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  1. How many hours of news is NEWS7 adding? They are a very strong station with excellent talent. It's a very competitive market. But, does it really need this many news stations. There is only so many ways to divide the audience.
  2. Looking forward to the new Eyewitness News Mornings. Curious what they will do to differentiate the show from the competition. There is nothing wrong with Action News. They have perfect chemistry. And, Fox 29 puts out a strong morning newscast. And, V And Tracey on NBC10 are familiar and stable. Should be interesting to watch.
  3. That makes more sense. The article didn't do the set justice.
  4. At least it's resolved. Now they don't have to mention her absence in every related story.
  5. I would agree --- NBC10 has to resolve the Renee Chenault-Fattah issue. Otherwise, it's the better station for in depth hard news coverage.
  6. Nice set. Nothing special. Odd they just use it at noon. Why the cheesy graphics?
  7. New York stations are doing the same thing with plugging their primetime lineup. It's nothing new. But, I split my viewing time between WABC and WPVI. It seems to be an O & O mandate. Local news in Philly really has changed. NBC10 does a very good hard/breaking news product, with enough features to balance it out. And, they do have some well known names in the market. PVI is still Jim Gardner and the theme song, but they are slipping. CBS3 is trying. I like the team, but the content is off the mark. Fox29 and Fox 5 are actually the freshest things going on in the morning.
  8. Watched them for years. WSVN is a giant.
  9. Love the set. And, their graphics are great. Is it me, or do they not produce as much hard news?
  10. Love the fresh looks from the talent. But, it does look like "The Talk" is about to start.
  11. 10 is very good at hard news. 3 has improved, but not enough to challenge 10. I do like Ukee at 11pm. Much improved over the previous team.
  12. Congratulations to all of the stations for great coverage during the storm. 3, 6 and 10 all had strong points. Aside from the ratings, who stood out?
  13. Technically, the station has many problems. There 10pm weekend news was a train wreck the other week. I actually felt sorry for the anchor continuously apologizing. There is plenty of news to cover in the area, just read The Morning Call or Lehigh Valley Live. But, WFMZ seems content with feature stories. It's much easier to watch WPVI for the big stories. Their morning news is written well. WFMZ is going through the motions. They do have some good on-air talent. But, as the previous poster mentioned, they usually get picked up my larger markets. As far as their talent goes: Eve Tannery - The best. Good at hard news and features. The runaway leader of the team. Jaciel Cordoba - Dry, robotic style. Will Lewis has much more personality. But, Jaciel always looks good. Matt Broderick - The best in their weather department. Melanie Falcon - She is very boring an anchor. Nothing special, but the team has some fire. Jim Vaughn - Lightweight at best. He is the 2015 Anchorman. Wendy Davis - Works well with Rob. Loved her on political coverage. Rob Vaughn - For the size station/market, he's a professional. He's the leader at night. They should pair him with Eve. Ed Hanna - The weather guy you either love or hate. Troy Hein - Excellent sports story teller. Very good. Makes sports action come alive. This guy is a star. Bo Koltnow - Not a good weekend anchor. Good reporter. Karin Mallett - Much better on the evening news. Chandy Lowry - Very professional. Jamie Stover - Their best reporter. Look for her at WPVI someday. She is good. Jaccii Farris - They should let her anchor. Will Lewis - He could anchor in the morning. Rosa Duarte - Nothing memorable. I saw her fill in as an anchor once, it was college TV at it's best. Perla Lopez - Nothing to get excited about. Roberto Vinces - Great sports reporter. He does bring the show alive. Entertaining. Hillary Lane - She has developed nicely. Solid reporting skills. She is going to move to a bigger market. Keleigh Gibbs - She looks like she is putting together a Vimeo demo every night. Flashy/visual... not WFMZ. Just moving on. Amanda VanAllen - Amazing. They have a winner. Ryan Hughes - Solid reporter It's just not PVI.
  14. WFMZ is a fine station. The set could use a re-fresh. But, that's not their big issue. Last evening at 6pm, their second story was "are pedestrians more likely to be involved in accidents now that the sun goes down earlier." Cutting edge journalism at it's worst. They have some good reporters, who won't stay very long. The station is very lazy in it's day to day coverage. The morning anchor team is polished, but tired. The evening team hasn't changed in years. And, the fresh idea for their 4pm news was to add another cooking segment. It's suburban TV at it's best. But, hardly Philadelphia worthy. Trashing the owners commentary at 10pm is old news. Sometimes he makes a good point. And, it's clearly not part of the newscast. Crying about the commentary tarnishing your high journalistic standards, makes you sound like an out of control intern.
  15. 11p...... 6abc did a nice job juggling the press conference and not letting the Governors speech talk over the 11p news. Ok job. NBC10 did an excellent job. Good story telling and good reporting. They didn't stick with the press conference, but they turned around highlights quickly. CBS3 not in the game. WNEP owned it locally. Best medium market station around. I need see some WBRE video on CNN. WFMZ did a nice public service by running the entire press conference at 11p. It is not great news coverage, but a nice public service. Their news judgement seems from a different era. It is now actually boring TV.
  16. Watch the Frein captured coverage .... Hands down winner WNEP. Grit, emotion, team coverage, they owned it. WPVI at 10p on PHL TV ... Good coverage from Annie McCormick and the new reporter at the Big Board. WFMZ was good too. Surprised they didn't do more earlier in the evening. Seemed like they waited until 10p for the story. Not bad reporting, but it seemed lacking depth. And why did they still air that commentary about the election that said nothing? Looking forward at Action News and NBC10 at 11p.
  17. The 4pm news got off to a great start. Melanie and Jim were dynamic. Meghan Packer was solid at the touch screen monitor. It looks like they will have two different weather people depending on the day of the week. Nice show. I did not care for their plea for Facebook and Twitter comments. That seemed forced. I think their set is still solid. They have done some nice refreshes, including the graphics. They really need to work on more content. The 4p had one reporter. And, the 6p and 10p are identical again.
  18. Despite the large staff, you are correct... they do repeat the same stories over and over. They lost an excellent executive producer to New York a couple of years ago. Since then, their product really has not been the same. The talent and graphics are great. Their style of news seems stuck in the past. That is why I am excited to see their 4pm news. Hopefully it is not a channel 6 clone.
  19. Karen Mallett and Bo Koltnow are a good choice for the weekend morning news. From what I know of the area, there is plenty of news. Hopefully they will not have trouble filling two and a half hours on content. They seem to have a big staff for a smaller station. Some of their new hires are very good. Megan Packer and Jamie Stover are their new A game.
  20. I am eager to see their 4pm news hour. This is a big step for a great station. The anchors are very good. Jim Vaughn and Melanie Falcon have amazing chemistry and are true professionals. The magic they have on Saturday mornings is great. They are almost as good as Rick and Monica. I think channel 69 news at 4pm is going to chip off some audience from 6abc and NBC10 at 4pm. It is also amazing the job this station has done on the search for Eric Frein. Hopefully they keep up this same energy at 4pm. Any idea what the show is going to look like? I think it debuts on Wednesday. The have promos and billboards everywhere for the show. Who is taking over the Saturday morning news?
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