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  1. They probably would have sold it but "Community News Media" or whichever of the ten million interrelated dumb company names they'll use that all lead back to you know who they are, have other things they have to deal with. All this cutting they're doing and the only thing they were willing to give up was KBSI. Honestly, WPMI, as well as WPGH, WHP, WXLV, KDSM, everything in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and WUTV would have been the NEXT stations I'd have sent off elsewhere.
  2. Roland Martin = Armstrong Williams. I'm surprised that he somehow wasn't gifted money to buy WUSA and WXIA........
  3. You know, I get those vibes myself. And the thing is, this is setting a dangerous precedent if that is indeed the case. All the man had to do was sell or even TRADE stations and this would have all been settled.
  4. The "three and a half" Nexstar stations in Shreveport (counting KPXJ, since it's affiliated with the CW, although they're not legally or otherwise affiliated with Nexstar in any way, don't come for me ) definitely have room for this if it goes forward. Same with KCWX and "CW35".
  5. Okay, but he could have struck this deal with any other group. Why does he have to do it with Tegna?? Why couldn't he do it with Gray?? Nexstar? Hearst??? Or one of the network groups??? Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when I would call someone dumber than Chris Ripley and David Smith but here we go. I thought Soo Kim would at least have the sense God gave a fireant. Evidently not. It's so ridiculous until I have to just laugh.
  6. Hell, better yet, just do away with the King Broadcasting cluster period!!! Hearst would have jumped out of the sky for those stations. If not them, then Graham might have.
  7. His writers must be cheap af. But you'd think it'd be cheaper to...idk....not pay both writers and actors and just do real cases. I'll even forgive him cheaply using the same set. He seems to keep that same energy with his TV stations and everything else. For him to have all that money...... well, that's why he has all that money.
  8. Okay, if y'all are writers for the Simpsons just say so.
  9. KTBS is now promoting the heck out of it on all of their shows. Just about everyone in Shreveport knows by now.
  10. Why doesn't Telepictures just sell their remaining syndicated shows to Fox period? Fox always had a close relationship with Telepictures in recent years.
  11. KPXJ has been talking about this golf almost every single newscast. Safe to say they're fine with it.
  12. Pick a name. Either call it Paramount+ or just call it Showtime Extended or something. To call the literal cable channel Paramount+ with Showtime. Imagine what BET will be rebranded to. Tyler Perry's Paramount+ with BET, CBS, whatever shows we would have sold to the CW, Showtime, KCAL News, CBS News New York and everywhere else, Nickelodeon, MTV, Gayle King, Star Trek, Moesha reruns, Yellowstone spin-offs and other Taylor Sheridan creations but not Yellowstone itself cause we let that go to Peacock, who may or may not merge with Hulu, and also we aint got Comedy Central cause we let that go to HB...Disco...whatever the heck they'll call it. Y'all know you're thinking it.
  13. How about Comcast and Disney go 50% and merge ALL streaming services they have. That way, everyone is happy and everyone wins. All apps can also remain separate and then if they want them all together just use the Hulu app so that you don't have to keep switching between apps. Honestly, a streaming service that could give me not only the best of ESPN but the best of NBC Sports, would be appealing. Furthermore, Hulu's shows combined with both Peacock and Disney+ would result in a series of bangers that would be worth paying a Netflix style price per month for. To say nothing of the vast library content. Plus Hulu just renewed their deal with Fox Broadcasting Company so there's that. Disney would be smart to also buy a small part of Xumo too or even do a deal with Tubi, if not buying a small part of that. Then you would really have a threat to Pluto.
  14. Uh-huh! You know what it is! (While Stargate-produced instrumental plays in the background.)
  15. Okay but a vast number of CBS stations and indeed a number of stations owned by Gray in general don't brand with the network. As long as Gray keeps paying those checks for reverse comp, WANF should be fine.
  16. Yo, what exactly has Gray Television done that would provoke CBS to leave WANF?? Everyone keeps saying this. I don't get it. If CBS wanted to move to 69, they'd have done so back in 2006 or a long time ago. There is a reason why they sold 69 only to regain it coincidentally just after merging with Viacom. If things went South with the CW, they'll just either run an independent, do something else we don't expect them to do with 69 or sell 69 into a duopoly with one of the other stations and MAYBE get something back. But I don't even see any reason why they'd dump the CW as long as they still have that small ownership stake. Otherwise, they'd have dumped the full 100 in Nexstar's lap. To say nothing of just how badly Gray could screw CBS up if CBS really tried to pull its programming from 46. Remember, there are many more CBS stations owned by Gray. By this logic, WTTV should still be the CW affiliate and WBXI should be CBS.
  17. In a minute, Imma need a satellite or sister station to back me up lol.
  18. Soo Kim should especially know better. Didn't he lose out on some stations due to a certain other company that was mentioned just earlier on this page of this very thread doing just what he's doing now?? WRLH would like a word about this.
  19. Good lord. Apollo, Standard, if y'all are having second thoughts about going through with this, all yall have to do is call it off. Y'all are basically on your knees begging and pleading for this to go to an ALJ.
  20. To be fair, when those Sherri listings dropped, it revealed this.
  21. The woman is (or was) married to a err.....criminal (won't say what he did here...Google is your friend) and somehow, this is what broke the camel's back. Not saying that anyone in the media should be bringing their beliefs into local news but her stance would be a bit ironic. That's all I have to say about that.
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