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  1. Haven’t watched WGN consistently but in the last few weeks I haven’t seen Skilling at all. Has he been gone for that long or do I just keep missing him?
  2. The sports grgaohics get me every baseball season. Hate them with a passion.
  3. http://ksn.com/2017/08/31/ksn-names-veteran-journalist-jeff-herndon-as-assistant-news-director/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_KSN_TV
  4. Herndon is voluntarily out at the end of the month, per Feder.
  5. Is Rick DeMaio still filling in on weekends or has the new girl started yet?
  6. Steve Sanders in with Jackie tonight.
  7. I guess the weather set/desk is in the very back of the studio. (According to Jenny's Facebook Live video this morning.)
  8. No "Weather Center" - I wonder if the weather office is staying in the newsroom closet.
  9. We should get a hashtag trending on twitter. #TypicalFLD
  10. Saw a promo for the news during the game. Looks like it's still on the temporary set.
  11. Might've helped if I put quotes.
  12. Mr. Caplan is feeling funny tonight... here's his Facebook post: I have some news to share. As of tomorrow, I will no longer be the meteorologist for the Fox 32 morning show starting at 4:30. That's because we are starting a HALF HOUR EARLIER at 4am! Don't miss all the exciting bleary-eyed weather from yours truly! Sure got some people's attention, including mine. P.S. - was hoping we'd have a new set by this weekend, guess not. Typical 'FLD.
  13. Have replacements been named? If they have been, I've missed something.
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