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  1. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    And then look who is the main one retweeting about Chris Bradley. Could this shit be any more fucked up than it is? Thank God he was at WBNS when this happened, or Sinclair probably would have fired him on the day of his funeral. I apologize if this offends anyone but someone has to point out the hypocrisy here. I can't be the only one who sees this.
  2. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    If she isn't snapped up by a larger market first. And these are the people who we're supposed to let own every station in America.
  3. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    His company? He has no company. His company is no more of a company than Glencairn/Cunningham was and is.
  4. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    He is. Why the heck do you think he's doing this in the first place?
  5. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Out and About

    How do you know that WHDT will become a top 4 station as a Fox affiliate? It's never universal that the Top 4 will consist of Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC. Chicago, Miami, Fresno, San Antonio, El Paso, St. Louis and Hampton Roads (the latter two of which alternate, staying in those spots just long enough for certain combinations to be approved), show that very well.
  6. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Out and About

    You can just dump that off on anyone that'll put some programming on it that would otherwise be on a digital subchannel.
  7. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Out and About

    Did they buy the CW or MyNetwork affiliation from Sinclair behind the scenes? That's just about the only reason I could come up with for why Scripps would want WHDT unless they plan on moving WFLX's unit to that channel. I mean, this is out of left field, here.
  8. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Harrisonburg. It makes sense if you think about it.
  9. ColtFromGulfcoast

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    Didn't you already say this before? I feel like I recall you mentioning that before. They're not going to outsource newscasts. Not trying to be rude but just saying. With Nexstar having built news operations from the ground up in other cities, any chance of that happening is less than slim to none. Also, what makes you think Oklahoma City will put any effort into KDAF when they're just beginning to put any effort into newscasts on KAUT that aren't called Rise and Shine. Why not merge them together?
  10. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Remember when we basically begged to hear this announcement almost two years ago? Good times.
  11. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Sinclair Broadcast Group - General Discussion

    You can't with these people. At first this was a soap opera, then this veered into Telenovela territory....and then sitcom territory......and now I think we've reached animated sitcom about a dumbass idiot territory
  12. ColtFromGulfcoast

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    Apparently for leverage pertaining to cable contracts. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/11/28/apollo-acquiring-local-stations-to-boost-bid-for-tribune-media/amp/ For some reason, I feel like they won't be done. They could use Northwest as bait for Cox.
  13. ColtFromGulfcoast

    The Tribune Saga, Part 3: New Sale Talks

    The New York Post said that it wouldn't be a partnership. Apollo would buy Northwest and Tribune at the same time and own both of them. That to me sounds like Apollo will have sole control. I could be reading it wrong.
  14. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    Tell KTAL that.
  15. ColtFromGulfcoast

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    It's probably a coincedence that KOIN runs it because they may have been running it well before Nexstar got them. WAVY ran it during LIN and Media General ownership but I don't know if they still do today. This would explain why KTAL runs it, though. That and the fact that they pay stations to run the show.

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