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  1. #Dont #You #Get #It #Hashtags #Make #It #Easier #To #Search #And #Show #Were #Totally #Cool #And #Hip #Please #Watch
  2. I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty annoying that we've gotten to the point where our national anthem has become a hot-button political issue. If you like having it played on TV, you're a fascist, and if you don't, you're a communist. There's no pleasing anyone anymore, is there?
  3. (I accidentally posted this in Out and About; moving it here) Here in Springfield, MA, there's no real changes for 22 News (WWLP) or ABC 40 (WGGB) as far as I can tell. CBS 3 (WSHM) doesn't change much either, except for Tamron Hall replacing Dateline at 3 p.m. The biggest changes are at Fox 6 (WGGB-DT2), which is shaking its schedule somewhat with the loss of Face the Truth. Maury and the two-hour Chicago P.D. block move up an hour, bumping off Right This Minute and Daily Mail TV (the latter will be exclusive to ABC 40, while the former appears to be leaving the market entirely) to make room for Justice with Judge Mablean and America's Court with Judge Ross, which were previously part of the late night lineup. Finally, Dateline has been shunted to 3 a.m., led in by the same show that replaced it on CBS 3 (guess that's what happens when you try to take on Dr. Phil head-to-head).
  4. We all saw this with KidsClick. They certainly tried to get it into as many markets as they could, especially with its deals with This TV and later TBD. But outside of the Sinclair markets, nobody bit. I know a lot of people will guess that it was because stations weren't willing to give their time to a kids' block in the age of Netflix in YouTube (especially when one false move in the advertising department could get them fined), but while that may certainly be the case, I seriously doubt Sinclair's negotiation skill with other station owners helped in that regard.
  5. And no Boston either, apparently. I learned by default because I looked up Massachusetts (my state), and obviously, my area is getting it through The CW Plus.
  6. Personally, I think if CBS wants to catch up, they need to start making better strides in courting younger audiences. Yes, that is partly what they have half of The CW for, but CBS has historically had a reputation as an old person's network, from the 60s days of The Beverly Hillbillies and Petticoat Junction, to the greed-fueled dramas in the 80s (think Dallas), to the current crime-heavy lineup, and we all know about the revulsion the coveted 18-34 demographic feels towards stuff that's popular with the elderly. There were two exceptions to this. The first was in the early 70s with the infamous Rural purge. Say what you will about the cancellations and whether or not the move was fair, but it led CBS into a new era of success, keeping the network on top. Of course, it wound up relapsing when NBC and ABC doubled down in the 80s, sending the Tiffany network to 3rd place, ahead of only the nascent Fox. Now, I realize that those were completely different times, and the 70s didn't have the deluge of other media distractions for the broadcast TV industry to contend with, but many of the same principles still stand. Also, there was the 2000s, where big sitcoms and reality shows made it #1, but of course, now they're back to having an older demographic.
  7. I don't see True Crime Files either, so I guess that's out. The ratings have been consistently awful (a 0.3 rating for all but one week on the air), so I guess this shouldn't be a shock.
  8. I don't know if this has been announced or mentioned already, but the CW Plus website let slip that Judge Jerry will be coming to that service (look under "What to Watch on The CW Plus"). Not a surprise, honestly.
  9. Having lived in the Springfield area most of my life, I can say with confidence that I don't see the 2-hour Simpsons block being removed any time soon. It's been with WGGB-DT2 since it launched (the initial lineup was mostly based on WTIC's lineup at the time, since we had that for Fox programming before hand). From what I can tell, it's been one of the station's highest rated shows, and has stayed in the timeslot long ever since. In fact, it used to be paired with Family Guy, which was so successful that when Family Guy was moved to late nights in favor of 30 Rock on year, viewers lost interest and the combo was reinstated the following season, like it was never broken off. Eventually, when WWLP added The CW Plus to its own .2, Fox 6 lost FG for good, hence the 2-hour Simpsons block. So basically, I wouldn't expect that time period to be given to something else any time soon, especially given the stink that was raised when they tried something else.
  10. Hope Comedy Central wasn't expecting to keep it around for the long haul, then. They're still airing it every weekday morning.
  11. It probably doesn't help that the prerogative came from Pai's FCC, and of course, they're conservatives, everything they do is EEEEVIL! But honestly, I think they did something right for once. While I don't think kid-targeted shows on commercial over-the-air TV is inherently doomed (especially with the decline of cable), streaming services and the still-intact ad regulations are making the job hard enough that the smaller stations (CW, MyNet, and indies) aren't willing to take the risk (Sinclair tried, but never really knew how to handle it), and obviously if the Big 4 had their way, they could just cram the time full of news and sports (especially ABC with its lucrative college football rights). And besides, it's not like kids were watching the Litton stuff. If you look through the FCC's database, there's data suggesting that most of viewers (about 1 million on average per Big 3 show) are actually older people who didn't bother changing the channel after the news ended.
  12. Either Fox is gonna go scorched Earth on the station or do nothing. No way in hell they're gonna sell a station in an NFC market, not even a dysfunctional one.
  13. You mean like the Harvey Weinstein trial? Or how about the Supreme Court's antitrust suit agains Apple? Hell. I've been following a pretty small lawsuit with an online presence that nevertheless makes me want to look in for myself should it actually go to court. If you ask me, Court TV couldn't have come back at a better time.
  14. Someone mentioned on the Court TV thread that This TV (one of Tribune's diginets) will be booted from Tribune stations in favor of Court TV in November, which to me suggests that This is on its way out. I've never watched that channel myself, and it seemed to be stagnant anyway. Besides, Nexstar doesn't exactly strike me as being interested in the diginet business, unlike Sinclair or Tegna. Might as well prepare for the funeral, if you'd even consider one worth it. It does raise the question on what'll happen with Antenna TV, though. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Tegna wanted to make a play for it, considering their recent buyouts of Justice and Quest, not to mention both Tribune diginets are already on a number of Tegna stations. Still, this would be going into Speculatron territory,
  15. I checked a schedule on WCPO's website, and Court TV will be using Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. Eastern Time for the federally mandated E/I programming from a company called Storrs Media (which apparently sells its shows through the Telco Productions brand). Some of the shows don't really fit the Court TV brand, but honestly, I'm more surprised they didn't just sell the time to Litton like seemingly everyone else (all the other Katz networks run Litton shows, for instance).
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