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  1. For a year, both KPXJ and KSHV aired Celebrity Name Game.
  2. They'll probably demote DBL to overnight. Keep in mind, Tamron Hall wasn't cleared here in this market.
  3. WCCO would have had to displace Ellen to air it so there's that. Only time will tell if that was a good call. As for WJZ, it's past time for Maury to be shown the door.
  4. I wish theyd bring back the Buena Vista name.
  5. I was looking at the WBNX schedule and saw Millionaire and it actually had me thinking. Since Disney was the one that sent Millionaire out to replace Cops, why didn't they just try to syndicate repeats of Windy City Live instead to gain traction for eventually taking that national when things calm down ??? I mean, it pretty much is what Kelly and Ryan used to be before it was Kelly and Ryan. Couldn't Disney just do that again??? WCL also has many nationally known guests so that helps. I understand they're not producing new ones due to the disease but this is someth
  6. Ron Young coanchored the 9am news on KSLA while serving as the meteorologist. In a reverse example, Steve Bender left his morning anchor gig at KTAL to be the meteorologist at KRNV.
  7. https://www.whio.com/news/trending/nick-cannon-apologizes-anti-semitic-remarks-will-remain-host-masked-singer/PSC2TNWVUBCQRK6J45VKNIS67I/ Well, he still has his gig with the Masked Singer.
  8. Barrymore is actually going to Wray in Shreveport, according to my source there. Most likely, in my opinion, itll be KPXJ showing that. No word on Cannon yet but I gotta wonder if Wray will have that as well, given that they show Wendy. Most likely, it would be the Good Dish.
  9. I just saw a promo for Rachael Ray, coming this fall to KSHV. Don't know if they will share her with KTAL or if she's moving to KSHV exclusively.
  10. As soon as that non-compete expires.
  11. Is there anything that we can go off of? Like a link to a website or a screenshot. Or is this a prediction? Not saying you're lying or anything but just curious.
  12. He was in my City for a bit too at KSLA.
  13. This will likely be thrown out of court. Honestly, this is the most petty thing that I have ever seen him do and this is coming from a RIGHT-leaning independent. Tell me. Did Obama ever sue Sinclair?
  14. I mean, it's not like this hasn't been rumored before. Remember when Gray was sniffing around when Nexstar was rumored to be acquiring Tegna?
  15. Maybe no one else put their foot down. I mean, there is always going to be that station that goes a different route.
  16. I'm willing to bet that they are gonna only change the graphics and keep the music.
  17. Idk if this has been covered here yet, but Thanh Truong is leaving WWL but he plans to stay put in New Orleans. His final day was today. He is going to launch a True Crime podcast with his wife. Didn't he JUST move to the Noon newscast not too long ago from the later shows?? https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/article_9436cff8-51cf-11ea-a092-9f8736ea6a46.html https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/local/thanh-truong-says-farewell-to-wwl-tv/289-af96d62c-8b35-41ea-818e-d0211fbcc4de
  18. Slightly off topic but WBTV isn't the only Graycom station dragging it's feet replacing people. KSLA has only one sports anchor. Furthermore, they now has solo anchored newscasts the whole day. The weekend morning newscast doesn't even have an anchor. It's just Jessica Moore giving weather updates and then prepackaged stories throughout. Somehow, KSLA manages to have the largest weather team though as they have four meteorologists in contrast to the three at KTBS and KTAL. What is with that?
  19. Y'all forget this dude was a comedian at first. Maybe this is all part of his act.
  20. I watched him on both KSLA and KTBS. Met him once. He was amazing and he was very chill. He is a legend and he will be a part of the heart of Shreveport forever. R.I.P. Bob.
  21. This actually may still be a possibility. I mean, after all, Nexstar simply moved the CBS affiliation as well as the rest of KGBT's spirit to KVEO. What can stop them from simply parking ABC on 56.2, MNT on 56.3 and then selling off WTVQ's license to Gray (which then moves the CW affilation to it) or some small company that would place whatever diginet they wanted on the primary. You know besides the gang of diginets they already have?
  22. This really doesn't surprise me. I have quietly speculated for some time that if Sinclair had to cough some stations to Nexstar, these would be two of them (I had assumed that KVEO was in the same situation as KSEE in which it could legally create a duo with KGBT.) What surprises me is that there weren't more stations going to Nexstar in this. I could have seen one or two more markets that Nexstar would have been interested in.
  23. In regard to Tampa, what was so hard about getting WTSP to handle the news production? And then in Detroit, why not just rebuild everything again? I already know what people are going to say about that, and imo, it's no excuse. They should have just stuck with it. I sort of understand Atlanta given that WGCL already has WPCH to do news for but then again, WWBT has news on both WRLH and WUPV and even here in my market, KTAL does KMSS AND KSHV. I like the initiative but at the very least, have the respective CBS affiliates in that market (aside from Detroit) be involved

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