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  1. I'm surprised that so many Quad Cities fans cared. I would understand had it been the Packers, the Vikings, Chiefs or Bears playing and it were preempted. I'm also surprised that more NBC stations didn't follow suit or at the least, delegated the game to a junior partner or a subchannel. If Fox and CBS can relegate games to a specific portion of the country then why is KWQC catching hate for their decision?
  2. Great, now maybe KABB and KPXJ can give it a better time slot.
  3. After two years, evening anchor Shelby Cashman is leaving KOAT to take over the morning spot on KOCO. This isn't her first time in Oklahoma City either. This surprises me because I thought Alejandra Briones was next in line to take the morning anchor spot but at the same time, it doesn't as I saw this eventually coming when Cashman left for KOAT.
  4. KOKH in Oklahoma City and KLRT in Little Rock were two stations that were supposed to get Nick Cannon. I think WRAZ was another one.
  5. KMSS is now airing Access Daily at 10pm. They're also airing Law and Crime Daily overnight.
  6. https://centralavetv.com/#showtimes KMSS is gonna have it in Shreveport and KMYS will have it in San Antonio. Nexstar got it in Austin and New Orleans.
  7. I miss the old days of Superstation WGN too but these are the times now. I do think that WGN could be a successful hybrid general Entertainment/news channel. We shall see.
  8. Are there any other markets that Tamron will be entering this season that she isn't already in?
  9. Tamron Hall will finally be in Minneapolis....on KSTC.
  10. KSHV will be adding Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.....but at 6:30pm. They still show Cops airing for an hour at 1pm as well.
  11. Many non-O&Os and even non-NBC affiliates air AD as well.
  12. So, KTAL and KSHV will be airing the same episode of Rachael Ray at 2pm in a simulcast with each other beginning September 14th. Lord, help us. Was Access Daily not an option??
  13. For a year, both KPXJ and KSHV aired Celebrity Name Game.

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