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  1. Sounds to me like they're using Steve Stone. I've noticed multiple Hearst stations use Stone for voice overs (WCVB, WTAE, KOCO to name a few) If you happnned to record the newscast/have the open that you can share I'd be able to tell you.
  2. WBFF had them on some of their weather slides a few weeks ago but they haven't been seen since.
  3. Recently I've noticed WBAL doesn't use talent opens/rejoins anymore it seems. They used to use all of their talent rejoins/opens when they switched to the new graphics (they've used each talent at least one time) then they switched to only using the 5PM talent, and now instead of talents they use promos for streaming news casts, 11 News Today, and 11 News at 11PM and now in-place of the 5PM talent at 5:30, they just use the 5PM open. Just something I've noticed recently.
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