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  1. Another group pushes for the deal, this time, the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations.
  2. In other cost cutting news, The CW is considering cutting license fees for dramas to $1 million across the board.
  3. Nexstar has hired Rebekah Dopp, formerly from Google and CBS, to serve as The CW's EVP of Distribution, Strategy, and Affiliate Relations.
  4. In other Sinclair news, they're considering launching another diginet due to growing ratings for their existing ones. (Well, Comet, Charge, and TBD are growing; Stadium looks more or less dead in the water AFAIK)
  5. And another one: Frank Washington of Crossings TV claims that the merger would "help change the mostly white face of content distribution", and also contends that the other two big buyouts in the past couple of years, Gray/Meredith and Scripps/Ion, went through in far less time.
  6. Broadcasting + Cable just posted an interesting guest article that basically says what most of us are thinking: the retransmission consent law is in desperate need of a reform.
  7. Link here, for the "benefit" of everyone else here. But yeah, that market list doesn't inspire hope for the show's future. A lot of big markets are missing, including NY and LA, with Chicago being the largest to actually clear it. There's even entire geographical regions where the show is rare to nonexistent; in all of my native New England, for example, there's literally one market where you can watch it, Burlington-Plattsburgh, and even that's shared with upstate New York. Unless the show is really, really, really cheap, I don't see it sticking around for more than one season, if that.
  8. I see Gray's taking a "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" approach to their advertising. It worked for Sega in the 90s, but I'm not sure if it's the right way to promote local news. In video games it's not bad, but I feel like with news, people generally expect something more professional.
  9. The ghost of KidsClick continues to haunt Sinclair years later: The FCC is planning a massive fine of over $3 million over Hot Wheels commercials played during the block.
  10. I wouldn't doubt it. WGGB and WSHM here in Western Massachusetts already run something similar, calling their newscasts "Western Mass News", which was started after Meredith bought the former station. It already made sense in that market, since three of the Big Four networks (ABC and Fox on WGGB, CBS on WSHM) were now under one roof, so seeing other markets adopt a similar format under Gray doesn't surprise me that much.
  11. Another group, Advocating for Women in Tech, has backed the Standard General deal.
  12. "Daytime Jeopardy" in prime time. That's syndication for you.
  13. Leno was just an attempt to cheap out while keeping the timeslot. This sounds more like a scorched earth strategy, and one that's a million times more attractive to the affiliates.
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