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  1. Remember when we basically begged to hear this announcement almost two years ago? Good times.
  2. You can't with these people. At first this was a soap opera, then this veered into Telenovela territory....and then sitcom territory......and now I think we've reached animated sitcom about a dumbass idiot territory
  3. I'm a bit skeptical about bringing in a fresh face to a station like WFAA. I'm curious as to what stopped Wheeler from getting the position.
  4. Don't forget they were the ones who ran WNWO too.
  5. First, KJRH and now WEWS. I really hope Scripps can realize that this isn't the way to do things. Otherwise, I feel sorry for Cordillera, KXXV, WTXL and potentially Tribune or Cox as well.
  6. I wonder if SagamoreHill will continue to play Deerfield/Vaughan for Scripps or will someone else take over?
  7. It was reported on TVNT and another news website that KSLA got rid of their Sunday morning newscasts. That's not true because I watched recently and they had it on. Just making sure y'all know.
  8. If KADN hangs up a for sale sign, we know what will come next.
  9. I'm going to respond to this one in two different ways. Either you got KMBC mixed up with KCWE and think that KCWE can't launch a KMBC-produced Midday show until Wilkos goes off or you think that KMBC can't launch a show until The Real, which airs on 9 at 11 goes away. If the first option is the case, they can simply do one at 12pm and move Wilkos elsewhere on the KCWE schedule. If the 2nd option is the case, they can start airing the View in pattern, air an 11am newscast and move the Real over to KCWE.
  10. This really doesn't make any sense. NBC has a spot on the CW open just sitting there consisting of Jerry Springer repeats. Wouldn't it have made better sense to put Kelly Clarkson on the CW or move Steve up to the CW? I thought Steve was beating Jerry AND Maury in the ratings?
  11. Better yet, why don't they do a live one since KDFW is now the only one on at Noon and theirs is only 30 minutes. However, if you see Nexstar or some dark horse candidate that would be willing to invest in a news department getting the station, that's less of a sure thing.
  12. If there was ever a time CBS/KTXA could get back in the game, it's now. I was actually a fan of their primetime news block. This is the perfect opportunity to try again. More than likely, this is wishful thinking, though.
  13. What does being a Vikings fan have to do with anything?
  14. I only remember Rowlett from KTVT. One of the best. It's a shame how WFAA did him.
  15. In the Gannett years, KOCO did a noon newscast. To be honest, It's about time they reentered the noon game. That and adding a 4pm show.
  16. Interesting footnote. All of these shows run on KTBS/KPXJ in Shreveport, though I largely assumed that KTBS was trying to program themselves similar to Hearst stations, which also feature these shows in many markets.
  17. There are stations carry Access Live without carrying Access. Several markets have them on competing stations. As a matter of fact, there are markets who only have or had Live at one point.
  18. I hope they can make a comeback. Scripps isn't that bad of an owner but they just make careless mistakes.
  19. They can't be any worse than any of the Sinclair stations in the state, right?
  20. Didn't it air on WFAA or KDFW for a minute as well? If I remember correctly, when I visited Dallas, it did come on one of those stations. My mind could be just tricking me, though. I've always found it weird how, as an NBC O&O, KXAS has regularly aired stuff from Disney and CBS. You'd think that Millionaire would have been on WFAA (they've always somehow acted like an O&O to me in a sense but you could always tell they weren't owned by the network) and Rachael on KTVT (as was apparently the case for the first couple of years.). Then again, The Spirit of Texas has never air
  21. Do any CBS O&Os air Rachael other than KCNC?
  22. It's better than what they were doing.
  23. KTAL/Shreveport and whichever Sinclair station has her in San Antonio have her on during the daytime hours. KTAL has her on at 2pm.

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