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  1. Correct, I did miss WLNE. In addition, I did miss a few other markets in my quest for glory and antagonism, which I also now included. But to reiterate my point: If people are turning away, it's because the CONTENT of the broadcast -- the stories within the newscast and the way the new age MMJ are presenting the content. I am able to accept the argument of the CONTENT and PRODUCTION of the broadcasts being a part of declining ratings, even to go as so far as to allow a discussion of the social-media branding of the productions (I don't agree with that notion that social-media marketing they are using is inherently negative or hurting the stations to be honest, but it's worthy of a discussion). But again, arguing to me that the music is in and of itself, a key factor of repulsion, that's a pretty superficial way of criticizing something that you could actually put a critical thought behind, IF you so chose to. If you're taking the time to watch a newscast and you're in Generation Z (or Gen X/Millennial(GenY) like me), you're in the minority, according to a study by Oxford and Reuters Institute.
  2. I've been meaning to say this for a while now: There are many things to argue about with these station groups: inherent editorial biases, incompetent newsrooms/production, even graphical presentation can be considered. But if you're simply griping about news music -- arguably about a total of 30 seconds to 1 minute of a 30-minute broadcast -- you're overreacting. Now while C Clarity is not a traditional "news" package, but it's not a bad package by any stretch of the imagination. Granted those longer lived packages are synonymous with the stations they are with, they are aged DO age, and they show their age. The music is fine. It's just modern, and everyone loves to hate anything modern. Just imagine if everyone was still using the music they used in 1970 -- every market would be suffering with a WJZ 1987 - 2017. sound. As an aside: NONE of those packages you mention are widely used: Signature is in use by six stations nationwide, all in sub-100 TV markets, Primetime News is used by one broadcast and a handful of cable stations, and we all know who uses MCTYW. Eyewitness News is the exception, which most likely occurs because it's a staple in the three largest markets in the country on stations O&O'd by The Mouse, except of course the one who uses MCTYW and that weird Fresno market . The ONLY other broadcast stations still using EWN are WLNE Providence, WJRT Flint, WBAY Green Bay and also a handful of sub-100 DMA stations.
  3. I know WHAS' Wake Up & WUSA's "Get Up" look similar. KIDY/KXVA's Wake Up West Texas and WUSA's Wake Up Washington (weekend) also have similar graphics.
  4. "Wake Up [Insert Region]" is the TEGNA name for all of their new revamped morning shows. Wake Up West Texas - KIDY/KXVA; Wake Up Washington (now Get Up DC)- WUSA; WHAS11 Wake Up -- all TEGNA creations, with the same (general) graphics created by TEGNA creative.
  5. Craig's return had nothing to do with her departure. The opportunity he "couldn't pass up" upon return, outside of joining the weather center was being named Director of Audience Engagement for the station. Instead, Crystal has taken a job with Booz-Allen-Hamilton in PR, an frequent target of media personalities who want a change in scenery (plus, she's military so that probably helped too.)
  6. (crossposting from Out and About) GM Kari Jacobs is leaving WVEC in Norfolk to take over GM spot for the recently departed Mike Rodriguez at WTSP in Tampa. From Sales Manager to GM in just 10 years. https://www.tegna.com/tegna-promotes-kari-jacobs-to-president-and-general-manager-of-wtsp-in-tampa-st-petersburg/?fbclid=IwAR15snN2Cky-OUsJXYiOtsXxab4Ifk6P1XXKSStXAUJkXPi4kL--F13ChaM
  7. His replacement: Kari Jacobs from sister station WVEC in Norfolk.
  8. Born and raised; and I watch out of market on NewsOn... what you need?
  9. I wonder if someone's leaving or are they just adding a third anchor. If someone's leaving, it couldn't be Ashley since she *just* moved to the anchor seat...
  10. Sooo... this popped up on WUSA's website this morning when I tried to read a story with my ad blocker engaged... the "buy an ad removal pass" leads to Google Contributor: Checked a few other TEGNA sites... of the few I checked, KUSA had the same setup (it actually popped up on their homepage).
  11. I ain't wanna say it but.... TRUE!
  12. Is it just me, or has WAVY had a lot of turnover as of late? Like, I know reporters come and go, but WAVY used to be a stable market choice, and a lot has changed around there...
  13. The short answer is yes, although in most some top markets, the networks will still operate a de-facto separate operation for true network level correspondents. The example that comes to mind is in Miami, where NBC has an O&O in WTVJ, but still operates a separate NBC News Miami Bureau.
  14. Slight tweaks to the TEGNA websites: they have rearranged the "alerts" portion that show at the top of the page for breaking/weather/closing alerts. Previously they were bannered and stacked; now they are columned across the top.
  15. TEGNA is making money off of the station (through sales) while not having to actually pay for the operational costs of the station. I doubt they want to change that formula.
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