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  1. KING has up the L3's up the whole time. It's just more compact to the bottom of the screen. Their only issue is the last few letters are under the bug, as they haven't gotten used to the small space.
  2. To each his own. I hate tickers. They are annoying as they scroll across. If you want to read news go online. I like the rundown and knowing what's coming up. I can judge if I want to go do something and come back to see what interests me.
  3. KREM made their graphics change today at 5pm. Didn't use the same cut as KING. And their weather graphics seem to still be the old ones.....
  4. Anyone heard any rumbles as to KREM's plans to change graphics and website?
  5. That is correct. They were afraid people would think they were the same company and they had no control over the programming content. Well until Belo purchased it and KING then liked the gorilla reference.
  6. Yes, the promos about the graphics changes are from the corporate level. Some of them use the exact same explanation package. Some do one that is more custom. Most of the BELO stations used the basic one that all the original Gannett stations used a year ago.
  7. So, I watched KENS last night and they do in fact call it "Friday Night Football" and all the graphics are based on this. There is a single graphic in the background referencing USA Today and a couple of the screen transitions used that graphic. Otherwise, it was presented completely local. Sooooo...not buying this version of Gannett/USA Today rant...I think we all get you don't like Gannett...
  8. KREM has a new morning news promo using TIH even though they have yet to make the switch.
  9. I think you are over estimating the common tv watcher, as most people don't care who owns the station they are watching. They just want to see the news if that's what they are looking for, or the tv program they like.
  10. Anyone seeing any promos for potential changes this week? Still waiting on WFAA, KHOU, KREM and KTVB.....
  11. NWCN is advertising that the website will change this Wednesday. I am assuming KING will also change then too.
  12. I would expect WHAS and KGW to NOT have the Gannett ownership line, as both are owned by Sander. I would expect KING to have it, they are wholly owned by Gannett.
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