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  1. They couldn't call themselves Alpha Media so I guess this was the next best thing. In all seriousness, this is a catchy name. It sounds better than Tegna and Tronc. Is there any way that they can get the Media General people still with Nexstar if that happens? Speaking of MG, it wouldn't shock me if Apollo chose to use the people that were to work Standard Media for positions with this company if the opportunity presented itself.
  2. I think this time if they tried streaming them again, it would work. Obviously, Disney would use Hulu to stream them on since they're adult oriented. I can't see them coming back on broadcast television unless they were first-run syndicated (and even when it was common to see scripted content in first run syndication, has there ever been a daily soap that aired in first run syndication?) I'm in agreement with this as well, but I can't see them coming back unless again, it was either streamed or aired in syndication. The Chew would probably have at least a remote chance of making
  3. I just assume Memphis would be a consolation prize for whoever didn't get the rest. More specifically, the one who made the second highest bid. Are there any other people they reported on that made an offer other than Apollo and Fox?
  4. I picture it as Cox buying Northwest while being bought itself by another company since Cox will still hold the majority (from what I read) of the 23% that Apollo doesn't have and it'll be their people running the company and finally, the ATL headquarters are still going to be retained. With the money that they get from the Northwest cable agreements being applied to the Cox stations (and potentially the Tribune/Nexstar castoffs), those will probably go towards the stations, (let's hope it does, rather than just immediately targeting the next group) which means rather than Cox's stations
  5. A lot of people give Nexstar way too little credit lately. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Media General merger is the best thing that ever happened to them and the Tribune merger will probably enhance them even further. Nexstar has improved the way they operate their stations tremendously since they merged into Media General, adding newscasts on stations, and trying to serve underserved audiences, to name a few. We're being way too hard on them. In my opinion, the way Nexstar operates could perhaps be viewed as better than Tegna or Scripps, depending on the perspective. Nexstar
  6. Technically, 6. That translator also runs the CW on the digital and then WHSV has MNT.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this.
  8. Probably not, unless something really unexpected happens.
  9. Not to bump this thread but is it just me or does the new music WISC uses sound remotely similar to the Sally Jessy Raphael theme song. Also, I think it wouldn't hurt if they potentially began syndicating that music to other stations unless only WISC and probably WKBT are allowed to use it.
  10. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/230581/roseanne-tellez-joins-wfld-chicago-news/ WFLD hired Roseanne Tellez from WBBM. She'll be on Good Day Chicago with Rafer Weigel. Crossposted with the WBBM thread.
  11. https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/230581/roseanne-tellez-joins-wfld-chicago-news/ Idk if this has been posted yet but for the ones who said Tellez was moving to WFLD, y'all called it. She'll be doing mornings with Rafer Weigel who comes over from weekends.
  12. Yeah......good idea. Then if they do break up the stations and sell them for the money, the next broadcast giant probably will be someone at least more tolerable. In all seriousness though, I think we better get comfortable seeing another broadcast group in the mix. But just saying, Apollo DID try to buy Nexstar so they may be ballsy enough to someday do just that. But that's a huge leap of faith to assume that.
  13. Not to get too far of of topic but there will be other opportunities to acquire stations for Apollo as well. I'm going in this wishing the Cox employees hoping the best and hoping that there may be a scenario in which the whole group became a JV between Cox and Apollo (that may be far out but could happen). With this said, the fact that Apollo is using Northwest for scale makes me wonder if they'll then try to get the smaller groups like Hubbard, who has been silent on the TV front as of late or somebody else like that. I didn't even know Brian Brady had been interested in selling
  14. I'm not in the New Orleans area, I'm in Shreveport but I wouldn't have blamed them for doing it. I would imagine most of the other CBS affiliates in areas where the Saints have preseason presence probably suffered too. However, WWL has made no secret of it's displeasure at being forced to air the bowl. A look at it's Facebook page and replies to comments will tell you everything you need to know.
  15. Speaking for all of us Who Dats, We were certainly not dissapointed by what happened last night. Of course, a lot of us never watched.
  16. Y'all, they also said WLMT was in the top 4.
  17. With the different leadership at CBS, Moonves having been shown the door, it may be a move worth giving a second look at.
  18. And then the fact that WTXL is now co-owned with WFTS rather than WWSB.
  19. We'll be discussing that for as long as the next decade if that happens which it wouldn't surprise me if it did.
  20. That could just be a relay for KBTX's CW subchannel. There is precedent to that because KNOE's CW subchannel is rebroadcast on KCWL, and Gray does this in several other markets where they operate.
  21. I think they'll just move the CW over to KNCT for some reason. I don't agree with the whole Telemundo thing that everyone has been saying.
  22. And then look who is the main one retweeting about Chris Bradley. Could this shit be any more fucked up than it is? Thank God he was at WBNS when this happened, or Sinclair probably would have fired him on the day of his funeral. I apologize if this offends anyone but someone has to point out the hypocrisy here. I can't be the only one who sees this.
  23. If she isn't snapped up by a larger market first. And these are the people who we're supposed to let own every station in America.
  24. His company? He has no company. His company is no more of a company than Glencairn/Cunningham was and is.

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