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  1. I know WHAS' Wake Up & WUSA's "Get Up" look similar. KIDY/KXVA's Wake Up West Texas and WUSA's Wake Up Washington (weekend) also have similar graphics.
  2. "Wake Up [Insert Region]" is the TEGNA name for all of their new revamped morning shows. Wake Up West Texas - KIDY/KXVA; Wake Up Washington (now Get Up DC)- WUSA; WHAS11 Wake Up -- all TEGNA creations, with the same (general) graphics created by TEGNA creative.
  3. KevCor

    Out & About

    Craig's return had nothing to do with her departure. The opportunity he "couldn't pass up" upon return, outside of joining the weather center was being named Director of Audience Engagement for the station. Instead, Crystal has taken a job with Booz-Allen-Hamilton in PR, an frequent target of media personalities who want a change in scenery (plus, she's military so that probably helped too.)
  4. (crossposting from Out and About) GM Kari Jacobs is leaving WVEC in Norfolk to take over GM spot for the recently departed Mike Rodriguez at WTSP in Tampa. From Sales Manager to GM in just 10 years. https://www.tegna.com/tegna-promotes-kari-jacobs-to-president-and-general-manager-of-wtsp-in-tampa-st-petersburg/?fbclid=IwAR15snN2Cky-OUsJXYiOtsXxab4Ifk6P1XXKSStXAUJkXPi4kL--F13ChaM
  5. KevCor

    Out & About

    His replacement: Kari Jacobs from sister station WVEC in Norfolk.
  6. Some of ya'll are like Scott Jones and literally overreact to inconsequential stuff. Case in point:
  7. Here is the "behind the scenes" look at the studio: https://www.13newsnow.com/video/news/13news-nows-brand-new-set/291-8345998
  8. They did away with the chairs. The anchors (and the plus-1) all now stand at the table.
  9. A look at the "temporary set" which looks like the reading nook in my living room.... SN: I wonder how they choose who gets the chair with no back... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1982647085128259
  10. After five short years, 13 is getting a new set! Not sure which set-in-a-box it will take after (WXIA? KSDK? WUSA?), but considering how tight space is in their main studio space really is I don’t think it’ll be AS expansive as any of those, but it’ll be a nice refresh. I DO expect them at a minimum, to get the video wall... since everyone else in the market has one. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1982638375129130 https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=733481376990374
  11. The transmitter sites for all three stations are located about 20-40 miles inland in Suffolk. Of the three, WVEC is the only one who has had a long-term contingency plan to operate from the transmitter site in the event of a forced evacuation from the main studios. In fact, IIRC during the height of the Oreos before the storm turned south, I think they sent Evan Stewart out there as a backup...
  12. Born and raised; and I watch out of market on NewsOn... what you need?
  13. This was a good read. IMO, it was less of the issues with anti-trust [DOJ] that did Sinclair in (because DOJ would have just sued -- see AT&T/Warner], but more of the shadier sidecar deals that they've been shamming through for probably the last decade or so. WGN buyer Steven Fader is so buddy-buddy with David Smith that Smith not only holds a CONTROLLING INTEREST in the auto dealer, but ALSO RENTS OFFICE SPACE TO THEM through their real estate ventures. I almost want to give Newsmax & Free Press credit for investigative reporting, but hell, Sinclair has put this out there themselves -- it's in their public SEC filings... Nice try, Sinclair... That's why people are charged with attempted murder, even if they back out of committing the actual crime. They misled Tribune and the FCC and need to be held accountable. Unfortunately, that ain't likely to happen, considering the FCC doesn't oppose Sinclair's motion to dismiss. The FCC problems will probably go away [for now]... but Delrahim will keep them in legal limbo for a while.
  14. [quote name='rkolsen']Here is a compilation of their morning news opens. With that I think I’m done with posting videos as I got all the opens and a set montage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl2RDIe6nv0 Also I like the redesigned (but kept it similar) ticker.[/QUOTE] First off @rkolsen big hand to you for starting off this WHOLE thread and for doing the work of the TVNT people getting the grabs! Secondly, the AM musical transition seems to be a little bit smoother than the evening shows. Letting that music play out some after the intro is 10x better than the abrupt cut-off that was happening the night before. That morning EP should definitely give the PM EP some pointers on letting Fireflies play a bit into the transition, instead of that ugly hard cut. [QUOTE="Spring Rubber, post: 216396, member: 11"]VO sounds EXTRA excited for that 6AM open.[/QUOTE] Probably because his coffee just kicked in. LOL. Nah, it's the same VO track from the PM show (as are all of the AM ones). As an aside, I'm not a fan of the whole ID by the half-hour for the morning shows -- "This is WJZ News This Morning" or "This is WJZ Morning Edition" (which is the show's actual title) would've sounded better there.
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