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  1. Absolutely love the new look! It is so fresh, cool, and modern. I'm glad they got rid of Rainmaker as it was getting dated. They've picked up the WISC theme and graphics. I also really like the new logo, it is really cool and a lot better than WISC's. Here's the morning open...
  2. Love the darker look. It's really cool. Great lighting, too.
  3. About time they get a new set!! I won't be surprised if they get Beyond and the WDAF graphics.
  4. Could someone with an Apple device (these allow internal audio recording) please record/upload the tease (at about 12:00) and rejoin (at about 14:45) from WVEC's 11pm show from Friday night via NewsOn? They played some long bumps of what I think are new C Clarity cuts! I would like to loop the tracks and I think everyone should hear them, too!
  5. WJET here in Erie has revamped their website, and posted a job opening for a Digital Multi Media Journalist to "focus exclusively on reporting for our local digital platforms." The job description also mentions things like original video, stories, etc. https://www.yourerie.com
  6. Wow. I'm in the minority on this forum when I say I love Tegna, but...I'm a little dissapointed they are buying WBNS and WTHR. Those stations are special and I would much rather prefer a more 'traditional' company buys them just to be on the safe side. BUT it will be interrsting to see how they utilize the music, graphics, social media, etc. I think they will benefit from Tegna's Verify brand and the company's emphasis on long-form storytelling. If management at these stations doesn't take this too far the wrong way...I actually think this aquisition might be beneficial for these stations.
  7. I watched some more today and they've already improved their product overall, IMO. I really like the set but I don't like how the hosts crammed into the corner. They need to move around a bit.
  8. So far...it's pretty good. I don't like David Gura, though. He's really boring. I wish there would be more of the headlines & stuff happening right now to get caught up, not a bunch of long packages. I think they should keep the longer packages. They are very interesting and engaging. I like the set and the graphics are a huge step up from what they had before. But, I've only watched for about 20 minutes so I don't have much to judge, lol!
  9. The new set debuted on Monday morning. It's across from the newsroom area. It's basically the other half of the set that debuted in February. Here's a clip...
  10. WJET in Erie still doesn't have the package. Last I heard, they don't plan on getting a new look (which they could use). But that could've changed, of course. Sister station WFXP got the Nexstar FOX graphics in fall 2017.
  11. "Some great new additions" coming to the WXIA set this week.
  12. What was in this branding guide? Why would Tegna tell stations what cuts to use? Does somebody know how many cuts and themes are in the package? I've always wondered because I've heard a variety of themes but stations always use the same cuts.
  13. Who do Tegna stations use for production music? FirstCom, correct?
  14. Well, if nobody knows the names... What tags/descriptions etc. should I use to find the Vimeo track on FirstCom's website?
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