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  1. Of course Gannett is forcing the stations to ignore the comments, because rolling back to the Hothaus won't happen. I'd be the happiest guy on the planet when one of the ex-Belos have the stones to say "these new graphics come from our new parent company that also owns the USA Today." Saying that they were getting rid of clutter cliche (at least one of the ex Belos said that) was only for the original Gannett stations that swept away the insane Randy Pyburn POS graphics. (That man is so damn overrated.) Belo never used them, so therefore there is no reason to say that.
  2. I remember the days when the local news anchors were like my parents. You NEVER befriended your parents "back in the day." probably in the last 2 decades, it seems like there is this very inappropriate relationships between the viewer and the air talent. I don't like it. Where's the authority in local TV these days?
  3. In re to "understaffed" that would explain the "20th Century Budget" I sometime joke to the family about when Fox does shows with a really tight budget. I coined that referring to the earlier seasons of the X Files' cheap quality, in your case its a flagship O&O. At least you got the ability to run a Chyron on the fly, not sure how Gannett can do that, let alone what you described.
  4. I'll take the USATODAY-owned stations more seriously if they just act like the real damned paper, like use 4 colors instead.
  5. That's good news. However the NBC Charlotte to me was a little weird, because there low intelligent people who would probably affiliate WCNC as the NBC Network. I know people who get confused what's local and what's network. WVIT up in CT is the same thing (and I thought most of their systems had WVIT on 30.) Network + Market needs something in the middle - like a channel #. Do you like eating a sandwich without anything inside?
  6. well you know, everything must look plain to be fair - because we don't want to offend the looks that are beyond awesome looking...
  7. I can see why they need more practice. When you are dealing with a brand that's bigger than a USA Today, I can see why they got clearance to do that.
  8. And WBZ would say the same thing about how "'local' we want our station to be" Not saying that's wrong, but I do see the corporate's view too. If anything corporate should come up with a mandate and fuse their looks with the station's local branding and imaging, but the locals should never give the 3 fingered salute to corporate.
  9. I liked the previous graphics package, but I do like the current open with the flyover of Manhattan. The fonts look ether too stiff or tight on the L3. Noooo not WPVI - too much eye candy. I like KTRK's - different from the generic Helvetica/Univers, all blue packaging. Only change the graphics, but not the theme - just wanted to say that.
  10. The reason why KHOU Stood "for Houston" was they were branded 11 News for 98 to 2011 and KHOU 11 News for 9 years prior. The branding to me was more temporary to reinforce the calls into the news branding again. (noticed how tongue tied all the anchors were for nearly a year after the rebrand.) I like the "Standing for Houston" branding, it worked well with the current Propulsion theme, showing pride of your market. But of course, this entire image will be broken with the new Gannett packaging. It won't work at all with This Is[n't] Home.
  11. I agree on the latter. No station is special whatsoever. Gannett is just like CBS which forces branding down the viewers throats. There are different ways to push a mandate. Giving them a few options, like a graphical palette, one this style, another this style, etc. And their mandates as I said earlier were so obviously lame. Out of the entire Texas markets, I think the most patriotic is Houston, because the big 3 stations have some form of the Lone Star state or red white blue scheme (which also goes along with the American flag.) Will Gannett ruin a station like KHOU of their tradition of showing their love to the Lone Star State? I'm betting they will. If anything it will be watered down to the logo - if that survives the new look.
  12. Sometimes the best is saved for last. One would hope (but not counting on it) where they would focus on the Texas stations and put some legacy branding (like The Spirit) and incorporate it into TIH. But I am not holding my breath.
  13. you're talking like the ones used for EAS? There probably is a downtime no less than 15 minutes I bet. Maybe an hour at the worse case. I'd assume (knowing general IT and older tech) is you prep up the new machine, switch over to the new one and shut down the old one in a timely matter to have a seamless cutover (to the viewer in this case.)
  14. To be quite honest, I think the new theme should be from another composer who did The Spirit, but didn't do TIH obviously. Not saying they should get away from a group's view of standardization, but Gannett's is just poor, I wished I could say it's so damn great. Gari owns the news music business, and lot of their cuts that people hear are pretty lame. Their music isn't the same when Frank did it himself, they simply have an overrated monopoly.
  15. Of course, you're assuming that Gannett would axe Propulsion V. 2, I think the latter is inevitable, and while both KHOU/WFAA haven't used "The Spirit" for their on air branding, I bet viewers would have #TBT if they saw TIH launch on a Thursday and people probably go to Twitter and say "Hey, anyone remember 'The Spirit of Texas'?"* *alright that might never happen, but in a perfect world, would that occur! I can't comment on the link since I need to reload Chrome at the moment.
  16. One would hope. The Spirit of Texas is probably one the well known image tags to EVER exist (never mind how effective it was back in the day.) Replacing that with the midmarket-type This Is [What] Home would just be a tragedy to the legacy of the Belo stations.
  17. I actually like that feature, if that's the case, especially video. Why make content that took time and money to produce for the web to go to digital heaven suddenly? And what's with the logo? It looks so dark with the new layout? Houston is a market known as their logos in red white and blue, so why are their logo so dull??? I wonder. (No intention to derail, but with the WFXT trade, I wonder what will happen when Cox gets the station; if all the 8 years of content on the MyFox site will go to digital heaven or not.)
  18. although their OTS is awesome when a B-roll runs, IIRC, the B-roll zooms on screen - like its 1982 again!
  19. It all depends on what graphics/rundown systems they have. Belo's ran on Miranda (as mentioned earlier) - at least the Texas stations did. If the London stations use ENPS and Chyron - it would make it easier for them to do the switch even faster.
  20. well that really sucks. As I said before, I love that graphics package, but that's just really po‚Äčor execution. I think this is consistent to the other stations because I saw a WVEC clip on YouTube with the same problem. A little cutoff is understandable but if its way off the frame, need I say more? Well it makes the case to push the Gannett graphics, to be fair.
  21. OMG - why are they treating the Gannett ownership like they owned them for years? It is not scandalous to say "our new parent company." BTW on a side note - because I live far far away from a Belo station, I noticed watching KHOU 11 recently that the OTS are to the far right of the screen. Do they single-stream their channels as HD only or does the OTS get cut off when watching on an SDI channel?
  22. ... or that you kinda don't want the viewers to get thrown off that the following day the station's look was drastically changed overnight. I did like how CBS tied the new look last year on the 11:00 Sunday news right after the Emmys. The start of a new week, and gave wiggle room in case any glitches happened so by Wednesday the look would become flawless.
  23. why on a Wednesday? The native Gannett stations didn't do that (correct me if I am wrong.) Even though the graphics have been used for over a year, its considerably "brand spanking new" "never been used before" for the now ex-Belo stations. They should be launched on the Sunday evening or midday on a Monday like how the others did a year ago (if I am not mistaken?)
  24. Is there any evidence that WCNC would be switching graphics and site that quickly?
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