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  1. The Hub is beamed to Boston from WNBC, it isn't produced by NBC Boston.
  2. First newscast on NBC Boston - NBC Boston Weekend Today (Sunday morning 1/1/17 at 5:30am)
  3. WBTS officially signs on the air as NBC Boston:
  4. NBC Nightly News reminding New England viewers to tune in to the new NBC Boston come Sunday... A little free promotion that aired on WHDH.
  5. WMFP is channel 62, NBC Boston will broadcast on .5, but will be mapped to channel 60.5. I don't know whether they will broadcast in 1080i or 720p - NBC Boston and Telemundo Boston both currently broadcast in 1080i on WNEU and WBTS - SonLife broadcasts in 720p on WMFP 62.1.
  6. NBC Boston will be mapped on channel 60.5 through WMFP, and will broadcast in high definition.
  7. Comcast could strong arm Charter on this one... being that Worcester is part of the Boston television market, they could potentially be forced to carry NBC Boston. Even though WBTS is a low power station, WNEU is full-power and has must carry rights... I'm sure they could use that to have Charter carry NBC Boston.
  8. This is incorrect. Studio B went live yesterday on necn and Telemundo Boston - Studio A will be used for NBC Boston. With two studios and two control rooms, two of the stations will be able to broadcast live at the same time (Telemundo Boston only produces two newscasts a day - from 6pm-6:30pm and 11pm-11:35pm.) The only time an NBC Boston newscast will be simulcast on necn is during a major breaking news event.
  9. Bree Sison is joining WBRC FOX 6 in Birmingham as an evening anchor: http://www.newenglandone.com/news/national/across-america/bree-sison-joining-wbrc-fox-6-birmingham-as-anchor.html
  10. Frank Holland is leaving WCVB to join NBC Boston: http://www.newenglandone.com/news/local/boston/frank-holland-joining-necn-nbc-boston-as-anchor-reporter.html Susan Tran is joining NBC Boston (after leaving us a nasty voicemail denying it - listen in the link): http://www.newenglandone.com/news/local/boston/susan-tran-joining-necn-nbc-boston-as-reporter.html
  11. Former WVIT reporter Audrey Washington is joining WSB in Atlanta. http://ne1.be/1x0UgV9
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