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  1. Launching the Quincy graphics before being sold to Gray. Nice. Either way, it's a fantastic look, and brings them into this decade.
  2. This is a whole new level of stupid.
  3. *This* is their new group-wide graphics package? Seriously?
  4. WTNH did acquire Frequency after using Counterpoint for 4 years...so we aren't the only ones who hear the similarities.
  5. As someone who lives in a market with a Nexstar duopoly...can't say I have a problem with that But, in all seriousness, they really do need to invest in their single stations more if this is the case.
  6. That is likely because WDIO's graphics were also made by Linear Drift per my source.
  7. The videos were on the "WAVE 3 News" Vimeo page. They have since been deleted.
  8. Good thing I downloaded the videos and took screenshots There are two separate designs. I'm sure you can figure out which screenshot belongs with each.
  9. I don't either. This version is FANTASTIC! 10/10.
  10. I can't DM people. I'm on the TVNT Discord as "jbnews".
  11. Doesn't TV3 have a balcony of some sort?
  12. Will other Nexstar stations be getting robotic cameras soon?
  13. Oh, okay. Has WGNO always had robotic cameras?
  14. HOLY CRAP. This beats WGNO by a long shot. They even got robotic cameras! I am genuinely impressed by and excited for this new Nexstar.

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