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  1. So far for 2022-23, here is what I do know (or at least can speculate) about Houston: KPRC (Ch.2/NBC): One of the biggest repeat offenders (Conan O'Brien in the 90s, anyone?) of jumbling around NBC's schedule. Entertainment Tonight will still be on at 6:30pm, along with Dr. Phil at 1:00pm with Days of Our Lives at 2:00pm, repeating at 1:05am. The locally produced Houston Life (3:00pm) does not appear to be going anywhere. KHOU (Ch.11/CBS): Not sure as to what will replace Ellen at 3:00pm, or whether or not Great Day Houston (9:00am) remains given that show at last check still is produced in COVID mode. Even if not this season, Wheel of Fortune (6:30pm) could still move over to another particular station with a certain set of mouse ears for an antenna, but until then we'll have to see what Cox does with the station once they take over - either an afternoon hour of Daily Blast Live (if that hasn't been canceled or dropped in preparation for Tegna's sale of 11 to Cox), or perhaps even Dr. Phil, Drew Barrymore (2:00am (!) on Ch.39 now), Kelly Clarkson (definitely more likely Ch.2 though) or Rachael Ray (which has not aired in Houston since KUBE/Ch.57 became an all-shopping tax write-off for Richard French). I will be shocked if they retain Daily Blast Live in the post-James Corden 12:37am timeslot. The main late night Saturday/Sunday CMV serial block (SEAL Team, Bull - both of which no longer air on CBS) might be changing along with Canada's Murdoch Mysteries late Saturday night, but I could be wrong. KTRK (Ch.13/ABC): They will still have Live with Kelly and Ryan at 9:00am and Tamron Hall at 1:00pm, plus Jeopardy! at 11:30am, Inside Edition at 3:30pm and the West Coast feed of World News Tonight after Live and Jeopardy repeat and before Tamron repeats. Next year could certainly be different if 13 were to pick up Wheel and Jeopardy! for prime access (a major improvement for the latter which has to be losing valuable ad dollars in Houston at its midday timeslot, ironic considering the original NBC Jeopardy! aired at lunchtime), but it's hard to justify them dropping their 6:00pm news (or preferably shipping it off to Ch.39) this season if at all. I predict that reruns of The Good Doctor (which is a current ABC show) and 9-1-1 (which is on Fox, not ABC, but is linked corporately to Disney via 20th Century Fox) will replace Wipeout and Castle reruns that air on late nights after Ch.13's late news and Texans highlights shows (for which the latter has low expectations, but at least got rid of their problematic QB who is now Cleveland's problem). KTXH (Ch.20/ MyTV Ind.): Mostly just repeats from its sister station (Fox 26) and the carcass of MyNetworkTV (seriously, kill it off already), but with The Real gone the only things they really have going for it now are The 700 Club in the mornings, 25 Words or Less and Family Feud in the late afternoon/early evening, and off-net Modern Family and Big Bang Theory reruns as well as The Simpsons in prime and late night. I could actually see two particular talk shows debuting on Fox 26 airing their reruns here though. They will have to fill the void where Schitt's Creek and 2 Broke Girls are disappearing in the latter group as well; perhaps American Housewife will go here since it aired around the same time as the latter years of Modern Family on ABC. Access Hollywood is airing in late night at 11:30pm, and might actually benefit from moving over to Fox 26 (see below). KRIV (Fox 26): Wendy Williams has given way to Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson is coming here as well (as @H-Town TV Fan has already mentioned). However, the cheese holes on Fox 26 go well beyond Wendy - Nick Cannon and The Good Dish are both gone, and there's no telling whether or not Judge Judy's highly rated zombie reruns remain at 4pm. Extra and TMZ Live likely are staying put, as well as the Kelly Clarkson Show (unless that goes to KPRC since KHOU would be more likely to pick up Dr. Phil than Kelly Clarkson to replace Ellen at 3pm), and I could see Divorce Court getting a better timeslot than 1:30am. Pictionary definitely will be airing on Fox 26 along with You Bet Your Life, and could be primed to lead-in to Fox 26's 5pm news if they do the smart thing and move Access Hollywood from late night on KTXH to 6:30pm after its 6pm news (and against ET on KPRC), though I imagine TMZ (which is actually a staple on Fox O&Os) would be preferred over Access here. I'm surprised Dish Nation (1:00am) is still even on. KIAH (CW 39): They'll still have their morning weather and traffic show in the mornings and Judge Mathis and The People's Court afterwards, but Lauren Lake has a new courtroom show courtesy of Byron Allen (which effectively replaces the one that's airing now after Relative Justice in the noon hour), but it's fair to say Karamo will replace Maury (1:00pm) or Jerry Springer (3:00pm) with the former being prioritized more than Springer's in terms of reruns; I see Springer's reruns actually airing in place of the canceled Judge Jerry at 4:00am and Steve Wilkos will still be airing at 2:00pm. The early evening reruns of The Goldbergs, Last Man Standing, Black-ish and Young Sheldon will likely still be there, but I am predicting reruns of The Neighborhood will replace reruns of Mike & Molly or Mom after Two and a Half Men reruns. I know Mike & Molly's reruns are going bye-bye, but I'm not certain about Mom though I will be surprised if they are still on this coming year. Daily Mail TV (3:00am) is gone, and will likely be replaced by Entertainment Studios filler programs, reruns of daytime talk shows or infomercials. Ch.13 will still air its 9:00pm news on Ch.39, but I think they'd be wise to fill the midnight repeat slot with either Friends reruns (which chiefly air on the weekends) or Seinfeld reruns (nonexistent in H-Town since that was the last syndie program Ch.57 dropped when it became a shopping channel) since occasionally they end up not airing the repeat, either airing Friends reruns or a weird combo of partial infomercials and endless advertisements (as happened last Friday night) instead. KTBU (Ch.55): This is the wild card in the whole, longwinded discussion about Houston, and since Quest (the network airing on 55.1) is still going to be a Tegna property and can easily be moved over to the KHOU signal, while the station is primarily being used to give KHOU a UHF home to make up for whatever shortcomings its signal has on its main VHF-based facility, I'm sure Cox will want to take advantage of this extra real estate space to launch a new indie station on the primary Ch.55 signal. The big downside is that the syndicated offerings are likely to be slim pickings for this year and there will likely be a lot of filler programming here should they go the indie route, though it may give Ch.11 an opportunity to air additional newscasts of its own (9:00pm, 7:00-9:00am while the main Ch.11 carries CBS Mornings), etc.) over on Ch.55. If anyone has anything new about Houston (including where iCrime will wind up, likely Ch.39?), feel free to fill me in...
  2. I SECOND THE MOTION of my fellow Houstonian, H-Town TV Fan...Take me to 2022-23! Moderator...put your amazing technicolor dreamcoat on and freeze this thread!
  3. The Good Doctor will essentially be the ABC O&O equivalent of whatever CMV sells to CBS O&Os on the weekends, except there’s only one serial and ABC Studios would be well-advised to offer something other than Wipeout for the other two hours it offers. Fox or the non-B3 Nexstar stations more or less get NBC’s serial repeats + Dateline (as well as American Ninja Warrior) because of Saturday Night Live.
  4. Anything short of creating a new theme that evokes a certain famed six-note signature for the Texas Cox acquisitions (and in the case of WFAA, reverting to News 8 and calling the 10pm newscast the “Update”) would be a huge disappointment…There, I said it! ”Working in the Spirit of Texas…this is the News 8 Update!” And for the record, this thread belongs under Corporate Chat…
  5. Would have been nice to see Katz TV Group offer a Fall 2022 preview by now. Not only to see what the cash/barter splits for the new syndies are going to look like, but also even the cheap barter filler for the weekends as well. Not to mention what off-net syndicated shows are new for the year, and whether or not two particular NBC "Must See TV" zombies get their 8th, 9th or even 10th runs...
  6. I do remember watching Donahue when I was in kindergarten (1992, which back then was in the afternoon only for me with others having it in the morning only) at 10am on KTRK and Sally at 9am on KHOU (before her timeslot went to Maury who moved from KPRC at the same timeslot). KTRK eventually raided Multimedia's syndication stable and picked up Sally in the afternoon (and Jerry Springer in the morning) along with Donahue (and possibly Rush Limbaugh who had been on KHOU in late night with Whoopi Goldberg and Entertainment Tonight in 1992-93 before David Letterman crossed over to CBS), also adding Geraldo which had been exiled to KTXH when KPRC had enough of him circa 1990. From what I recall, these programs were for the most part news-oriented to an extent before the eventual reliance on tabloid attention-grabbers and eventually the DNA/paternity/inbreeding rinse and repeat cycle became the du jour standard for talk shows not involving celebrities. The end of Maury and Jerry Springer is also significant, because the shows' stars were known for sending their guests to treatment facilities and prisons (not unlike what Dr. Phil has done with some of his guests), versus Steve Wilkos' tendency to call the cops on some of his worst guests. No doubt that Karamo is likely going to fall along similar fault lines as Maury did, but with so much of the millennial and zoomer audience having shifted over to streaming, he probably will be lost in the wind compared to his predecessors. And he will likely stay on should he be lucky to avoid hashmarks in the ratings simply because the other options that aren't newscasts (old reruns, infomercials, deceptively scheduled E/I filler) aren't very appealing.
  7. If that show ends up on KRIV, and with two hours for them to fill with Sherri Shepherd likely filling Wendy Williams' slot and Nick Cannon now gone, what does this mean for KHOU at 3pm? If Kelly Clarkson does end up going to KPRC (in line with the inevitable NBC O&O sales pitch from Graham), could Dr. Phil wind up on KHOU? Also important to note Drew Barrymore's surprise renewal (and splinter into two halves) and the FACT that Rachael Ray and The Doctors have been virtually absent from Houston TV since KUBE went all-shopping. There's also plenty of room on KTXH as well, assuming that The Real's time slot isn't taken up by another NBCU serial repeat block. And that's another thing...I'm surprised MyNetworkTV is still a thing. It will be interesting to see how Tegna fills the critical 3pm slot before the 4pm news, just before they hand off the station to Cox.
  8. And in Houston, KHOU aired their 4, 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts on their Quest station KTBU, which I'm surprised isn't even in the planning stages of becoming an indie considering the opportunities for additional newscasts of theirs + the number of shows from CMV and others that still haven't found a home in Houston after KUBE went all-shopping, all the time, and aired Wheel of Fortune at 3 a.m. early Saturday morning, which is usually filled by Peter Popoff's "pay for pray" solicitation show. (Jeopardy! is on KTRK at 11 a.m., still rather inappropriate considering how much more ad revenues and viewers they would get at 4:30 p.m. or even 6 p.m. with Wheel of Fortune moved over from KHOU, with their 6 p.m. news moved over to KIAH which will never happen in part because it wins its timeslot and nostalgia from the good ol' days of Marvin Zindler & Co.)
  9. Even if I were to agree or not with Dr. Oz on the issues, if I were a station manager dropping his show would be justified. The last thing any station would want to have on their watch is the appearance of partiality towards one candidate in such a critical race - and certainly an open U.S. Senate seat in a penultimate swing state (one that called the ENTIRE presidential election for Trump in 2016 and for Biden in 2020) fits that category to a T. Of course, his fans in New York City may complain over WNYW's decision to drop him all because of exurban Pike County, but bucolic Shohola Falls folks are just as entitled to have a say amongst the voters and is as much an informed electorate as the likes of Brooklyn, Westchester, Paramus and Long Island, and the last thing Dr. Oz's opponents want - whether it's a former US Ambassador to Denmark under Trump (Carla Sands), an unconventional, gritty Lieutenant Governor under Wolf (John Fetterman), a rightish businessman from the Philadelphia suburbs (Jeff Bartos) or a leftish baby-faced congressman from outside Pittsburgh (Conor Lamb) - is for their right to a fair and level playing field to be undermined over whatever free airtime Dr. Oz would have gotten had his show been allowed to continue airing in PA and beyond, especially given that one of the candidates recently dropped out in the wake of a domestic abuse case and custody dispute rolled into one giant burrito. At least until The Good Dish goes into production and begins airing, every station that carries Dr. Oz needs to find a way to fill the time slot, even if it means throwing on Sinclair must-runs, TEGNA's Daily Blast Live, Shepherd's Church out of Arkansas, ancient I Love Lucy tapes collecting dust, or even random infomercials from Cindy Crawford, Emeril Lagasse or that Sam Davis guy from Humana. As for outside of PA, the need for replacements is not as dire, but it's hard to imagine the schedules not changing anywhere Dr. Oz is on the air. In Houston, KRIV has him on at 1:00pm with a repeat on KTXH the following day (or Monday if it's a Friday show) at 8:00am before The 700 Club. The onus would especially be on stations like KRIV and other Fox O&Os like WNYW, not only because of the obvious media exposure Dr. Oz is going to get on Fox News, but also given the history of some of Fox's stations (including WWOR, which itself was subjected to intense FCC scrutiny due to the impropriety-ridden RKO General scandal of yore) with regards to equal airtime and fairness provisions. It's not even the biggest headache going for them - KRIV also carries Wendy Williams at 10:00am, and there's no telling whether or not her show goes on given her own health issues there. Throw in Extra (whose host Billy Bush is from the politically (in)famous family with Houston ties) at 12:30pm, Judge Judy now relegated to highly-rated reruns at 4, the fallout from Ellen leaving the air (and however those effects go beyond KHOU) and Kelly Clarkson potentially going to KPRC next year depending on whether or not Graham breaks up and whether or not KPRC becomes an NBC O&O, and it's fair to say KRIV is going to have its hands full going forward. Expect a very busy and productive January in Miami at NATPE.
  10. I'm referring to the possibility that if KHOU ends up with new owners, that could be carte blanche for KTRK to go after Wheel of Fortune and dump the 6:30 half of its hourlong news. That's what I forgot to mention, especially if CMV begins to demand full carriage on all of ABC's O&Os. I do recall Fox almost made a play to acquire Merv Griffin's two game shows for its O&Os; if not for CMV's desire for "stability" with the game shows, they would have been gone to its O&Os even though that wouldn't have been likely because of Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition.
  11. Wheel may not even be on KHOU next depending on what happens to the station regardless of whether or not they report to Soo Kim or Byron Allen next fall. It's also important to note that KTRK's 6:30 p.m. newscast was a byproduct of a bygone era in Houston TV when it dominated the airwaves with Dave Ward, Marvin Zindler, Ed Brandon and Bob Allen. Now all of them sans Ward have gone up to the newsroom in the sky, and other stations have taken the #1 crown from them many times over since the 90s. And Wheel (along with KTRK airing Jeopardy! at 11:30 a.m., thinking this is 1974 all over again) isn't even remotely the only CMV property with issues in Houston. When KUBE's owner dropped the ball on everyone and decided to program home shopping 24/7, a lot of the lower-hanging fruit in CMV's portfolio became collateral damage. Drew Barrymore is now airing at 2 a.m. followed by Daily Mail TV (which got bumped due to KIAH picking up Young Sheldon reruns), while The Doctors, Hot Bench and Rachael Ray appear to have disappeared from Houston airwaves along with reruns of Seinfeld and first-runs Right This Minute and Access Daily. While it is safe to say most of these shows will likely disappear from the air next fall given their ratings, some do wonder if these shows' struggles can be easily resolved by filling whatever holes exist in a key market where a noncommittal owner (Richard French) left syndicators holding the bag. Or if you have to go to court like CMV's predecessor did dealing with past delinquent hosts like Equity and Roberts circa the Great Recession. What is going to be interesting is who will replace Ellen on KHOU at 3 p.m. between Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and perhaps even Dr. Phil as a lead-in to their 4 p.m. news.
  12. I do know that many NBC affiliates (including several TEGNA ones) air Your Move with Andy Stanley (whose father is none other than In Touch host Charles Stanley) following SNL, along with select CBS O&Os after James Corden's usual Friday repeat. Yes, he is a megachurch pastor like his father, but it feels more like a self-help/motivational speaking type of ministry program with a night vibe of sorts, and certainly neither like his father's more traditionalist program nor the sort of "fire and brimstone" stuff on the "pay-for-pray" channels that would never make it to air on a secular network affiliate let alone after "those demonic late night shows". I also know that KHOU and other CBS affiliates - O&O and affiliated - have usually competed with SNL as of late with serial reruns from CBS (which is famous for warehousing its serials for long runs that can be sold into syndication for barter advertising profits). Though in the 1990s they did program the standard issue weekend repeat of Jeopardy! and Siskel & Ebert (which I recall KHOU broke into by way of CBS News to announce the death of Princess Diana), as well as reruns of "Must See TV" staple ER to compete against SNL locally. It now airs reruns of SEAL Team and Bull from CMV + Murdoch Mysteries via CBC's global syndicator on late night weekends. (For those keeping score, KTRK routinely broadcast movies on the weekends well into the 2000s - it now carries reruns of Wipeout and Castle, plus a weekly Houston Texans newsmagazine on the weekends that's not much to write home about given their current team barely qualifies for middle school football.)
  13. They would have to find a new host though...Dan Abrams just signed a content deal with TEGNA through his Law & Crime venture.
  14. I can actually see where Disney acquires FoxCorp (they already market Disney properties during 9-1-1, Tucker Carlson and NFL broadcasts) and sells off virtually all of the assets that were previously Capital Cities/ABC to Hearst. Hearst would then ask for a temporary cross-ownership waiver to keep the San Francisco Chronicle and Houston Chronicle (which actually launched KTRK along with KTRH radio) while it lobbies the FCC to repeal the cross-ownership ban (which IMHO is an outdated rule that has no relevance in today's media environment). There even exists a possiblity (as has been bandied about many times) that Hearst could even sell the newspapers. This would mean that Hearst would have total control over ESPN, A&E and Lifetime, which would allow them to further integrate their cable nets and ABC without corporate red tape...in other words, get ready for occasional Lifetime movies and Live PD specials on ABC in addition to the various ESPN crossovers to ABC including a potential move of Monday Night Football back to ABC (where it should have remained). It does not necessarily mean Hearst would have to sell its non-ABC stations though...I could actually see Hearst keeping WBAL and flipping it to ABC since they've owned that station from the very beginning...1948 to be exact, which would make selling WBAL too bittersweet for Hearst to do just to buy a major broadcast network. They really could care less if Scripps objects since it is a major ABC affiliate group, WMAR is not a very strong performer for ABC and Scripps already owns a number of NBC stations including WTMJ and WPTV. Not to mention the fate of Hearst's indie station in Tampa, WMOR, which either could be sold to Scripps and paired with their ABC station WFTS or paired with WFTS should Scripps flip it to Hearst in exchange for some non-ABC Hearst stations like KCRA/Sacramento and WESH/Orlando. Also, ABC has nowhere near the O&O gravitas that CBS, Fox and NBC have (albeit inflated by Telemundo in the latter), so if they're going to boost the distribution of its Localish diginet and potentially others as well, making a major play for O&Os could be the smart thing to do. And if Warren Buffett wants to get involved with his money like he did when CapCities swallowed up ABC with a (giant) big gulp and flipped two of their CBS affiliates to ABC, he might even dangle WPLG as a carrot to the stick, which would make Miami a five-O&O market (including the two Spanish behemoths based in Miami). That is what the course of action should be, but it's just my two cents. Capeesh?
  15. I actually beg to differ here, folks. Columbus actually has a pretty large concentration of suburbs and exurbs when you consider that Licking and especially Delaware counties have exploded in the last two to three decades, that the nexus of retail in the region has largely spread out further north and east of the city (Polaris, Easton and Tuttle Crossing all opened in the two decades since the first wave of media consolidation took place), and there are many companies in and around Columbus that have become household names in the last half-century (Wendy's, White Castle and the various Les Wexner retail spinoffs come to mind). Also, while the state has largely shifted somewhat to the right as a whole, the metro areas are competitive in various ways, with the prosperous, normally Republican suburbs around the 3 C's very cool to Trump's economic populism and style (resulting in Democratic protest votes from these areas) -- whereas traditional blue-collar Democrats in places like Youngstown and Toledo more or less shifted away from their party given Obama's "bitter clingers" spiel wasn't particularly popular with a large chunk of the blue-collar set. In other words, Ohio is no more a swing state than it was in the past, and it most certainly will be in the future long after all the TV signals have been consolidated onto one frequency. For what it's worth, TEGNA is most definitely not losing anything investing into Ohio and Indiana, and the only surprise about the latter is that they didn't go for WISH/WNDY (which would have reunited them with their former Corinthian sisters such as KHOU and KXTV) though it did not help that CBS pulled their affiliation from WISH back at the start of 2015. Unless the FCC mandated licensees pass an annual "four highest rated stations" review with regards to limits and effectively required Tribune/Nexstar to choose between CBS and Fox in order to keep both WTTV and WXIN, it wasn't going to help WISH's cause which is why they ended up going to a small-scale operator instead of TEGNA. There's also the whole argument that the Wolfe family wanted to sell its broadcast group in one piece, but that argument's already been played to death like a Taylor Swift song on here.
  16. Not in Houston. HTownRush is as unique (and millennial) a name as TEGNA can get for a morning newscast at KHOU, even on one whose lead-out usually trails the ratings, and Wake Up! is already taken by Fox O&O KRIV (which is doing its best to out-TEGNA KHOU in this department). They have been making gains (almost double) compared to last year, but KHOU still trails KTRK (which is always a strong station no matter what ABC's ratings look like) and KPRC (most experienced news anchor pairings + strong NBC affiliation) overall. And that's not even counting la competencia en español (KTMD outrating everyone with KXLN tied with KTRK).
  17. Not to mention Ice Cube also wanted to inject politics and culture into the channels. Which worked out so well for ESPN given the Jemele Hill controversy. No way in hell was Fox going to sell to someone that wasn't going to make the networks laser focused on sports. Only questions remaining will come at least beginning tomorrow when the final deal is announced, whether or not the networks keep their master control in Houston (even though that city's teams now play on AT&T SportsNet's channel there) or move outright to Chicago, and whether or not the channels take on a regional identity (more on that in the Speculatron) or a blanket Stadium brand.
  18. Talk about $10 billion of debt to make it official... Get ready for Stadium SportsNet. And don't be surprised if they work overtime to make the Stadium the primary .2 in all Sinclair markets (and drop the alternate feeds since the Stadium digital subchannels can serve as a backup) when ATSC 3.0 comes a-knockin'!
  19. Call it official now...KHOU has flipped the switch on its graphics. No new downtown studio (yet), no move out of UH either...it just happened without notice.
  20. As of April 30, WHTV will be no more. That's one less LMA for Scripps to worry about. No word yet on where MyNetworkTV winds up, though I wouldn't be shocked if it landed nowhere else in Lansing given it's a dead network walking.
  21. And now Gray is buying most of Schurz, making the announcement at none other than WDBJ. More on that here.
  22. The Texas Belo years are over...just saw during a commercial break that KHOU will be switching over their graphics on Wednesday. Nothing significant from social media just yet. Graphics alone, that leaves just KREM (the last of the King Belo cluster) and the London stations.
  23. No clue as to KHOU yet, but all I know is that the Texans are playing in primetime at home on KHOU Thursday night. That's probably the earliest guess as to a potential change. If not, then KHOU must be preparing for some technical upgrades at their studios, perhaps saving the best for last considering that station's own news legacy (much like WFAA had one). As for KREM, perhaps a graphics change could be in the works as well on Wednesday a la WFAA. The legacy of Belo's unofficial King Broadcasting subsidiary (considering the graphics they all used in Belo's twilight years) is certainly over this week (if not next). Regardless, all traces of Belo throughout Gannett should be gone by November sweeps. The Meredith stations that were Belo (KMOV, KTVK) will certainly be rebranding themselves in many ways since the Belo look on both stations now looks clearly out of place. As seen on YouTube, KMOV isn't even regularly using the package's standard typeface.
  24. Just saw KHOU's Twitter feed...they are showing a G3PO-esque "Made in Houston" graphic under a tweet about a local kombucha tea business in Greater Houston, plus another tweet that shows the "USA Today High School Sports" brand encouraging viewers to ask KHOU which high school in their viewing area has the most spirit. WVEC's website is apparently up and running now...as "13newsnow.com". And KTVB is apparently going live on Sunday...either right before or after Sunday Night Football.
  25. And for the record, I wouldn't be surprised if SFH went away as early as next week. Also wouldn't be surprised if a) they are waiting for the Texans' first CBS telecast to start (not until next week against the Raiders since they are starting this week at home against the Redskins on Fox), and b ) KHOU winds up using the same cut as WFAA. In the meantime, you would be well advised to check the Twitter feeds of Bill Bishop (their managing editor), David Paul (their chief meteorologist) and Doug Delony (their tech reporter/web producer) in the coming days. (And I think it's pretty obvious by "their" we're talking about Dan Rather's old stomping grounds).
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