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  1. WOW. I knew MGM was mauled by COVID like everyone else, but I had no idea that things were this dysfunctional. No wonder the sale happened.
  2. I guess Byron Allen didn't see much in Light's current format. Not that he wouldn't have a point, mind you. Outside of Fox, Light TV just hasn't caught on among station owners not owned by the Bible brigade. Besides, with Burnett and Downey gone, I doubt it has anyone championing for the old ways to stay intact. At any rate, I'm not familiar with TheGrio, being non-Black, so I really can't say anything about it.
  3. And that's the thing that makes me kind of skeptical about this channel, speaking as a half-Mexican. The idea of a news channel that props up ignored minorities sounds nice, but this sort of thing rarely comes off as genuine, as the failure of Fusion can tell you. We're not really looking for a news source that panders to us. We just want news that doesn't BS us with spin and shilling, and corporate America tends to screw that up royally all the time. Still, the fact that they're actively promoting it as non-partisan does give me a little hope.
  4. The ghost of KidsClick attacks Sinclair from the grave! The FCC is fining WUTB in Baltimore over the block running Hot Wheels commercials during broadcasts of Team Hot Wheels.
  5. My local CBS station, WSHM, used to have an automated weather look like the one seen on WFSB. It was replace with Cozi TV in 2015, not that anyone complained. These classic TV reruns are likely drawing in more eyeballs than the weather loop ever did, especially since we don't have MeTV in our market.
  6. It's still a better fate that I thought would happen before November 2019; I'd figured it'd be shut down once Court TV took over the subchannel space on the former Tribune stations. Imagine my surprise when not only did This TV not go belly up, it actually managed to find space on some other channels in a few of those markets.
  7. I can imagine something similar to what happened to Movies! after Disney bought 20th Century Fox Studios while Movies! stayed with the Murdochs: they'll probably find some other partners, while keeping the format the same.
  8. WFXQ-CD in Springfield, MA is the latest station to file paperwork to transition to 3.0. Honestly, I saw this coming a mile away. WFXQ is basically a UHF translator for WWLP, so it makes sense that they'd want to use it for the new standard, after Nexstar failed to sell it in the spectrum auction.
  9. Scripps just announced leadership roles based around the Ion purchase: Lisa Knutson will head Scripps' national networks, while Laura Tomlin will become chief administrative officer.
  10. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Nexstar starts putting Antenna TV on all of their stations once the agreements with other owners run out (WTIC in Connecticut, for instance, may just lose it to WTNH once Bounce moves to WHPX). Heck, I'm pretty sure the only reason it's not on more Nexstar stations is because of affiliation agreements with other networks, like the Katz and Weigel networks (the former may not be as much of a problem for longer thanks to the Ion buyout).
  11. In other news, Scripps has announced the kickoff of its annual "goodwill = good PR" campaign: The "If You Give a Child a Book" campaign, which seeks to give thousands of books to underprivileged kids.
  12. 110? That's around the same ballpark as the Springfield, MA market, where I live. That market's never really been big enough to support three separate news producers. WSHM tried, but in the end, it wound up being rolled into WGGB after the latter was bought out by Meredith, so I'm skeptical whether Scripps can really get any traction in Lansing among the established competitors.
  13. You know, if it weren't for the rights being so blippin' expensive, I'd have suggested that the leagues would just give up on the RSNs and put the games on indie stations (including affiliates of MyNetworkTV, which is hardly a network at all by this point anyway) like the old days. As it stands currently, though, I think streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, or even ESPN+ are probably the most likely candidates to get those kinds of rights.
  14. This. VHF may have been an asset in the analog days, but in 2020 it's an albatross so big it may as well be eating sharks. It's funny how far we've come from the days where Married with Children was making jokes about UHF stations (or more specifically, pre-NFL Fox affiliates) needing large amounts of antennas to get them. Nowadays, it often seems like you need that for VHF.
  15. I doubt anyone here really cares, but it looks like the pandemic has left the fall season of Litton's SatAM blocks looking pretty anemic. Not only are there no new shows for now, but from what I can tell, Litton was only able to film a few new episodes of existing shows for the fall, with One Magnificent Morning on the CW being utterly devoid of any change (not that it was likely to get much anyway, given it's been relegated to a low-priority block since they started running shows on NBC). Even the old faithful Weekend Adventure has been hit thanks to losing Jack Hanna to retirement, meaning t

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