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  1. I can actually see where Disney acquires FoxCorp (they already market Disney properties during 9-1-1, Tucker Carlson and NFL broadcasts) and sells off virtually all of the assets that were previously Capital Cities/ABC to Hearst. Hearst would then ask for a temporary cross-ownership waiver to keep the San Francisco Chronicle and Houston Chronicle (which actually launched KTRK along with KTRH radio) while it lobbies the FCC to repeal the cross-ownership ban (which IMHO is an outdated rule that has no relevance in today's media environment). There even exists a possiblity (as has been bandied about many times) that Hearst could even sell the newspapers. This would mean that Hearst would have total control over ESPN, A&E and Lifetime, which would allow them to further integrate their cable nets and ABC without corporate red tape...in other words, get ready for occasional Lifetime movies and Live PD specials on ABC in addition to the various ESPN crossovers to ABC including a potential move of Monday Night Football back to ABC (where it should have remained). It does not necessarily mean Hearst would have to sell its non-ABC stations though...I could actually see Hearst keeping WBAL and flipping it to ABC since they've owned that station from the very beginning...1948 to be exact, which would make selling WBAL too bittersweet for Hearst to do just to buy a major broadcast network. They really could care less if Scripps objects since it is a major ABC affiliate group, WMAR is not a very strong performer for ABC and Scripps already owns a number of NBC stations including WTMJ and WPTV. Not to mention the fate of Hearst's indie station in Tampa, WMOR, which either could be sold to Scripps and paired with their ABC station WFTS or paired with WFTS should Scripps flip it to Hearst in exchange for some non-ABC Hearst stations like KCRA/Sacramento and WESH/Orlando. Also, ABC has nowhere near the O&O gravitas that CBS, Fox and NBC have (albeit inflated by Telemundo in the latter), so if they're going to boost the distribution of its Localish diginet and potentially others as well, making a major play for O&Os could be the smart thing to do. And if Warren Buffett wants to get involved with his money like he did when CapCities swallowed up ABC with a (giant) big gulp and flipped two of their CBS affiliates to ABC, he might even dangle WPLG as a carrot to the stick, which would make Miami a five-O&O market (including the two Spanish behemoths based in Miami). That is what the course of action should be, but it's just my two cents. Capeesh?
  2. Not quite, at least according to the Doctors' website: Atlanta (WUPA): WUPA @ 8:00a Baltimore (WJZ): WMAR @ 9:00a Boston (WBZ/WSBK): WHDH @ 1:00p (2:30a repeat) Chicago (WBBM): WCIU-DT2 @ 1:00a Dallas (KTVT/KTXA): KTXA @ 10:00a Denver (KCNC): KCDO @ 1:00a Detroit (WWJ/WKBD): WXYZ @ 10:00a Los Angeles (KCBS/KCAL): KCOP @ 3:00p Miami (WFOR/WBFS): WBFS @ 8:00a Minneapolis (WCCO): WUCW @ 1:30a New York (WCBS/WLNY): WLNY @ 8:00a Philadelphia (KYW/WPSG): WPSG @ 9:00a Pittsburgh (KDKA/WPCW): Not airing here apparently Sacramento (KOVR/KMAX): KMAX @ 1:00p San Francisco (KPIX/KBCW): KRON @ 11:00a (3:00a repeat) Seattle (KSTW): KOMO @ 1:00a Tampa (WTOG): WTTA @ 10:00a None of the CBS O&Os are carrying it, while 6 CW O&Os, including five in duopoly markets with the sixth being CW-only Atlanta, are airing it (with three competing against CBS This Morning). Strangely, WXYZ is carrying the show in Detroit as a lead-in to The View, while a third-string independent station in the Denver market (KCDO) is carrying it there. It's not even on the air in Pittsburgh, apparently. Suffice it to say, I don't see The Doctors lasting past 2020, but the timeslots are nothing to write home about either. Timeslots do matter since Kelly Clarkson is doing well as an NBC-distributed property (it was even advertised on at least Week 1 of Football Night in America!). Certainly a much larger distributor like CBS would do the same for Drew Barrymore, who had become a star child actress when Kelly Clarkson was in diapers. Then again, whether or not it airs on a CBS property is moot since Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! have been on ABC O&Os for most of their runs and ET was actually on WABC in New York and KNBC in LA in the 80s. But since it's apparent the CBS O&Os will be carrying Drew Barrymore, something will have to give. If not Dr. Phil, the courtroom shows could move over to the junior CW stations, or at least drop their second airings to accommodate her talk show.
  3. Final updates from Houston: * It's official at KIAH: Mel Robbins WILL be airing at 3:00 am. Rather wasteful that Maury will have two runs in the afternoon but unsurprising since while Kelly Clarkson and Tamron Hall getting shafted elsewhere (looking at you Atlanta and Miami!) is shocking, nothing changes the fact that folks will be asking "Who the hell is Mel Robbins? A big band conductor?" when asked about the motivational speaker. If it were a Tony Robbins talk show - hot coals worthy of an ER trip and all - getting treated this way, it would be far more ludicrous than what KIAH is doing to poor Mel Robbins. At least the afternoon Trash TV block's main cash cow in the traffic department (personal injury trial lawyers) will now have to run disclaimers during their ads thanks to a new Texas law that just took effect. * As for the Friends reruns Mel Robbins will be replacing? They will be moving apparently to a 2pm-6pm block on KIAH Saturday afternoon. Encouraging malicious binge watching and raising speculation about the on-again, off-again Friends revival/reunion. * TMZ moves to 6:30 pm on KRIV, cutting Modern Family's rerun count to one per night at 6:00 pm and sending the other to sister station KTXH at 9:30 pm, and we now know 25 Words or Less will air as a double run at 11:00 pm following KRIV's two hours of local news, the last half hour of which is hosted by a popular anchor known for catching a live grasshopper during a stand-up. And no more late night infomercials either: asides from Access at 12:00 am, there will be reruns of Dish Nation, TMZ, Access, Wendy Williams and Dish Nation and TMZ again leading into the six hours of local morning news KRIV airs from 4:00 to 10:00 am. * KTXH will have a double run of Personal Injury Court at noon, shuffling reruns of Chicago PD to 8:00 am, Dateline to 10:00 am, and Judge Judy to 11:00 am (The 700 Club will still air (live from Virginia Beach?) at 9:00 am at least until Nexstar completes its acquisition of KIAH and, given their recent business ties to Pat Robertson's bread-and-butter, possibly pry it from KTXH's cold, dead hands). The afternoon lead outs will be double runs of Live PD: Police Patrol (reruns) at 1:00 pm, Caught in Providence at 2:00 pm, Divorce Court at 3:00 pm and America Says (also reruns) at 4:00 pm. And yes, there will be two hours of Family Feud from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. * Protection Court will air a double run at 1:00 pm on KUBE, replacing the canceled Face the Truth. * And finally, while not a syndicated show, KPRC will still delay NBC's late night endcap by a full hour - at least until the Graham family cashes out and NBC swoops in to pair it with Telemundo O&O KTMD. A Little Late with Lilly Singh may have replaced Last Call with Carson Daly, but an ET rerun and Celebrity Page remains in the hour following Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  4. KSNV in Las Vegas tried that for a while, and Sinclair abandoned it as soon as they took over. It also did not work in Houston with a station called KNWS. They eventually started scaling back their news programming sometime after the O.J. Simpson trial ended, began picking up syndicated shows, Astros games and whatever daytime shows KPRC rejected, and dropped news altogether by 1999. They are now an Azteca America station called KYAZ.
  5. Actually, Luling is in Caldwell County which is part of the Austin market. Yes, it's pretty darned close to Seguin and New Braunfels, but Caldwell is right next to Bastrop and Hays counties which are home to growing suburbs of Austin filled with tech managers. KEYE will have her on at 4:00 pm.
  6. WWJ has to be one of the WORST run TV stations in the country. Especially for a major network O&O in a major market. Wouldn't be shocked if Viacom gets serious with its Detroit cluster once they takeover, because I can guarantee you Viacom isn't going to be comfortable with running essentially two independent stations. They will have to really try hard with creating a credible news product that is sustainable. (I know, they may have failed a couple of times in the past, but still...)
  7. According to what I have seen on TitanTV, here's what I know for weekdays in Houston: KPRC (Ch. 2/NBC) * ExtraExtra appears to still be on KPRC, even though the Fox O&Os have for the most part picked it up. They're still airing at 4:30 pm but apparently will now be airing at 12:30 pm in place of Funny You Should Ask. KHOU (Ch. 11/CBS) * No significant changes. They've been advertising Ellen DeGeneres's new season all summer long, and she's still airing at 3:00 pm. KTRK (Ch. 13/ABC) * Tamron Hall will air at 1:00 pm, replacing Jeopardy! which moves to 11:30 am (cutting the 11 am Eyewitness News in half) and the now-canceled Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and will rerun again at 12:07 am following Nightline along with Inside Edition (which will first run at 3:30 pm) at 1:07 am. Right This Minute is officially off the schedule. KTXH (Ch. 20/Ind.) (MyNetworkTV is NOT a network anymore) * 25 Words or Less is not officially listed anywhere, but I have to assume it will probably replace one of the two hours of Family Feud that airs on KTXH. The website says 6:00 am on either KTXH or KRIV except KRIV has its morning news and that hour on KTXH is surrounded by infomercials. Other than that, the schedule remains unchanged with the same block of afternoon repeats of what's on KRIV earlier in the day. KRIV (Ch. 26/Fox) * The Kelly Clarkson Show will air at 3:00 pm in place of Steve Harvey's dearly departed talk show. KIAH (Ch. 39/CW) * Judge Jerry will air a double run of half-hours at 9:00 am, replacing True Crime Files. * Mel Robbins does appear to be headed to 3:00 am as its site suggests, even though it won't be on air for another week until 9/16. There are still two runs of Maury at 1:00 and 4:00 pm, which seems rather wasteful. (Who really needs to watch a bunch of Trash TV surrounded by diploma mills and ambulance chasers?) KUBE (Ch. 57/Ind.) * Big changes from 4:00 to 9:00 pm, with a double run of Family Guy at 4:00 pm, a double run of Bob's Burgers at 5:00 pm, and Access Daily coming on at 6:00 pm. The Cleveland Show, American Dad! and King of the Hill appear to be off the schedule. Rachael Ray will now come on at 7:00 pm followed by The Doctors at 8:00 pm. A double run of Right This Minute continues at 9:00 pm, and a double run of Funny You Should Ask will now air at 2:00 am. No word yet on Protection Court, Personal Injury Court or America Says...
  8. I don't think Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! are supposed to be competing against one another, just like Dr. Phil wasn't supposed to compete against Oprah until the latter went off the air. I do see a situation where KTRK could move Jeopardy! to 6 p.m. followed by Wheel of Fortune, and then move its 6 p.m. newscast over to their second digital subchannel, which would be a new independent station of sorts to replace the zombie Live Well Network. And that's another thing...ABC could see enormous potential converting their .2 channels (all airing the dead Live Well programming) to independent stations carrying morning and primetime newscasts to compete against the Fox stations, local sporting events (such as high school football on KTRK and ESPN3 college sports simulcasts) and both ABC network reruns (e.g. Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy) and Disney/ABC syndicated shows that have seemingly struggled to gain clearance against the infamous syndication warehouse that is CBS (which always seems to harvest their shows beyond shelf life for syndication $$$).
  9. And now The Mel Robbins Show is being pegged to air in Houston on KIAH at 3:00 AM...You mean 3:00 PM, Sony? Assuming the "3:00 AM" is a typo, looks like Nexstar is really wanting Tribune's CW stations to dump the dormant "CW Daytime" hour of Ye Olde Jerry Springer Show.
  10. Wait, is The Doctors still on? To go from a major network affiliate in Houston (KHOU?) to its lowest-rated independent station (KUBE) and still persist to this day makes you wonder how they keep the lights on over there... Rather surprising that it even continued to persist on a major network affiliate in Detroit (one that used to be an actual O&O) even as its share of the ratings dropped.
  11. Yes, but it's not certain which stations will carry it, especially if there's a duopoly involved. In my case (Houston), it could go on either KRIV or KTXH, most likely the latter since KRIV will be loaded with the infotainment shows and Modern Family reruns (which IMHO should go to KTXH paired with The Big Bang Theory). KTXH already airs Family Feud for two hours in access and in the first primetime hour (7P), with MyNetworkTV now pushed into the 8-10P slot. And that's another thing...Personally, MyNetworkTV should be moved to late nights since it's not technically a network anymore and is simply a rerun block.
  12. As far as Houston is concerned, here's what I think will happen, if not have confirmed already: * The Kelly Clarkson Show will be on KRIV at 3p, taking the place of Steve Harvey's ill-fated show. Easy call since her show effectively castrated (and replaced) his. * Tamron Hall will be on KTRK, and with WWTBAM? gone I'm assuming 1p is the show's landing spot (Live! airs at 9am, and I don't see channel 13 dropping its 3pm news anytime soon). The only question is where does Jeopardy! go? My guess will be 3:30p, and with Extra possibly moving to KRIV (since they're moving to Fox O&Os and becoming Extra Extra), this could provide an opening for KPRC to go after Inside Edition at 4:30 in place of Extra. It would be a win-win situation since it puts Jeopardy! back in an appropriate early evening timeslot on an ABC O&O (and thereby keeping SPT happy since they almost took the game shows to Fox I'm told), while KPRC not only gets a solid replacement for Extra but also gets to easily fill the Saturday 6:30p slot, now filled with (oh the horror!) infomercials, with the weekend broadcast of Inside Edition. * I'm not too sure where The Mel Robbins Show will land in Houston, but given Tribune is helping launch the show with SPT, it's safe to say KIAH will carry the show in a midday timeslot, and likely in lieu of Maury at 1 (the same episode currently airs twice with a second run at 4). KIAH will also likely be carrying Judge Jerry, which would be unsurprising since most of his new show's affiliates used to carry his "Trash TV" talk show (of the groups announced as picking up his show only Tribune has a Houston presence). * Not certain where 25 Words or Less, America Says or Personal Injury Court will wind up in the Bayou City. Wouldn't be shocked if these shows wound up on KUBE or KTXH since KRIV will be busy with Modern Family reruns and second-rate tabloid news shows. This is all I know but I could be wrong. Comments greatly appreciated! P.S. Family Feud on the NBC O&Os might actually work...didn't they used to air Richard Dawson's syndicated run around the same time as his ABC daytime run?
  13. I actually beg to differ here, folks. Columbus actually has a pretty large concentration of suburbs and exurbs when you consider that Licking and especially Delaware counties have exploded in the last two to three decades, that the nexus of retail in the region has largely spread out further north and east of the city (Polaris, Easton and Tuttle Crossing all opened in the two decades since the first wave of media consolidation took place), and there are many companies in and around Columbus that have become household names in the last half-century (Wendy's, White Castle and the various Les Wexner retail spinoffs come to mind). Also, while the state has largely shifted somewhat to the right as a whole, the metro areas are competitive in various ways, with the prosperous, normally Republican suburbs around the 3 C's very cool to Trump's economic populism and style (resulting in Democratic protest votes from these areas) -- whereas traditional blue-collar Democrats in places like Youngstown and Toledo more or less shifted away from their party given Obama's "bitter clingers" spiel wasn't particularly popular with a large chunk of the blue-collar set. In other words, Ohio is no more a swing state than it was in the past, and it most certainly will be in the future long after all the TV signals have been consolidated onto one frequency. For what it's worth, TEGNA is most definitely not losing anything investing into Ohio and Indiana, and the only surprise about the latter is that they didn't go for WISH/WNDY (which would have reunited them with their former Corinthian sisters such as KHOU and KXTV) though it did not help that CBS pulled their affiliation from WISH back at the start of 2015. Unless the FCC mandated licensees pass an annual "four highest rated stations" review with regards to limits and effectively required Tribune/Nexstar to choose between CBS and Fox in order to keep both WTTV and WXIN, it wasn't going to help WISH's cause which is why they ended up going to a small-scale operator instead of TEGNA. There's also the whole argument that the Wolfe family wanted to sell its broadcast group in one piece, but that argument's already been played to death like a Taylor Swift song on here.
  14. Not in Houston. HTownRush is as unique (and millennial) a name as TEGNA can get for a morning newscast at KHOU, even on one whose lead-out usually trails the ratings, and Wake Up! is already taken by Fox O&O KRIV (which is doing its best to out-TEGNA KHOU in this department). They have been making gains (almost double) compared to last year, but KHOU still trails KTRK (which is always a strong station no matter what ABC's ratings look like) and KPRC (most experienced news anchor pairings + strong NBC affiliation) overall. And that's not even counting la competencia en espaƱol (KTMD outrating everyone with KXLN tied with KTRK).
  15. Not to mention Ice Cube also wanted to inject politics and culture into the channels. Which worked out so well for ESPN given the Jemele Hill controversy. No way in hell was Fox going to sell to someone that wasn't going to make the networks laser focused on sports. Only questions remaining will come at least beginning tomorrow when the final deal is announced, whether or not the networks keep their master control in Houston (even though that city's teams now play on AT&T SportsNet's channel there) or move outright to Chicago, and whether or not the channels take on a regional identity (more on that in the Speculatron) or a blanket Stadium brand.
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