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  1. I think Omaha did for a minute. As for Memphis, for them to be the 50th (or around that) largest market in the country, it's especially amazing. I feel like if there were another duopoly other than WLMT and WATN (i.e. someone buys one of those surplus full power stations serving the area) that this would be rectified. I know WPXX carried Syndicated shows prior to the outright sale to Ion. Makes me wonder why no one else stepped up to get a duopoly in Memphis. As for Omaha, they don't have the Real there. And idk what KMTV plans to replace Pickler and Ben with.
  2. Whether Nexstar did this by themselves or it was outsourced, this looks amazing and impressive.
  3. Neither has San Francisco, Omaha or Memphis (but Memphis is still missing Rachael Ray and Dr. Oz so that's not surprising at all.) In Nashville, she's being pushed to overnight on WKRN.
  4. Please just let the whole network do it or at least move it to overnight. KPXJ and KMYS would be better off running something else at 2pm/3pm.
  5. Does Access Live air in Richmond? If so, that could be an option since WTVR shows Access. But otherwise, they're better off just going on ahead and either snagging Rachael or doing news like you said.
  6. Mel Robbins is coming to KSHV at 2:00pm to replace Pickler and Ben, KCWX also at 2:00pm to replace Face the Truth and KNVA at 4:00pm where Paternity Court currently airs. https://www.sonypictures.com/tv/themelrobbinsshow
  7. They are Tribune/Nexstar so I was expecting either them or WGNO to get it. I would guess that for Shreveport, it'd be on KTAL or KSHV. As for San Antonio, I really don't know but I think either KCWX or KABB would take it.
  8. KLAS is gonna be one of the stations airing Mel Robbins this fall.
  9. Unless TBS pays a larger fee for the episodes, it's possible. If they do, I would expect it to wind up on FXX.
  10. That show had a long run in syndication, I tell you what.
  11. This must be what's happening at KSLA then. They don't even have a weekend sports anchor right now and the weekend morning newscast doesn't have an anchor. Plus a solo anchor currently does the morning and noon newscasts and has been doing so for about a year.
  12. Are we talking affiliations being pulled from Tribune or all of Nexstar?
  13. I called this when they announced their intent to pursue a divestiture of the radio division. They had already acquired the Dayton cluster so this was a no brainer.
  14. Ask KZJO, KSHV, WPHL and KCWX what network they're with.
  15. There's lots of shows MyNetwork could shell out to get. How about Arrow, Supernatural, Jane The Virgin, Once Upon A Time, American Horror Story, etc. Those shows aren't in wide syndication. And it's especially awkward enough when you have a station that carries both MyNet AND Ion Television (KSHV, I'm looking at you.). And then some of these MNT stations carry these shows anyway in broadcast syndication.
  16. Yeah, this is a totally innovative schedule. At least come out with shows that we can't readily access on a gazillion different cable networks (USA, TNT etc). The best thing MNT did was the Walking Dead reruns. I'm not even a fan of the show but it was pretty cool that they did that.
  17. I guaran-flat-tee you they probably did. And Nexstar was probably sniffing around the place too.
  18. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/sony-game-show-network-take-america-says-syndication-1217538 In a move that I don't think any of us saw coming, Sony is bringing the GSN show, America Says, into broadcast syndication this fall. They've got 85% of the country cleared including Fox, Tegna, Sinclair and CBS to name a few. This does shock me. Honestly, I thought that Sony would try to bring back the Gong Show in syndication after ABC didn't renew it.
  19. I went to school with Robertson at one point. Good to see a buddy of mine making it.
  20. A little late on that. . I saw that weeks earlier on FB and posted it here. Another rivaling network O&O airing her is WTTG (Fox) I am curious though. Are any other CBS or Fox O&Os picking her up?
  21. Tamron Hall's website now has stations who will be airing her show. Among the stations airing her are KEYE, KTBS, WAFB, WDSU, KLRT, KOCO, KHBS, WWMT, WOAI, WHBQ, WSOC and WLKY.
  22. Nah. That's going to WJW, most likely.

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