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  1. Another group pushes for the deal, this time, the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations.
  2. In other cost cutting news, The CW is considering cutting license fees for dramas to $1 million across the board.
  3. Nexstar has hired Rebekah Dopp, formerly from Google and CBS, to serve as The CW's EVP of Distribution, Strategy, and Affiliate Relations.
  4. In other Sinclair news, they're considering launching another diginet due to growing ratings for their existing ones. (Well, Comet, Charge, and TBD are growing; Stadium looks more or less dead in the water AFAIK)
  5. And another one: Frank Washington of Crossings TV claims that the merger would "help change the mostly white face of content distribution", and also contends that the other two big buyouts in the past couple of years, Gray/Meredith and Scripps/Ion, went through in far less time.
  6. Broadcasting + Cable just posted an interesting guest article that basically says what most of us are thinking: the retransmission consent law is in desperate need of a reform.
  7. Link here, for the "benefit" of everyone else here. But yeah, that market list doesn't inspire hope for the show's future. A lot of big markets are missing, including NY and LA, with Chicago being the largest to actually clear it. There's even entire geographical regions where the show is rare to nonexistent; in all of my native New England, for example, there's literally one market where you can watch it, Burlington-Plattsburgh, and even that's shared with upstate New York. Unless the show is really, really, really cheap, I don't see it sticking around for more than one season, if that.
  8. I see Gray's taking a "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" approach to their advertising. It worked for Sega in the 90s, but I'm not sure if it's the right way to promote local news. In video games it's not bad, but I feel like with news, people generally expect something more professional.
  9. The ghost of KidsClick continues to haunt Sinclair years later: The FCC is planning a massive fine of over $3 million over Hot Wheels commercials played during the block.
  10. I wouldn't doubt it. WGGB and WSHM here in Western Massachusetts already run something similar, calling their newscasts "Western Mass News", which was started after Meredith bought the former station. It already made sense in that market, since three of the Big Four networks (ABC and Fox on WGGB, CBS on WSHM) were now under one roof, so seeing other markets adopt a similar format under Gray doesn't surprise me that much.
  11. Another group, Advocating for Women in Tech, has backed the Standard General deal.
  12. "Daytime Jeopardy" in prime time. That's syndication for you.
  13. Leno was just an attempt to cheap out while keeping the timeslot. This sounds more like a scorched earth strategy, and one that's a million times more attractive to the affiliates.
  14. Remember when I mentioned that one Civil Rights organization that backed the deal? Well, a bunch of state Black Caucus leaders are pushing for this deal under the same grounds.
  15. Funny you mention Bozo. David Arquette bought the character last year and is looking to bring him back to the limelight. That said, I don't see any evidence that local TV stations are part of the equation. As for local stations making more diverse programming, I think the last major push for that kind of thing came from USA Broadcasting, who used WAMI in Miami as model for CityVision, which was supposed to be a group of stations emphasizing locally produced programming. Unfortunately, the WAMI experiment was a ratings disaster, and the rest of the USA stations abandoned the idea of a big local push in favor of just being run of the mill independent stations at a time when The WB and UPN were pushing those out, and Barry Diller gave up on the whole experiment within a few years, selling the stations to Univision to form the basis of Telefutura, now called UniMas. I can imagine the failure of the CityVision concept left a massive stink over the concept of local programming outside of news and pay-for-play, and it's probably why stations haven't been more daring. Still, that was in the late 90s and early 2000s, when cable was at its peak and internet video was barely a thing. Maybe it'd work better today, but I can still imagine some executive thinking back to CityVision and saying "Nope! Not again!"
  16. Civil Rights organization Arc of Justice thinks the merger is a good thing, pointing to Soo Kim's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  17. Since Nielsen has dropped its TV Station Index, the FCC is looking for another way to figure out where a given station's DMA is.
  18. I remember when Les Moonves first announced the CW name, even back then industry insiders thought the name was stupid. But executives felt it didn't matter; they were already full steam ahead, and they had no choice but to keep it. I can see the same thing here, and if anything, there's probably even less incentive to change it; unlike back then, The CW as a brand is firmly established. People know what it is, so why risk confusing the public with a new name? It was actually the same logic used by Nickelodeon executives when they decided against renaming it as part of their move to bring it up from the bottom of the cable ratings back in the mid 80s. Even though it didn't make much sense to the target audience (being inspired by a format that hadn't been relevant since before movies had sound), it was already known to the public, and in the long run, it didn't matter - Nickelodeon, as we all know, saw its ratings skyrocket, and was one of the highest rated networks on TV before streaming came along.
  19. The CW just announced its fall schedule. Scripted originals have been reduced to four three and a half nights (import Professionals follows a Supernatural spin-off on Tuesday). The low-rated Friday and Saturday slots are being handed to cheap unscripted fare, while Sunday is all imports. In other CW news, Mark Pedowitz has shown interest in original sitcoms returning to the network
  20. Who's doing their business planning, underpants gnomes? I got confused when I saw the name on the list. When I went for Google, it just sent me to radio.com, the website of Audacy (formerly Entercom). I had to put in the actual URL to get the right page. Needless to say, I don't expect them to win either.
  21. Within the past month, cable network Oxygen has started to roll out OTA on subchannels of NBC/Telemundo O&Os. I noticed it a week or two ago, when a subchannel with the PSIP OXYGEN showed up on WVIT-DT4, though only yesterday did it actually start showing Oxygen programming, and watching both the cable and OTA feeds side by side, I was able to confirm that they're virtually identical. And in case you don't believe me, Trip of RabbitEars.info has logged the subchannels onto his site, which is a generally reliable source for OTA info.
  22. WSHM still lists People for the time being (on Titan TV, at least), but WFSB will be starting a 7 pm newscast. Gray in general has been rather gung-ho about replacing syndicated programming with news and other local programming. Just look at WBTV in Charlotte. Of course, regulars of this site are probably all too familiar with this trend so it's probably like saying the sky is blue, but I thought it was relevant to point out, since it means less room for syndie programming going forward.
  23. Sinclair's Comet diginet ran a Planet of the Apes movie marathon last weekend, and somehow got 1.5 million average views on it. I'm not sure how exactly they're counting those numbers (I've noticed Litton pulling some monkey business with their Saturday morning E/I fare, adding up the total viewers of all the shows rather than an average), but whatever the case, Sinclair's not passing up the opportunity to brag.
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