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  1. Still waiting on Bobeth to get a meteorologist position though.
  2. Do they already air Access in the daytime hours? If not, then I would assume that.
  3. Well, Big 4 may have been a stretch as there are probably several Fox stations still airing it. But I've never seen a big 3 station air it in this decade.
  4. Yeah, that's a bit more understandable since WDSU and WJZ did or continue to air Maury well into this decade. However, find me a big 3 or even big 4 station that still airs Jerry Springer. Like, KTAL got rid of it YEARS ago.
  5. In more Judge Jerry news, WSTR, WDCW, KRCW.........and WNWO are adding the show this fall. Yes, that last one is accurate.
  6. That is, if the CBS stations don't attempt to snag it from Fox due to Debmar-Mercury changing affilations.
  7. How long did it take them to make this? I could make a better one in Microsoft Paint and I'm not even good at this at all.
  8. I was just coming here to say that. I saw Tamron talk about that too.
  9. I'm Catching My Breath after laughing about that. I may need to Walk Away for a bit.
  10. ABC must be cursed on Interstate 55.
  11. KPEJ probably has little value but KMSS and KLJB probably could stand on their own.
  12. For those of you in Dallas who wanna see Tamron this fall, you may wanna go to the Ones to Watch. Her former station, KTVT, will be airing her show this fall.
  13. Well, KPXJ already runs Springer now (both syndicated and CW version). And then another article says that WPIX, KDAF, WPHL, WCIU, WLVI and WATL also will be carrying the show. My guess would be that the majority of the stations running it outside of the ones already listed would be the ones that carry Springer's syndicated package (and not the ones who only carry it via the CW). As for the CW Daytime, I'm curious as to what this means for those reruns since obviously the network has the right to ask for new episodes but proabably can't as long as Judge Jerry is in production. (and
  14. https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/fox-television-stations-to-give-rupaul-three-week-run Yeah, I know. This would be his second one. Telepictures wanted to launch it this fall but initially, they couldn't find enough stations for it. The article also says that Fox will be testing an entertainment magazine from Debmar-Mercury and Will Packer Media (who I think has a deal with DM parent company Lionsgate) called Central Avenue. Now, as I read the article, it says that Fox wants to test as many shows as possible to keep programming options fresh year round. This makes me cur
  15. Judge Jerry is coming to KPXJ This Fall. I thought that KSHV would end up getting that one.
  16. Either that or just let someone else have Wendy. I mean, that's the same thing that irritates me about Hearst and the Real in a couple of cities. I'm sure there's a station that would give the shows better treatment than that.
  17. And then they have Wendy Williams.....In freaking overnight.
  18. I think it'll definitely be one of the Sinclair networks that get's dropped. You can easily stream those via STIRR so why the need for the channel space?
  19. Miami. Even though WPTV is West Palm Beach.
  20. I can hear my English 3 (junior year) teacher now talking about that.
  21. I suppose someone is going to create slow death threads soon because they don't like the companies. Although I think that Scripps and Tegna will actually do well with some of the Fox and CW stations in this deal.
  22. Maybe this is a special case because I haven't seen those ads on KSLA in a minute.
  23. Why do I feel like Sinclair would have done this with at least some of the proposed divestitures in the Tribune deal?

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