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  1. Alright, WTKR/WGNT! That sounds much more like them.
  2. He must be having a hard time finding someone to carry those scripted court shows. On some real stuff, I'd rather see a station carry those than be a dumping ground for infomercials. And besides, everyone else has multiple stations in Hawaii so why not? Now if RNN would sell everything else, or at least the stations that could be reasonable duopoly bait and provide a second outlet for news and syndicated shows.
  3. CBS Afternoon News.....only available in the Bay Area.
  4. Looks like a bunch of syndicated shows just became available unless some get merged on to what was 21.1.
  5. WWMB was the last station that had both the standard CW affiliation with outside CW programming AND the CW+. Do both move to WPDE?
  6. Nexstar really has come a long way from where they've started. Kudos to them.
  7. I forgot Weigel owned KYAZ now so maybe that's another option as well. WLKY did just boot Tamron though. And then you have KETV and KCCI which don't carry it in the first place.
  8. Just watch as WPGH or WPCW grab her.
  9. All I have to say is.....Turn on the Tuuubeee. That's where I see them ending up.
  10. That was MG/Lin, not MG/Nexstar. Hearst should have taken WJAR, honestly.
  11. Idk what WFXT's reasoning for not picking it up is but here's why 3 other stations that could have picked it up most likely didn't, other than aforementioned circumstances. One station's senior partner doesn't exactly have respect among fans of game shows and then two other stations that could have gotten it probably still have a bad taste in their mouth from the whole Leno experiment in primetime. I'm just partially messing around here but still...could be possible.
  12. This is the same market that doesn't have Barrymore or Rachael Ray and is just now getting Oz back on the very station that dropped it. One would think WLMT would have been competent enough to run more than just trash talk repeats all day but it's whatever.
  13. I'd rather see 65 get it but that's just me.
  14. You'd think it'd simply slide down to 65 or even 35.
  15. Stuff like this has allowed WGNT to be ahead of WVBT at times.....and WLMT to be ahead of WATN.

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