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  1. To me, this seems like a whole lot of something over a whole lot of nothing. But maybe I'm missing something.
  2. Susan Carlson stepping away from NBC 5 and tv news. https://twitter.com/susancarlson111/status/1308766285279514624?s=21
  3. Aren't they a strong #2? There were a few ratings periods where 5 was practically stepping on 7s heels.
  4. I don't have any insider information, but I can't imagine that things are good over there. Just spent a week at home in Chicago and channel surfed. It's amazing how lackluster the product they're putting out is compared to the other stations. It's just not nearly as polished as the other stations. Extremely disappointing in market #3. One of the glaring things I found in watching is that Brad Edwards is unlikeable. I don't know who in their right mind though replacing Johnson with him was a good idea. I half expect him to try and sell me a used car at an inflated price. He's not a
  5. WGN is the last holdout in the market for having a traditionally switched newscast. Last I recall, some shows were automated and some weren’t. There originally were integration issues with their newsroom system when they built their automated control room. It’s immediately adjacent to their normal booth, and I think replaced the original CLTV control room closet. Due to the integration issues and other conflicts CLTV used the automated and they left the main channel to use the traditional set up. Now that CLTV is gone, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them slowly change to mo
  6. Pretty much. Their format just is right. It feels complete and well rounded.
  7. WUSA tops their 11pm two different ways. They do a lighter and harder version based on the news of the day. I think WUSA is the gold standard of the TEGNA stations.
  8. Listening to WTOP driving home this evening, it's a great theme but it just doesn't feel like the same WTOP.
  9. Add morning anchor Chris McKinnon from WBZ to the list.
  10. Technology is quite amazing. At a station I used to work at, we had the ability to have the weather anchor cut into programming without anyone else being in the building. There was a setup in the weather center where all you had to do was push a singular button and the weather computer and the specific mic were put on air. Then, push the same button and we're back to regular scheduled programming. It wasn't fancy, but it prevented having to call a bunch of people in for severe weather at off times. Mind you, this wasn't market #3.
  11. Sorry for being purposely vague. But as you all can see now, WUSA will be hosting the CBS Evening News this weekend anchored by none other than Lesli Foster.
  12. A very reliable source tells me that the CBS Evening News on Apr. 25/26th will originate from Washington DC.
  13. It's Rockford, they have a two hour morning show. Weather sells and it's not like there's piles of content in big markets let alone one the size of Rockford. Also, it was roughly 3 minutes and forty seconds.

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