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  1. Hope Comedy Central wasn't expecting to keep it around for the long haul, then. They're still airing it every weekday morning.
  2. It probably doesn't help that the prerogative came from Pai's FCC, and of course, they're conservatives, everything they do is EEEEVIL! But honestly, I think they did something right for once. While I don't think kid-targeted shows on commercial over-the-air TV is inherently doomed (especially with the decline of cable), streaming services and the still-intact ad regulations are making the job hard enough that the smaller stations (CW, MyNet, and indies) aren't willing to take the risk (Sinclair tried, but never really knew how to handle it), and obviously if the Big 4 had their way, they could just cram the time full of news and sports (especially ABC with its lucrative college football rights). And besides, it's not like kids were watching the Litton stuff. If you look through the FCC's database, there's data suggesting that most of viewers (about 1 million on average per Big 3 show) are actually older people who didn't bother changing the channel after the news ended.
  3. Either Fox is gonna go scorched Earth on the station or do nothing. No way in hell they're gonna sell a station in an NFC market, not even a dysfunctional one.
  4. You mean like the Harvey Weinstein trial? Or how about the Supreme Court's antitrust suit agains Apple? Hell. I've been following a pretty small lawsuit with an online presence that nevertheless makes me want to look in for myself should it actually go to court. If you ask me, Court TV couldn't have come back at a better time.
  5. Someone mentioned on the Court TV thread that This TV (one of Tribune's diginets) will be booted from Tribune stations in favor of Court TV in November, which to me suggests that This is on its way out. I've never watched that channel myself, and it seemed to be stagnant anyway. Besides, Nexstar doesn't exactly strike me as being interested in the diginet business, unlike Sinclair or Tegna. Might as well prepare for the funeral, if you'd even consider one worth it. It does raise the question on what'll happen with Antenna TV, though. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Tegna wanted to make a play for it, considering their recent buyouts of Justice and Quest, not to mention both Tribune diginets are already on a number of Tegna stations. Still, this would be going into Speculatron territory,
  6. I checked a schedule on WCPO's website, and Court TV will be using Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Eastern Time for the federally mandated E/I programming from a company called Storrs Media (which apparently sells its shows through the Telco Productions brand). Some of the shows don't really fit the Court TV brand, but honestly, I'm more surprised they didn't just sell the time to Litton like seemingly everyone else (all the other Katz networks run Litton shows, for instance).
  7. A live execution may have been feasible in the days of cable, but with Court TV now an over-the-air network, live footage of someone being put to death would cause FCC fines that would make the money CBS stations lost on Justin Timberlake stripping Janet Jackson seem like small potatoes.
  8. In my area, Nexstar tried to sell WFXQ-CD (essentially a redundant WWLP translator) a grand total of 48 times before ultimately saying "screw it" and bailing. I was wondering why it didn't go off the air, but now I know that it was apparently so worthless that not even the cell phone operators wanted it.
  9. KidsClick has become the latest casualty of the Sinclair/Tribune merger collapse.
  10. [ TWX already sold WPCH to Meredith.
  11. There's also this little tidbit: So there's the potential for the big station groups to get even bigger, even if the discount is dumped again somewhere down the line.
  12. My area (Springfield MA) doesn't have all that much stations, so the only one of those that actually air here that got any money is PBS member WGBY, which is moving its physical channel to 13. The only other stations affected (WWLP is staying put) are just switching to different parts of the UHF dial, even WFXQ, which I thought for sure would end up being sold, since it doesn't cover any ground WWLP can't on its own (to my knowledge), but I guess Nexstar wasn't satisfied with the offers (if there were any offers). There's definitely more movement south of me in Connecticut. Four stations got auctioned off (WCTX, WEDY, WRDM, and WUVN), though all will share channels with another station (I know someone here already guessed WVIT will take over for WRDM).
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