams UPDATE 2: WATN and KOLR also livestreams
  8. News with 19 times the action?
  9. Any word how much money they spent on this?
  10. There was a video of KCAL with new graphics and an older lower third in use, then it was covered with the newer lower third...
  11. I think KZTV isn't that great either.

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