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  1. After two years, evening anchor Shelby Cashman is leaving KOAT to take over the morning spot on KOCO. This isn't her first time in Oklahoma City either.


    This surprises me because I thought Alejandra Briones was next in line to take the morning anchor spot but at the same time, it doesn't as I saw this  eventually coming when Cashman left for KOAT.




  2. 34 minutes ago, groupwfan said:

    'TAL isn't NBC O&O to air AD (like how most NBC O&Os including WCAU that DO air ACCESSDaily) Ray could be on KTBS instead of KSHV....

    Many non-O&Os and even non-NBC affiliates air AD as well. 



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  3. 13 minutes ago, tw-804 said:

    ...and plus, they can't get rid of WCCO Mid-Morning.


    Plus where will KARE 11 put Drew? KARE has Daily Blast Live at 2pm, Inside Edition at 3pm, Entertainment Tonight at 3:30 (yes, ET at 3:30 in the afternoon!), the 4pm news and Jeopardy at 4:30.

    They'll probably demote DBL to overnight.  


    Keep in mind, Tamron Hall wasn't cleared here in this market. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Roadrunner said:

    I believe the promo included in the article indicates KCBS will air Drew at 2PM, which should displace Funny You Should Ask.


    Other notes for Drew:

    - Not that this is news anymore, but in Baltimore and Minneapolis, WJZ (WMAR instead) and WCCO (KARE instead) aren't airing it. What's the history behind CBSTVD shows on those, besides also having more non-CBS-cookie-cutter-style news operations?

    - In Washington, it will air on WJLA at 3PM, which displaces Hot Bench. 

    WCCO would have had to displace Ellen to air it so there's that. Only time will tell if that was a good call.



    As for WJZ, it's past time for Maury to be shown the door. 

  5. I was looking at the WBNX schedule and saw Millionaire and it actually had me thinking. 


    Since Disney was the one that sent Millionaire out to replace Cops, why didn't they just try to syndicate repeats of Windy City Live instead to gain traction for eventually taking that national when things calm down ??? I mean, it pretty much is what Kelly and Ryan used to be  before it was Kelly and Ryan. Couldn't Disney just do that again???  


    WCL also has many nationally known guests so that helps. I understand they're  not producing new ones due to the disease but this is something that they need to think about in the future. 



    Fox needs to stop beating around the bush with the Q as well and roll that out nationally once and for all rather than just during the summer and to selected cities.

  6. On 7/18/2020 at 3:35 PM, tyrannical bastard said:

    FTVLive decreed that WKBN meteorologist Alexis Walters was making the jump from weather to primary anchor, and that such a move was something he had never heard of.




    Ummm......Stan Boney?


    Not only did he make the move from Chief Met to primary anchor at WYTV, he moved across the hall to WKBN to be an anchor there.

    Ron Young coanchored the 9am news on KSLA while serving as the meteorologist.


    In a reverse example, Steve Bender left his morning anchor gig at KTAL to be the meteorologist at KRNV. 

  7. 35 minutes ago, Nelson R. said:

    Or it could be that KTAL will be airing Drew Barrymore or The Good Dish at 2 but your scenario seems more plausible. 

    Barrymore is actually going to Wray in Shreveport, according to my source there. Most likely, in my opinion, itll be KPXJ showing that. No word on Cannon yet but I gotta wonder if Wray will have that as well, given that they show Wendy. Most likely, it would be the Good Dish. 

  8. I just saw a promo for Rachael Ray, coming this fall to KSHV. Don't know if they will share her with KTAL or if she's moving to KSHV exclusively. 

  9. 50 minutes ago, GoldenShine9 said:


    I can see him ending up across town in a company more suited for him...


    As soon as that non-compete expires.


  10. 11 hours ago, ColinBusiness said:

    In Palm Springs, The Drew Barrymore show is gonna replace Mel Robbins starting this fall at 3pm on KESQ's sister station CBS Local 2. 


    Is there anything that we can go off of? Like a link to a website or a screenshot. Or is this a prediction? Not saying you're lying or anything but just curious. 

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