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  1. jbnews

    Out & About

    Dang. Why did they eliminate his position? Are they going to replace him? Don't they need an anchor at 4, 5, and 6:30?
  2. jbnews

    Out & About

    WJET/WFXP in Erie has named longtime weekend anchor David Belmondo as their new morning anchor. He replaces Traci Teudhope who left a few months ago to work at Erie's PBS affiliate, WQLN. I've noticed that WJET/WFXP seems to have a recruitment issue compared to locally owned WICU/WSEE. WICU/WSEE seems to have no issues recruiting good reporters. I have a feeling they pay a lot better so that might be why. They have not had any anchor changes in a while, however, over the summer they did move one of their morning anchors to the midday news (had a job posting for new morning anchor) only to move her back in the fall. I don't know if they didn't get anyone good, but they also got a new news director over the summer...
  3. I'll have to hear more-but so far, I'm liking Impact v7. It has a nice sound to it. Reminds me a lot of v4. Did anyone notice their new handheld teleprompter operator? IT'S MASSIVE!! It looks like those TV remotes they make with giant buttons for old people who can't see. Is that really necessary? Other than that-it's a nice upgrade.
  4. Yes. They did a REALLY good job. It's a nice look. The new Guardian updates are awesome, too, IMO!
  5. jbnews

    The "3" Thread

    Yeah. I noticed the content choice too. It was much lighter. But I wasn't sure if it was a slow news day or something. I hope they fix that.
  6. jbnews

    The "3" Thread

    I set an alarm to watch the 5am show (and I'm not a morning person).. I love the new graphics. The Troika look is awesome, but they really made this package work. I also really like their new music, whatever it is. But, a question who watches WKYC more often- is the content much different? The mornjng show seems pretty much the same content-wise.
  7. So sad. Ed had a really good voice. RIP.
  8. I'm not sure about WBNS, from what I understand from someone at WTHR- their new look should debut in December.
  9. jbnews

    The "3" Thread

    What. Is. THAT?? Dear god I hope that's a placeholder thing. It looks like poorly designed European road sign.
  10. jbnews

    Out & About

    This is really interesting. I don't mind the name changes (I like "Go!" a lot.) It'll be neat to see how the relaunch goes. They are trying something SO radically different. And I give them props for having the balls to do it. Studies show younger audiences think local news is formulaic and boring. So this, in my opinion, is a good way to shake it up. I hope the newscasts are interesting to watch and they have good content. I'm hoping (and I won't be surprised) if they start doing stories in the style of Vice News and KXTV. I think viewers would like that.
  11. Has Locals Only been updated recently? I've never heard the music they use at 6.
  12. jbnews

    Out & About

    Yeah. I would say this plan is VERY ambitious. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out.
  13. Here's the story. MY GOD. This is NICE... https://www.koin.com/oregon-2/koin-6-debuts-new-studio-set/ Never thought Nexstar could come up with something this good.
  14. Huh. Interesting. I think this is the most ambitious Tegna relaunch ever. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Could you post the promos?
  15. jbnews

    Out & About

    Interesting i'm all for local TV innvation, but whatever they do, it better be good. Their new director of news content, Adam Miller, ran the 4th hour of the Today Show before he came to WKYC. So- I think it'll be good. Can you post some of the promos?
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