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  1. The new set debuted on Monday morning. It's across from the newsroom area. It's basically the other half of the set that debuted in February. Here's a clip...
  2. WJET in Erie still doesn't have the package. Last I heard, they don't plan on getting a new look (which they could use). But that could've changed, of course. Sister station WFXP got the Nexstar FOX graphics in fall 2017.
  3. "Some great new additions" coming to the WXIA set this week.
  4. What was in this branding guide? Why would Tegna tell stations what cuts to use? Does somebody know how many cuts and themes are in the package? I've always wondered because I've heard a variety of themes but stations always use the same cuts.
  5. Who do Tegna stations use for production music? FirstCom, correct?
  6. Well, if nobody knows the names... What tags/descriptions etc. should I use to find the Vimeo track on FirstCom's website?
  7. Lol. KHOU's show is just called HTownRush. HTown is a nickname for Houston. You know a lot about news music, do you know that name of that track?
  8. On Thursday, WUSA expanded 'Get Up DC!' The show now starts at 4:25a.m. It is hosted until 6 by Annie Yu, then from 6-7 by Reese Waters. The portion that Yu hosts is mostly the same. The segments are slightly different, and she doesn't attempt to be Reese. She's just herself. The early portion of the show (until 6am) uses this track (0:00) from FirstCom. What's it called?
  9. I love these tracks but can't find them. Does anyone know names and companies of the music tracks below? The time tracks are heard is listed under each link. Thanks! https://vimeo.com/331488681 (0:30, Tegna uses FirstCom btw) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2n9NKuscRIk (0:01) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3nM5ttJtU08 (0:01)
  10. Yes. That's why I said that to me, it looks good, but I've never been to Denver so I can't judge the set from that standpoint.
  11. Good point. I think the set is beautiful, but I've never been to Denver, so I can't judge how well it fits the market.
  12. I'm guessing a redesign is coming soon. Since about 2007, CBS O&Os have updated their graphics and music every 3 years. Last update was in April 2016...nearly three years ago.
  13. I love the new look. I actually like This is Place. It's one of my favorites.
  14. Do you know when they'll be moving in/on air debut?
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