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  1. That's so dumb. People actually liked Take 5. Their ratings were growing so it makes no sense to cancel it. Just put someone in Angela's place. Problem solved.
  2. Of course it is. Can you still stream Global's local news on their websites if it's not part of this 24/7 network?
  3. Not surprised he's leaving. He effectively got demoted. He was a very strong evening anchor. Disappointed he wont be showing up on New Orleans TV at the moment.
  4. Interesting. A bit off topic but that is a very well shot promo. Like the graphics, too. Very clean. Okay. Continue...
  5. Totally agree. That desk is NASTY. Where'd the get it? A set designer's garage sale for $5?
  6. Totally agree. It looks clunky and not modern AT ALL. WFXT was so much better under FOX. Their content is great, but the presentation is very stale.
  7. jbnews

    The "3" Thread

    They probably just weren't paying attention and/or didn't get a new mug. They might not even know WKYC has a new logo. No way WKYC is changing the logo back now.
  8. Hmm...this showed up on FOX61's (WTIC) Instagram story last night.
  9. I've identified the new election music used on a lot of Tegna stations. It's called "Time To Roll" by FirstCom.
  10. It looks like this look will also be used (at least to a degree) on the expanded ABC News Live, which also debuts on Monday.
  11. Yes, they are. And it's about dang time, too!
  12. And flash isn't what millenials want. Authenticity is what appeals to them.
  13. The Grammys are on CBS tomorrow night...so I wouldn't be surprised if they get TEGNA-fied on their late news tomorrow.
  14. I wonder if other former Tribune stations will start debuting the new look soon. I'm guessing the FOX affiliates would want the new look before the Super Bowl next Sunday.
  15. jbnews

    The "3" Thread

    I streamed a little bit of What's New and (at least the part I saw) is pretty much Lunch Break...just at 5pm. The show itself isn't bad, it's just not what people want to watch.
  16. NBC10 has ditched their custom theme after only 3 years and replaced it with NBC O&O by 360. Guess the new bosses didn't like the music. NECN has debuted really nice and colorful new graphics along with a new logo.
  17. I hope this is true. I bet there are going to be some other Scripps stations who ask for the same thing or get their own new look.
  18. jbnews

    Out & About

    Totally agree. Who thought "let's produce a newscast for cities hundreds of miles away that are already competitive enough"?? Whoever did needs their head checked out
  19. THANK. YOU. Everyone talks about how TV news needs to reinvent itself...then a station reinvents a single newscast and everyone loses it. Obviously the old way of doing things doesn't always work anymore, so it just makes sense to try something new. Have an open mind.
  20. The start of the 6pm show was a disaster, too. I don't have a problem with the lead story as stuff like that impacts a lot of people.
  21. That's a NICE set. Dang.
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