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  1. Jonathan Katz is gone from Scripps.
  2. MyNetworkTV announced its fall schedule. Not much change except Law and Order: Criminal Intent getting booted off the schedule, its three time slots replaced by Chicago PD while Chicago Fire takes over the latter show's current time slots.
  3. Oh my GOD. They actually used a fan logo for their official website!?
  4. That makes sense from that market's perspective. The video I shared said that WWLP did this sort of thing in the past, but that joined Nexstar in the Media General buyout, so I believe they did this at least three times before (I'd say four if not for the pandemic). WJZY, of course, joined Nexstar just before the shutdowns, so they didn't get to promote the event that year.
  5. Same thing's going on in Western Massachusetts.
  6. Not that it matters anymore; Sinclair bought Fisher, and Sinclair only cares about TV; hell, they just announced they'd sell off their only radio assets. Hence why this application's been made.
  7. That guide doesn't look like it's been updated since January. The Excel sheets only show programming as they were in January.
  8. Sinclair is giving a big push for its diginets Comet, Charge, and TBD, and apparently it's been doing well for them. The same article suggests that Stirr is being used as a testing ground for future diginets.
  9. My money's on Byron Allen. The guy's been pushing hard for station deals. He got the Quincy/Gray castoffs, after all.
  10. I've known of that logo for a while, thanks to the logo community. Pretty rare picture there, since WB has historically liked to replace their old logos. Summer of 42 played earlier today on TCM, and the modern logo replaced the Kinney shield at the beginning (the ending still had the in-credit version, though).
  11. Not surprised to see them go unscripted on Saturdays. In fact, I'd have been shocked if they didn't slot Whose Line there. Looks like they're doing the same on Sundays, headlined by a Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot.
  12. Probably because Fox offered more money. Of course, when the deal ran out, upfront payments didn't really matter since local ratings for The CW apparently went down the gutter to the point that WCIU, which was never affiliated with a major English-language network up to that point, seemed like a more attractive option.
  13. Plus if Amazon gets MGM as well, that would reunite the old and new MGM libraries. Still, Zazlav's thinking of a sale already? Good lord...
  14. A Gray employee that wasn't being held at gunpoint to say good things about the company, apparently.
  15. At most, they'll probably just run a few Discovery specials here and there. If they REALLY wanna push it, they'd take over Saturday mornings from Litton, and even that's a long shot, considering Litton basically buys the time and lets The CW affiliates keep their lights on at no monetary cost to them. But it's just not within The CW's brand to run Discovery-style programming. Oh my god, I made that joke on social media. I knew I wouldn't be the only one.

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