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  1. So it's a product placement newscast. Yipee.
  2. The Simpsons has done this for years. It's actually a part of their contract with Fox. It used to get the usual treatment until some time in the mid-2000s, when a renewal contract forced them to play the full credits.
  3. For now. The second Tegna finds a buyer, I just know they're gonna unload WBNS radio.
  4. NGL, the Triangle has had one of the most convoluted TV station histories in the country. The only stations that haven't really changed affiliations at all are the UNC stations (not counting the NET to PBS transition). Even WTVD used to be the local CBS station before Capital Cities bought ABC. It's kinda like what happened in Boston, but even there it was mostly just the Big 3 stations, and WCVB hasn't left ABC since it replaced WHDH (the original one that aired on channel 5).
  5. I don't think I can get used to seeing that logo without the Fox branding.
  6. Funny thing I noticed: my local Nexstar station (WWLP) is there, but due to how the mic flag was placed, the logo that's most visible is that of the CW subchannel. You can still see the main WWLP logo, but it's a bit hard to make out.
  7. God, I love that song. As an animation nut, I myself will mostly remember him as the guy who greenlit Scooby-Doo, which has gone on to become one of the longest-running franchises in the history of television, with new incarnations coming out to this day.
  8. Just watch as these newscasts bomb against the established news shows in their respective markets. I don't think audiences will take to this, especially if they're not even making the newscasts within the market.
  9. This is what Tegna looks like right now.
  10. In hindsight, it was pretty stupid of WATL to reject the idea of affiliating with CBS. Yeah, I know CBS was falling during that time, but its original choice of UPN wound up being a total bomb of a network, and the WB didn't fare that much better (outside of Kids WB and the teen stuff perhaps), all things considered.
  11. And then the CW would likely dump that time slot for good if that's the case. Doubt the affiliates would complain. At any rate, I'm half-expecting CBS to slap the Nickelodeon name on the CBS Dream Team block. Wouldn't be the first Litton block to have that sort of thing. After all, Litton runs a block on NBC called "The More You Know".
  12. Viacom's Pluto TV has added Court TV as of yesterday.
  13. From what I've heard, WJZY as a Fox O&O has been nothing but a disappointment, so I doubt Fox is all that sad to see it go, even if it is an NFC market.
  14. Sheesh, WBNX must've really pissed off The CW (or vice-versa) for the contract to be cut off early like that. Either that or the network hates smaller owners. After all, we'd seen this before with The CW and other networks, where the smaller owner was shafted in favor of the big boys like Gray, Nexstar, and Tegna. In fact, when ABC abandoned family-owned small marked station WKPT in favor of a Nexstar-owned station, ABC all but stated that they wanted to ally themselves with a big corporation and that the loyal family-owned station could go to hell for all they cared (obviously, they didn't say it that way, but considering the tone of the announcement they might as well have).
  15. Honestly, I think this is more meant to fill out time on the weekends when the courts are closed than anything else.
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