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  1. Conspiracy: they did that on purpose during high parade viewership, hoping it would go unnoticed.
  2. Did Ducis build that Sports Center set himself? Shocked it still exists...
  3. https://6abc.com/6abc-hall-of-fame-lisa-thomas-laury-dave-roberts-walter-liss/13559168/ WPVI now has its own Hall of Fame at the station.
  4. I was curious if the upcoming summer intro change could be it... The news at 10 uses a title card and different time/temp bug, wouldn't seem like a huge requirement. Will there be different rules for the CW17 era? Perhaps.
  5. So guessing the O&Os getting a uniform gfx package is, if not dead, delayed... 'PVI has played with the flat look before even the current in-house look debuted. Usually the weather team updates ahead of time - and that too still reflects the general look. Fall brought usual update to the Delaware valley's leading news program intros... and the 2017 look is alive and well.
  6. Part 26,626 of "does the theme song matter?" A remix was played as part of warm-ups to the Flyers/Blue Jackets game on Tuesday, 2/18... It was noticed on Twitter and more. Other coverage: https://www.inquirer.com/flyers/flyers-6abc-action-news-theme-song-jim-gardner-move-closer-to-your-world-20200219.html I guess that is one way to get some free coverage outside the sports block...
  7. I've noticed the "Tonight on 6ABC promos" and similar have had female VOs... Was almost expecting (at least some) of the Fall opens to possibly go that direction. (I would think they would leave the 6 and 11 untouched for now...)
  8. Monica Malpass just announced she is leaving, Rick doing a retrospective...
  9. And that, in this case is other stations, plural - must have a fantastic agent...
  10. So I know the tweet said 5 days... Anyone expecting a beta over the weekend?
  11. Looks like definite new branding around the Weather-/AccuWeather-/Storm-/LiveDoplerSixDoubleScan3DUltraVioletInfraRedActionSkyLiveCamFAALicensedDrone.... Center. And I wonder if the Big Board is still a thing. Or is it now a Bigger Board? It often seemed like they tried to find a reason to "touch it"...
  12. Inside Story was one I knew was done there, but yeah - basic. I think they have a few more... If anything, with WPVI, it might as well be tradition as the reason; even though the building is not yet a decade old... We can begin all sorts of speculation, though... --Will there be a new kids table for the 4 PM and weekday 10 PM news? --Will there be a temp kids table for those newscasts? --Will the Big Board remain, be upgraded, or sent to the same farm upstate with Mr. Six? --(Chromakey has returned in the temp space), and; --Big Board was absent Saturday night, but who knows if that will also get moved --And wait, was the Crystal City sent upstate too? --Several new skyline towers have been built/under construction/planned, but they added to it before --Of course, the tallest building is the new Comcast tower, which owns their rival... awkward... --West Philly skyline adds a bunch though, three new towers to Cira South alone --Is it safe to assume the current video wall (background) will not be a part of the new set? --Will it become part of their public affairs programming sets? --New graphics? --Weather has been updated a few times over the years since the current overall look debuted, and seemed to match the flat look of other ABC O&O -- at least header elements --Other parts of the maps seem dated, display wise, compared to 3/10 --At the very least can they make the time & temp font the same? --Then again, when has 6 ever match the other ABC O&Os? --Will the (IMO) down-market-looking Action News Sports Center be replaced? (it made an appearance at least during the 'PHL 10 PM tonight (5/20)) --Will Action News Blue still be the overwhelming primary color? (That was my vote for the new Crayola color, but no one asked me) Also, isn't it a bit odd they decided to do this in the middle of a sweeps month? I know it is 'PVI -- they do what they want when they want... I was sort-of expecting something new during the NFL draft. Honestly, while I agree with HulkieD that no local set is great/trendsetting* I actually thought this one aged fairly well -- well, at least in the Action News Universe. *Trendsetting: If memory serves, but I never personally validated, the Big Board/Perceptive Pixel was a fist among local affiliates... So here is yet another question... what would be the new toy to add first (even if only this market)...
  13. Maybe to allow them to continue their shows that originate from the second studio? Besides, this way we know they are doing something, and even caused them to admit it.
  14. As indicated by cg41386, Perez said this is temporary, and they are building a new home "across the hall... will take about a month, and we can't wait to show it to you, it's going to be pretty neat." ETA- "about" a month could make this early July, without a doubt.
  15. Well, found the video-wall background... they certainly put some effort into their temporary set.
  16. The skyline was part of the (taped) pieces for Jim, and for time to time it appears in other packages. Of course, it is possible these were recorded segments before work began.
  17. Not sure I am a fan of the cities in boxes, and not on a map -- there appears to be no arrangement (alphabetical, or geographical) on some displays. I get it is new, and clearly there is a learning curve both on use and presentation, and the graphics themselves are certainly sharp.
  18. Via TVNewser, he is on the 2016 team. Finally, as the 2016 presidential election begins to heat up, I’m proud to announce Cecilia and Tom will join our powerhouse political team, led by Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos. They will join Anchor Diane Sawyer, “World News Tonight” Anchor David Muir, Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, Senior National Correspondent Jim Avila, Political Analyst Cokie Roberts, Political Director Rick Klein, Lead Analyst Matthew Dowd, along with Donna Brazile and Bill Kristol and an all-star group of ABC News contributors. http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cecilia-vega-tom-llamas-named-weekend-world-news-tonight-anchors/257163
  19. I noticed the 10 o'clock news is really making use of the video wall, for stand-ups, weather, breaking news, etc. -- good to see it finally getting some use more than the film loop of the skyline.
  20. One thing that certainly seems amatuerish is the new Action News Sports Center I've seen on the 10PM news (and at other dayparts). Looks like an idea hatched to give the sports guys somewhere to stand. Four TVs, two of which seem to cycle through a powerpoint of sports team logos, and the other two have a quad-view of... sports. Also, have noticed the monitor background really reflects the lighting rigs. I can certainly agree they are going with flashy over polish...
  21. The various camera images get stitched together, and you get to pan over them. The app or interface gets all the "live" images and you piece it together locally on your device. As for getting worried about losing their edge... Perhaps. It's hard to compare their past "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra, as these toys and level of user involvement were not possible, even five years ago... The biggest change I see is, instead of just presenting something and acting like nothing is new, they are developing ad campaigns. and such about it. I remember before 9/11 they actually had two copters, if only briefly.
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