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  1. Idk what Pointless is but I can already tell you KPXJ would try to pair it with Family Feud if it happened. And then you have KCWX that would want it in San Antonio.
  2. Nah. That's Barbra Jean. Everyone now, My roots are planted in the past!
  3. It is. It's not coming back and neither is 2 Broke Girls.
  4. Personally, I think it'd be the other way around. Paramount would and should keep the CW and just buy out WBD. Clearly, they don't want to be in the broadcast business.
  5. See, the problem I have with believing this is, Warner doesn't produce or own distribution rights for every single CW show. What about the ones that originate from CBS, as well as any future CBS owned pilots in the pipelines? Those wouldn't go to Paramount? I'm hesitant to believe that this is the plan but then again, this has been speculation for months and we've never heard any official announcement. Besides, Warner would have been out of owning broadcast networks a long time ago had CBS not agreed to merge UPN with the WB. CBS at least owned some of UPNs stations. Most of the WB shows worth picking up would have likely jumped to UPN or TNT. Paramount could easily run the CW (which may or may not be renamed) by itself. Honestly, based on all of the shutdowns and spinoffs that WBD has done (paring down content for TBS, TNT, selling off TMZ, Telepictures gradually putting out smaller output in general, among other things), I think it's only Warner that wants out of CW and not Paramount. Heck, by now, I'm expecting the announcement that Fox is buying the rest of Telepictures. But that's for another thread.
  6. Just watch as KAZA takes all of their syndicated programming and that newscast.
  7. I know KPXJ got both Jennifer Hudson and Sherri Shepherd. KMSS got Pictionary and The Neighborhood but idk what time slots they're airing in. If I were 21, I'd air Hudson at 2pm just like WBNX and have Shepherd lead into her. I don't know who got Karamo Brown, however. Me either.
  8. I'm in Shreveport and just now noticing Gray bought KBXS as well.....I always thought Gray would try to get a station here to be an independent but now, I'm having 2nd thoughts. Ironically enough, Gray also has WBXH which years ago was also owned by L4.
  9. Let me know when USA and Syfy come over the air.
  10. This was the same dude who worked at KFSM as a weekend anchor for a hot minute.
  11. This is a good one, y'all!!! . I'll be waiting on tomorrow's announcement that TBN has purchased Graham and Hearst. Although if this is gonna be the case, then I would expect them to eventually purchase WLNE, KLKN and KBSI.
  12. Weekend morning to clarify.
  13. Okay, at this point, which shows are being renewed???
  14. NBC apparently has a replacement in development with Karamo Brown, who has guest hosted on a few eps recently. I remember reading that somewhere. Will update this post if/when I find the link.
  15. I'm in this DMA and you're sure not lying. I didn't even know this station existed before today.
  16. It's not like WSMV hasn't tried to go into the Spanish business before so this would be possible.... especially with NBC's fraternal Spanish-language twin.
  17. I was trying to save my judgment for when I saw the final product and I must say, this just looks plain tacky. This rebrand was extra and completely unnecessary. They're trying too hard to copy Tegna imo. There are way better names that they could have come up with than Queen City News.
  18. What's the difference between that and the other syndicated Dateline package???
  19. Please let KSLA switch to this package before Nexstar tries to do this in Shreveport. I'm surprised KSLA is still using Aerial. But staying on the topic of Monroe, I also would have expected KNOE to pick up this theme especially given that SEVERAL Gray CBS stations use it.
  20. If CBS were to bring back Hollywood Squares, that'd be a good guess. Or maybe they could resurrect Punchline.
  21. Yep. It was gonna be Vanessa Williams.
  22. I just knew this would have been Standard General or, if they had been smaller, Nexstar.
  23. Some time ago, I vaguely remember predicting that this would happen. I think it was one of those Speculatron threads.
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