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  1. How many hours of news is NEWS7 adding? They are a very strong station with excellent talent. It's a very competitive market. But, does it really need this many news stations. There is only so many ways to divide the audience.
  2. Looking forward to the new Eyewitness News Mornings. Curious what they will do to differentiate the show from the competition. There is nothing wrong with Action News. They have perfect chemistry. And, Fox 29 puts out a strong morning newscast. And, V And Tracey on NBC10 are familiar and stable. Should be interesting to watch.
  3. That makes more sense. The article didn't do the set justice.
  4. At least it's resolved. Now they don't have to mention her absence in every related story.
  5. I would agree --- NBC10 has to resolve the Renee Chenault-Fattah issue. Otherwise, it's the better station for in depth hard news coverage.
  6. Nice set. Nothing special. Odd they just use it at noon. Why the cheesy graphics?
  7. New York stations are doing the same thing with plugging their primetime lineup. It's nothing new. But, I split my viewing time between WABC and WPVI. It seems to be an O & O mandate. Local news in Philly really has changed. NBC10 does a very good hard/breaking news product, with enough features to balance it out. And, they do have some well known names in the market. PVI is still Jim Gardner and the theme song, but they are slipping. CBS3 is trying. I like the team, but the content is off the mark. Fox29 and Fox 5 are actually the freshest things going on in the morning.
  8. Watched them for years. WSVN is a giant.
  9. Love the set. And, their graphics are great. Is it me, or do they not produce as much hard news?
  10. Love the fresh looks from the talent. But, it does look like "The Talk" is about to start.
  11. 10 is very good at hard news. 3 has improved, but not enough to challenge 10. I do like Ukee at 11pm. Much improved over the previous team.
  12. Congratulations to all of the stations for great coverage during the storm. 3, 6 and 10 all had strong points. Aside from the ratings, who stood out?
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