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  1. Between Raycom, Tegna and Nexstar, which do you think is the most likely to make a move?
  2. For me, TEGNA is the most likely vote but then Nexstar. Raycom may be the least likely in my opinion.
  3. https://www.mediajobcenter.com/jobs/knoxville-tv-station-for-sale-in-knoxville-tennessee-us/ A few years after selling WBXX to Gray in a trade for KAKE, Lockwood is now ready to say sayonara to WKNX. Anyone see this becoming duopoly bait?
  4. What's Weigel doing buying stations? That's literally the last one I'd expect to be buying anything.
  5. I didn't realize he was still on television after you know what.
  6. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/mobile/index/article/id/105995 Is this their answer to The Real or what? The article says that it will be produced out of WATL and have four co-hosts and a DJ (similar to how Ellen does) who will provide a guy's POV. It will air in 12 Tegna markets including Atlanta and air nationally on TV One, which when I last checked, was partially owned by NBC Universal.
  7. We won't know until stuff starts happening. Only God or whoever you believe in has the answer until then.
  8. Didn't sign a JSA, huh? What do we make of this, then? And what does Deerfield want with that station anyway?
  9. No matter who the producers were, how do you know that they weren't required to do this by company management? At least two of their stations that we know of have done this with that particular picture. And if they are truly sorry, then they and the parent company need to take action against whoever did it. Of course, that's wishful thinking.
  10. KBOI isn't the only station who did it. [MEDIA=twitter]886050187726135297[/MEDIA] And I see here that this one is identical to the one KBOI posted. Coincedence? I think not.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/WeAreSinclair Didn't know they were active on Twitter.
  12. This tells you all you need to know about them. If I may paraphrase Rihanna, "don't tell us you're sorry when you're not. Baby, when you know you're only sorry you got caught."
  13. He had that on at Comcorp too. I remember when that would come on KMSS-KSHV.
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the ultimate end game.
  15. Maybe they're positioning themselves to snatch up a network affiliation for Gainesville or Tallahassee.
  16. It pains me to admit this but that's actually pretty impressive.
  17. We all hate these people as much as anybody and, as seen in recent days, everyone has had their time (and some WAY longer than necessary) on the soapbox to rant about what the FCC will and will not allow them to do and how horrible they are etc. I'll admit I had my moments. But at the same time, they shouldn't be targeted like this (and no doubt due to their stances on some things.). It just helps them look like the ones being bullied. I hate to play devil's advocate here but it's the truth.
  18. Maybe it would fetch them some money that they could be in need of but to ABC? Nah. You probably already know this but there were many rumors that NBC was trying to get it in 2006 to replace WHDH which was right around the time Ansin created the 7/56 duo. The most I could see between ABC and Ion is a hyothetical alliance (I know, really out there). But thats not happening.
  19. Maybe now, they'll learn to proofread. but seriously, I would not be surprised. Maybe next time, they'll think this stuff through.
  20. They may if they got special permission to do so.

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