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  1. I wonder if new graphics and or/music will accompany the set. Based on how the set design was described -- I would hope they get new graphics as the current package wouldn't match the clean asthetic at ALL
  2. Ooh. I can't wait!! Hope this trend makes it to other Nexstar stations too!
  3. Ooh. I like that shot A LOT. Hope they keep using it post-COVID. Are any anchors at WNBC still at home?
  4. The handheld ones are more hideous, if they are big. KOIN uses super small ones that are hardly noticeable. That's what I was referring to. You can see them at around 2:56 below...
  5. Why are the anchors off center? Also, why use those hideous desktop teleprompter operators? If you don't want to bring in your human teleprompter operator yet, at least buy the ones that go under the desk or super small handheld ones (which they do make).
  6. Yup. I agree. They present themselves as modern and knowledgeable of the market. They are creative in terms of presentation, but not to the point where it is unwatchable. AKA they aren't "trying too hard."
  7. Craig is in the studio and has been for weeks.
  8. WXIA's Ron Jones is going back to the home studio for "possibly a month or more." He must've been filling in for someone.
  9. When is the new TV3 set going to launch?
  10. How about we try this? I know it's unorthodox but use a CBS News facility. I mean, I know it's uncommon for networks to produce their newscasts in-house, but these are crazy times we live in.
  11. I really like it. It's very modern and has a great ID. I think it would great on TV too.
  12. Are they going to replace these people? I can't believe these layoffs. These are high-profile positions & Chris was well-liked, I believe.
  13. Interesting they still went forward with it given the current situation. Excited to see what they come up with, but I feel like it will look like a Nexstar set-in-a-box.
  14. "And even then for select people." So, are they never going to let some people back in?
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