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  1. WTHR has officially been Tegna-fied. The look fits them GOOD. Here's the open for "13 News" at Noon.
  2. Hard to tell. I think they'd still roll it out this summer, so they can stay on the rollout schedule. But, who knows what their staffing situation is like now because of COVID-19. I think that has more of a chance to push things back, if anything.
  3. I highly doubt it's because of acquisition attempts. Even if they do decide to sell, it could be a year or more before they are officially taken over. They still have to operate. It could be because of COVID-19, an error, they are moving to a new website, or those positions got filled and they never took them down.
  4. I can't remember how I did it, and the page just gave me an error message. @Weeters would be better equipped to answer this question!
  5. Cross-posted from Discord: I've been told by a source that WTHR will launch the Tegna GFX/Music next Wednesday (3/25) at noon!
  6. They will most likely be launching a new look this summer before the Tokyo Olympics and they've done since 2012.
  7. Regarding the Face the State music, as Weeters said (surprisingly) there is no corporate mandate to use C Clarity. It's just cheaper and easier for the stations to use it, so that's why they all do. I'm guessing they also use it because it is a unique opportunity to try something different in terms if the news music we are used to. WBNS' decision to continue the use of Aerial on Face the State has nothing to do with the fact that Tegna may or may not be sold.
  8. Why tf would they do that? They had unique looks. Nexstar obviously super strict on this stuff anymore, especially if WKBN jusr comissioned Impact V7.
  9. I think the graphics fit them well. Some of the modifications they've done (especially to the L3s) seem a little off...but I'll get used to it. I think they've done a good job with the music, too. It's not like they ditched some legacy package anyway. It was Aerial for crying out loud haha!!
  10. What do you mean? Do you think this will all fall through?
  11. That's what I've been told, too. The new website and app will launch in early April. My WBNS source wouldn't say outright, but seemingly implied the new stuff is coming soon.
  12. I won't be surprised if that happens either. Honestly, MCTYW doesn't work well with the graphics at all. Kind of annoying, actually.
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