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  1. And it's even worse off because it's not even locally produced in Washington. They'd have been better off going to WRC or someone local for a newscast.
  2. An hour of paid programming. Wow, I'm sure that'll pick up a lot of viewers.
  3. Face the Truth is going to be on WSB or WUPA, don't remember which station between the two picked that up.
  4. You don't say? For Griffin to own strong CBS affiliates in both markets where they are and to have KQCW as strong as it is, you'd think they'd do more to KSBI, especially given the competition. You have a Sinclair station, a Me-TV station that not everyone can get and an independent who themselves is facing weakness at 9. If KSBI had newscasts competing against those, they could easily make an impact in the ratings. But all KSBI gets is a simulcast of the noon newscast and syndicated scraps. At the very least, they could have added 30 minutes to that simulcast to create a hour long noon newsc
  5. http://www.ksla.com/ KSLA just got the new (G)Raycom website.
  6. At least they won't have to almost swap licenses to acquire it, unlike a certain company that once operated a CBS affiliate in Buffalo.
  7. That's KTAL exactly. And this was also KTAL before the purchase of KSHV three years ago. Now, KSHV airs two reruns of Judy at 5 and 6pm, with Texarkana First News airing at 5:30 and 6:30, although they're moving the repeats of Judy to Noon and 12:30 pm to replace CWD. I know it's a Nexstar station but most Nexstar stations aren't that lazy. KTAL could do a 12:30 newscast leading out of Arkansas Today to lead into Days of Our Lives. It wouldn't have any competition as KTBS does theirs at 11am and KSLA's is only 30 minutes from Noon to 12:30 for obvious reasons.
  8. Am I missing something with Face The Truth? KCWX has it as 2 half hour shows while KSHV has it an hour long show.
  9. Exactly. Very lazy. KTAL and KSLA do that too, showing infomercials after Newscasts. Is it that much to either show an hour of news (or in KTAL's case, a local Newscast after Arkansas Today) or buy half hours of syndicated shows?
  10. KSLA is losing the Doctors to KMSS this fall. In the 3pm hour on 12 will be Frangela and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (which hasn't been seen in Shreveport for a minute.) In San Antonio, KCWX has the rights to Face The Truth and Pickler and Ben.
  11. Face the Truth and TMZ Live are coming to KSHV.
  12. Facethetruthtv.com That's the website.
  13. KSHV is also picking up weekend runs of Wipeout. Yes, that's the old ABC show.
  14. KSHV is picking up Pickler and Ben and Chicago P.D. this fall.
  15. Isn't that how Lockwood always plays the game? Every time they cash out on one, they buy another.
  16. Hearst maybe, but Nexstar only want them if they got Tribune. If Tegna were still operating NWCN and TXCN, I could have seen them trying to get the RSNs.
  17. In the Carolinas, Pappas signed on WHNS (today owned by Meredith), sold it off and then bought WASV (now WYCW). A predecessor of Morgan Murphy signed on WEAU in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Presently, Morgan Murphy owns WKBT in that same market.
  18. KOKH does one. They've had it on for a minute now.
  19. I posted that in the shout box. It wouldn't surprise me if they did because a great portion of CW viewers stream the shows anyway but that didn't stop a Sunday expansion from happening. If they could get affiliates to agree to Sunday nights, Saturday may not be a hard sell. Some stations would welcome it. KPXJ and KMYS both just air sitcom/drama reruns on Saturday night.

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