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  1. Nexstar recently posted the affiliate list for Rewind TV. KMSS has it in Shreveport, KABB(!) has it in San Antonio and WOIO has it in Cleveland.
  2. No. KPXJ has Ellen as well.
  3. I would expect KSLA to do the same.
  4. I have a source that tells me that YBYL, Young Sheldon and Nick Cannon are headed to KMSS this fall. Apparently, The Doctors is out on that station as well.
  5. We haven't had Friends in my city since KSHV dropped it. That was around 2013-14. We don't have Seinfeld either. That was last on KPXJ and before then, it was on KSLA for about a decade. Idk if San Antonio still has either. I do remember KCWX showed Friends at one point.
  6. It's about time. The FCC needs to look into Lubbock and Columbus as well.
  7. Scripps can't own WTWC unless they get a waiver.
  8. That's getting dropped from the schedule once the new newscast launches. I'll bet anything that all three are on the move.
  9. I notice Hearst's expansion of newscasts has resulted in The Real mostly being dropped or demoted as of late. WTAE and WLWT dropping it tells a lot, as well as WDSU having demoted it even earlier. And I can't see Oz lasting much longer overnight in Pittsburgh before someone else gets it. But it's not like anyone in Pittsburgh couldn't grab both Oz and The Real anyway (although I'd expect WPCW to do it before 53 did.)
  10. I already knew that but still one has to have a glimmer of hope. If he has the money to acquire stations, surely he would have the money to stop using fake cases on his syndicated court shows. And wouldn't it be cheaper to use real cases anyway? I mean, I know they don't pay the actors much in the first place but still.
  11. Please let these be real cases and not just scripted.
  12. I remember that. And then NBC aired it themselves where Fox didn't own a station.
  13. Outside of the Fox owned stations, I would imagine the majority of the roster would consist of CBS-owned stations in whatever markets Fox isn't present (and heck, I might even argue that there may be exceptions even in that case) as well as stations that air those other famous game shows that CBS syndicates.
  14. https://tvnewscheck.com/top-news/programming/article/fox-stations-to-test-pictionary-game-show/ Technically, this may be for next year if it's a national rollout but why the Fox O&Os for a CBS-syndicated show?

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