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  1. MeTV has been on a roll. They've been consistent in getting top-notch shows, they produce a late-night movie show, and they've even added a classic cartoon block with Warner Bros. and MGM shorts, something I don't think anyone was expecting. I can see them coming out just fine. After all, Weigel's been adamant about expanding their reach, and they've been buying stations in markets beyond the Great Lakes region they'd long restricted themselves to as a means to that end. That MeTV's been doing well in certain demos doesn't surprise me at all. A lot of their programming doesn't real
  2. I remember hearing somewhere that Sinclair liked that MyNet didn't force retrans like The CW did. For all the good it did them. The telenovela thing bombed like a B-52, and nothing else they did besides SmackDown afterwards fared much better. Now it's basically just prime time reruns, assuming the local affiliate doesn't just shove it off into late nights. Sinclair bet on the wrong horse, which is a shame, considering some of their stations could've been prime CW affiliates. While WCWB (now WPNT) and WTVZ didn't have a prayer thanks to CBS owning WPCW and WGNT respectively, I've heard of some
  3. That's my market. Better keep my eyes peeled.
  4. Lisa Knutson just did an interview for TVNewsCheck about the National Networks' strategy.
  5. Newsy still has to deal with contracts with MVPDs, which prohibit Scripps from moving the network to OTA right now. Once those contracts end, then and only then can Newsy start airing on OTA. As for QVC, it seems like that may just be temporary until contracts run out or Doozy and Defy replace them.
  6. Yeah, just looking at all this, you get the feeling that the decision to dump Qubo and Ion Plus (and Shop) was less about not wanting more channels and more about not wanting to deal with the headache of migrating those networks into the Katz operations, since they just went ahead and started two new dignets anyway. That being said, I remember Adam Symson mentioning in the same webcast where that one user raised the question about Qubo and Ion Plus that he was glad to lower the average viewer age of his networks to being below that of the alphabet networks, if still older than stre
  7. WBTS/NECN anchor Joy Lim Nakrin is leaving at the end of March. She'll be working for Court TV starting in May.
  8. Thankfully, there have been some internet sleuths who have recorded the switchover and put it on YouTube. Apparently, it happened right in the middle of an airing of Franklin in most markets. Honestly, if I hadn't known about this from other forums, I'd have guessed this was some BS edit done by some anonymous troll. But no, this actually happened (in most markets, at least).
  9. Thanks to Xfinity, we now know what some of the standalone Ion Plus stations will be airing: No real surprise, most of them will be airing Court TV.
  10. WFSB and WSHM did the same thing. Both had weather channels, both eventually replaced them with Escape (now Court TV Mystery) and Cozi TV respectively.
  11. The Ion subchannels are all in widescreen now. Figures they wait until now, when the subchannel networks are about to be replaced by the Katz stuff at the end of the month.
  12. I've heard rumors that Inyo or Scripps may end up returning the licenses for the Ion Plus affiliates to the FCC, so I think that may be what happens. If not, then I can see Scripps moving Court TV to those channels, since they've been pushing the name for a while. My big question is how this will affect WIFS in Madison. They've been running Ion Plus on their main signal, and actually added Qubo recently - just in time to have Scripps yank it away from them. At this point, I think WIFS will probably move Ion to the main signal. No idea what'll replace the other signals, if they even
  13. When he said "mature", I'm pretty sure he meant "not grown as a brand". Of course, his company decided they don't want to grow the brand, and have put it in the line of corporate fire, like in those stereotypical Mexican executions you'd see on TV. And as for the whole kids thing, Symson said in that same call that he wants diginets to go for a younger audience - which makes the Qubo decision all the more baffling, at least to me. Even if the brand isn't that desirable, Nickelodeon was in a similar state in the early 80s before it turned around under Viacom. Obviously, the times ar
  14. MGM doesn't actually own any of Comet or Charge. It's basically just a content provider. Sinclair owns and operates the actual channels, and has from day one.

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