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  1. Soo Kim should especially know better. Didn't he lose out on some stations due to a certain other company that was mentioned just earlier on this page of this very thread doing just what he's doing now?? WRLH would like a word about this.
  2. Good lord. Apollo, Standard, if y'all are having second thoughts about going through with this, all yall have to do is call it off. Y'all are basically on your knees begging and pleading for this to go to an ALJ.
  3. To be fair, when those Sherri listings dropped, it revealed this.
  4. The woman is (or was) married to a err.....criminal (won't say what he did here...Google is your friend) and somehow, this is what broke the camel's back. Not saying that anyone in the media should be bringing their beliefs into local news but her stance would be a bit ironic. That's all I have to say about that.
  5. Idk but I do have the feeling that at least one network is gonna have an issue and I really feel like Fox would be the one to not want to be tied to a network associated with a potential competitor.
  6. Hence why I don't see Nexstar and Fox lasting much longer together.
  7. This is likely some speculatron stuff but I could see Fox being uncomfortable with Nexstar owning the majority of the CW for some reason. Especially if Nexstar actually believed that it could land major sports rights, which I'm not at all saying they will. I'm certainly not speaking for the other networks though.
  8. They didn't air very much of the News Daily and I watched the whole block. Maybe KTAL went way over on the local cut ins or something.
  9. KTAL has apparently launched something similar to what the CBS O&Os are doing on their CW partners. It's some sort of 1pm Newscast. Idk if this is permanent or what. Brittany Defran is the anchor.
  10. I watched it before and I never saw any CBS/KSLA shows on there during the time when it supposedly was. They were running the same infomercials.
  11. I see Telemundo is now live here in Shreveport.
  12. The channels on Pluto TV, which is FREE look better than channels they want you to pay 150 bucks for with the cable subscription. That in itself says a whole lot.....unless that was the goal in the first place.
  13. WHIZ is launching a Fox channel??? I saw that on the listings for Sherri.
  14. I don't usually have details on any other markets other than the two I'm in the most but VUE got Tamron Hall in Austin apparently.
  15. Has Tyler or Austin gotten Tamron Hall back yet?? She never had a Tyler station and then KEYE dropped her a while back.
  16. Earlier, I said that KPXJ got both Sherri and Jennifer. Well, looks like KPXJ also got Karamo as well. Jennifer is airing at 2pm, Sherri of course is at 8am (Lord. ) Karamo is gonna be on 21 at 10am. So, a 3pm newscast in Shreveport (which I personally enjoy btw) is perfectly fine but you couldn't replace the Doctor(s) with a full 3 hour morning newscast and put Sherri in a more decent slot??
  17. Idk what Pointless is but I can already tell you KPXJ would try to pair it with Family Feud if it happened. And then you have KCWX that would want it in San Antonio.
  18. Nah. That's Barbra Jean. Everyone now, My roots are planted in the past!
  19. It is. It's not coming back and neither is 2 Broke Girls.
  20. Personally, I think it'd be the other way around. Paramount would and should keep the CW and just buy out WBD. Clearly, they don't want to be in the broadcast business.
  21. See, the problem I have with believing this is, Warner doesn't produce or own distribution rights for every single CW show. What about the ones that originate from CBS, as well as any future CBS owned pilots in the pipelines? Those wouldn't go to Paramount? I'm hesitant to believe that this is the plan but then again, this has been speculation for months and we've never heard any official announcement. Besides, Warner would have been out of owning broadcast networks a long time ago had CBS not agreed to merge UPN with the WB. CBS at least owned some of UPNs stations. Most of the WB shows worth picking up would have likely jumped to UPN or TNT. Paramount could easily run the CW (which may or may not be renamed) by itself. Honestly, based on all of the shutdowns and spinoffs that WBD has done (paring down content for TBS, TNT, selling off TMZ, Telepictures gradually putting out smaller output in general, among other things), I think it's only Warner that wants out of CW and not Paramount. Heck, by now, I'm expecting the announcement that Fox is buying the rest of Telepictures. But that's for another thread.
  22. Just watch as KAZA takes all of their syndicated programming and that newscast.
  23. I know KPXJ got both Jennifer Hudson and Sherri Shepherd. KMSS got Pictionary and The Neighborhood but idk what time slots they're airing in. If I were 21, I'd air Hudson at 2pm just like WBNX and have Shepherd lead into her. I don't know who got Karamo Brown, however. Me either.
  24. I'm in Shreveport and just now noticing Gray bought KBXS as well.....I always thought Gray would try to get a station here to be an independent but now, I'm having 2nd thoughts. Ironically enough, Gray also has WBXH which years ago was also owned by L4.
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