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  1. Those O&O graphics look worse and worse with each new open KTVU does. Set's alright.
  2. Just as a viewer you knew how badly they were running the station. When they took over, it went from being obviously very Puerto Rican to being very Mexican... in Puerto Rico. Some shows (like El Gordo y la Flaca) were DOA simply because programs that catered to Mexicans didn't work here. The rest of the programming worked for a while, but once the novelty wore off, the rating began to decline. I mean, there are only so many Televisa telenovelas people can stomach. Sábado Gigante was the one exception, because it had always been a hit. As for the news division -- Las Noticias -- Univision turned a Cox-like, investigation reports-loving, hard news station into happy talk central with people who were absolutely terrible at it and were visibly annoyed at having to do it. They moved the 6:00 PM news to 5:00, only to be slaughtered by Telemundo/WKAQ (2) and WAPA (4), and quickly return to 6:00. Once it went back, however, Univision cut the news by a half hour for reasons they only know. They eventually moved the news again to 5:00, because Univision just wanted it there despite the terrible ratings. They didn't seem to get that the news at 6 were watched by people that wanted nothing to do with the gossip shows on 2 and 4. That's why they did well. Because Despierta América flopped in Puerto Rico, Univision also retooled Tu Mañana (pretty much Puerto Rico's answer to Mornings on 2) into a super fluffy morning show. It quickly slipped in the ratings, because WAPA was already doing the same thing, but much better. The same treatment would eventually reach the noon news, which had WLII's flagship newscast for ages. Then there was Univision's relationship with WLII's west coast rebroadcaster, WORA. You can only really speculate, but at the end of the day, WORA signed on with ABC and was perfectly willing to become an English-language station in a Spanish-speaking island and spend a whole lot of money to extend their OTA coverage just so they wouldn't have to stay with Univision.
  3. Well, they made the logo look slightly less terrible, so +1, I guess.
  4. Those are some very blah graphics for WABC. They're even worse with WABC's cut of Eyewitness News. I mean, that music is so dramatic and fast paced, and those graphics look so minimal and wimpy. They clash horribly. They're just too simple for WABC, I think.
  5. What's worse: the music, the mechanical claws coming from the sides, or the diamond-shaped 80s boxes (with random Obama)?
  6. The feeling I get by the TLC Cox is showing WHBQ vs. the subtle disdain they show WFXT is that one's a keeper, and the other is a turd Cox was forced to trade away a jewel for.
  7. WORA will start semi-satelliting WKAQ on January 1st on 5.1. ABC'll stay on 5.2, and a Spaniard programming... thing they're calling Vive will be on 5.3. Unfortunately, that means no room at the inn for WKAQ's "Punto 2" (2.2) nor its WNBC simulcast (2.3).
  8. last week ( ). No, they're nothing spectacular, but for a semi-satellite that covers an area where nothing generally happens, they're alright.
  9. "WPRU" had the rights to People's Court, but Storefront/LKK/whatever "WPRU"'s owners call themselves now, will probably just move it to "WSJX" (Fox) or WSJP-LD (CW). And I put the calls in quotations, 'cause both WPRU-LP and WSJX-LP have been silent for over a year and a half. They're both just branded subchannels of WSJP-LD now, if WPRU's even exists anymore. As for the language thing, it's frequently said here that only about 1/4 of Puerto Ricans are actually bilingual. I'd say a good portion after that 1/4 can read, write, and understand English pretty well. Speaking it, however, is another thing entirely. That's thanks to the public education system which for decades, when it comes to English, has had a strong emphasis on reading, vocabulary, and grammar, but very little on oral communication. Basically, most bilinguals here are either mainlanders (be they of Puerto Rican decent or not), have spent time on the mainland, or just studied in private schools.
  10. WORA's new logo is here: (via http://www.abc5.tv ) Meh. I like the golden 5 okay, but not the blue egg it's on top of.
  11. Semantics. No, the station is not off the air, but it'll nothing but a shell of what it was. It'll be odd, though. The station was never run the same as its sisters stateside, as Puerto Ricans aren't Mexicans. It was a mix of local and cherry picked network shows (which generally ran weeks or months behind stateside stations) in order to cater to local tastes. We'll see where it goes now.
  12. Continuing the Puerto Rico talk, Univision has shut down WLII, channel 11. http://www.elnuevodia.com/univisiondespideapartedesuplantillaenpuertorico-1875039.html (In Spansh) http://corporate.univision.com/2014/10/univision-puerto-rico-announces-executive-leadership-programming-changes/ News, and other local productions are gone. It is now nothing more than a network repeater. Q.E.P.D., TeleOnce. Now it's clear why WORA-TV didn't just renew their 20-year contract to semi-satellite WLII. Univision just wasn't going to pay WORA what Raycom agreed to back in 1994 to repeat a station they were going to shut down. As for the Telemundo/WKAQ-TV situation and WORA, nothing's been decided 'cause there's a bit of a snag. WKAQ has three channels (Telemundo, Punto 2, and WNBC), and WORA already has two lined up (ABC, and Vive (programming from Televisión Española), so I don't know what's going to happen there.
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