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  1. The 2010 set was so bad. Univision's fortunes at channel 11 must've already been in the toilet by then for them to build such a cheap, ugly set.
  2. https://www.elnuevodia.com/videos/unamiradaexclusivaalsetdelasnoticias-video-273314/ Sorry, I have no idea how to embed videos. There's a lot of PR spiel in the video, but essentially the set was designed to look nothing like WKAQ's or WAPA's.
  3. Those are some very blah graphics for WABC. They're even worse with WABC's cut of Eyewitness News. I mean, that music is so dramatic and fast paced, and those graphics look so minimal and wimpy. They clash horribly. They're just too simple for WABC, I think.
  4. What's worse: the music, the mechanical claws coming from the sides, or the diamond-shaped 80s boxes (with random Obama)?
  5. WORA will start semi-satelliting WKAQ on January 1st on 5.1. ABC'll stay on 5.2, and a Spaniard programming... thing they're calling Vive will be on 5.3. Unfortunately, that means no room at the inn for WKAQ's "Punto 2" (2.2) nor its WNBC simulcast (2.3).
  6. last week ( ). No, they're nothing spectacular, but for a semi-satellite that covers an area where nothing generally happens, they're alright.
  7. "WPRU" had the rights to People's Court, but Storefront/LKK/whatever "WPRU"'s owners call themselves now, will probably just move it to "WSJX" (Fox) or WSJP-LD (CW). And I put the calls in quotations, 'cause both WPRU-LP and WSJX-LP have been silent for over a year and a half. They're both just branded subchannels of WSJP-LD now, if WPRU's even exists anymore. As for the language thing, it's frequently said here that only about 1/4 of Puerto Ricans are actually bilingual. I'd say a good portion after that 1/4 can read, write, and understand English pretty well. Speaking it,
  8. WORA's new logo is here: (via http://www.abc5.tv ) Meh. I like the golden 5 okay, but not the blue egg it's on top of.
  9. Semantics. No, the station is not off the air, but it'll nothing but a shell of what it was. It'll be odd, though. The station was never run the same as its sisters stateside, as Puerto Ricans aren't Mexicans. It was a mix of local and cherry picked network shows (which generally ran weeks or months behind stateside stations) in order to cater to local tastes. We'll see where it goes now.
  10. Continuing the Puerto Rico talk, Univision has shut down WLII, channel 11. http://www.elnuevodia.com/univisiondespideapartedesuplantillaenpuertorico-1875039.html (In Spansh) http://corporate.univision.com/2014/10/univision-puerto-rico-announces-executive-leadership-programming-changes/ News, and other local productions are gone. It is now nothing more than a network repeater. Q.E.P.D., TeleOnce. Now it's clear why WORA-TV didn't just renew their 20-year contract to semi-satellite WLII. Univision just wasn't going to pay WORA what Raycom agreed to back in 1994 to repeat a stati

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