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  1. WQAD has been 'Tegna-fied'! Here's their 11am open from this morning! (T18 and C Clarity actually launched on 9/10)
  2. Somedays I wonder why KRON still exists.
  3. I'll miss it, too. One of my favorite packages!
  4. I could make that in a damn week.
  5. Yeah, you're right! The weather graphics do look very similar to WSB.
  6. Tonight at 5pm, Lilly Broadcasting's Erie duopoly launched a new (I'm assuming in-house) graphics package, and switched over to This Is Home V2 by WCPM. Overall, the look isn't bad, but there are some adjustments that need to be made. It is definitely more flexible than the previous package, so I'm excited to see what they have down the line. I'll post a better video later, as this doesn't showcase the full "scope" of the package.
  7. "Clashes" is an understatement. My GAWD.
  8. jbnews

    New WPXI Graphics?

    This looks very similar to what other Cox stations have been rolling out on their 11pm shows. I wouldn't be surprised to see this on TV soon.
  9. So it sounds like after January 4th -- TEGNA will essentially start requiring everyone to come back to the station?
  10. He needs to be in my freshman year Digital Media Design course in college. I'm only 3 weeks in and this goes against everything I've learned.
  11. Yeah, I see both sides, too. They've both got valid points.
  12. Interesting. Yeah--I'm sure corporate influenced this decision. Why did the GM want to keep the current look? Why did others want the new look?
  13. jbnews

    Out & About

    Interesting. I didn't think KDKA was one to try something like this! I hope it works out for them because their morning news has always been #3. It's so stale. I don't know how I missed this, but in late May, KDKA let go of Rick Dayton AND Susan Koeppen. Wow. I wonder if this, along with other changes, will hurt their ratings. Could this be the start of the end?
  14. This actually looks really good on KOAA. The graphics and music are a perfect fit for Colorado Springs.
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