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  1. The graphics and music are absolutely beautiful. The only odd thing to me is how the bug is lower on the screen than L3. It almost looks like there should be a ticker down there. The “Your Vote: Your Nation” branding is perfect for them. Loved that talent open!
  2. There has definitely been a lot of buzz on social media the past few days, and maybe some attention they weren't necessarily looking for.
  3. That was Adam Amin calling Cubs-Brewers, in his Fox debut. They used the old MLB theme in this video too, so here’s hoping it’s permanent.
  4. Pretty cool to see the progress on the studio and newsroom. Nexstar is making an impressive investment here.
  5. I think this new role will be a better fit for Donlon. Hopefully they go with “homegrown” talent to replace him on the evening newscasts moving forward... I’d really like to see Ben and Lourdes at the helm at 9pm. With all these departures, WGN should pick up some of the recently laid off CBS2 staffers.
  6. Gaynor Hall was basically assaulted during a live shot tonight at 10 by a guy shouting FHRITP (that’s still a thing in 2020?) Hopefully the police were called, WGN should press charges against this creep.
  7. Julie Unruh to join Midday. She should fit in well there.
  8. Nexstar has released a new website with more info on "News Nation" for advertisers, including some extended promos and renderings of the set, weather center, and newsroom. Looks quite impressive. Hope everything is still on track for a summer launch, but there is no start date given. Also no on-air talent identified yet. https://wgnamericaupfront.com/
  9. Nexstar graphics are here...
  10. Over two years later, the old news set lives again.
  11. A really nice upgrade to the score bug this year. Boxes are shaded for the team colors and logos added too, kinda reminiscent of CBS. Amazing how much better this looks than last year.
  12. The Chicago Sun Times reports that 2019 will be their last season on NBCSCH. The network will be called "Marquee" (seriously) and will be a partnership with (here's the best part)..... Sinclair Broadcast Group! Maybe they'll air Bottom Line with Boris during the pre-game shows. Glad I'm a White Sox fan. https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/while-cubs-prepare-to-launch-marquis-hawks-bulls-sox-return-to-nbcsch/
  13. Larry is hosting a new weekend show on WGN, “Backstory,” which will delve into Chicago-related historical, cultural, and religious topics. It premieres Sunday, October 28th and runs for the subsequent 4 weeks, and new episodes will be produced periodically throughout the year. Good to see more original local programming on GN.
  14. A historic night on WGN. [MEDIA=twitter]1005576187274506240[/MEDIA]
  15. Mike Janssen is the successor to Jim Ramsey: [MEDIA=twitter]998662163483983872[/MEDIA]
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