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  1. I can confirm this is *exactly* what’s happening.
  2. I am not a fan of the talent lower thirds. It’s like WSVN meets Tegna. I thought the whole point of these graphics were to NOT look like news.
  3. I don't know what to say about this. I'm at a loss for words.
  4. Where did they buy the original AE files from?
  5. Oooooh I get it now. That took me a bit.
  6. I’ve never heard that one before. Are you being serious? I thought the goal as an artist was to come up with something new and original. Am I missing something?
  7. That looks like an in-house job...and not a good one.
  8. I'm curious to see who performs well in households...who actually has the most viewers.
  9. It appears the new studio launched today.
  10. So, a new floor that most people won't even notice? Great use of money.
  11. No. Not for at least 3 years because of software upgrades. The whole point of the anchor reading the open is to make it sound casual. For the most part, younger viewers don't relate to the traditional newscasts...which is why I'm extremely disappointed in WXIA for killing off Morning Rush and Up Late. In fact, I think their morning show is worse now.
  12. Because KTLA recognizes that viewers like authenticity & the station respects their employees for being real. It paid off.
  13. It's literally clicking a button & typing in a few numbers. It's so easy.
  14. I am going to scream if they get rid of their music. If they want new music -- commission an update. Problem solved.
  15. Launching the Quincy graphics before being sold to Gray. Nice. Either way, it's a fantastic look, and brings them into this decade.
  16. This is a whole new level of stupid.
  17. *This* is their new group-wide graphics package? Seriously?
  18. WTNH did acquire Frequency after using Counterpoint for 4 years...so we aren't the only ones who hear the similarities.
  19. As someone who lives in a market with a Nexstar duopoly...can't say I have a problem with that But, in all seriousness, they really do need to invest in their single stations more if this is the case.
  20. That is likely because WDIO's graphics were also made by Linear Drift per my source.
  21. The videos were on the "WAVE 3 News" Vimeo page. They have since been deleted.
  22. Good thing I downloaded the videos and took screenshots There are two separate designs. I'm sure you can figure out which screenshot belongs with each.
  23. I don't either. This version is FANTASTIC! 10/10.
  24. I can't DM people. I'm on the TVNT Discord as "jbnews".
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