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  1. Experience kinda mess up the perception is what I meant and I thought he was at the station longer. He has been the face of the news for CBS 2 for more than a generation; I thought he was there like early 80s not like mid 80s.
  2. Oh my goodness! I'm sorry for his family and the loss to WCBS. My sincere condolences. Great local NY reporter. Didn't know he was at Channel 2 for only 30 years, it felt like he was there longer. Rest in Peace
  3. I've read some recent posts in this thread, I think what WPVI mgmt needs to realize what made 6 successful was the no frills approach even as Disney tried to slutify the O&Os in the latter half of the 90s. There was a reason why they were the only American station, never mind being in the Big 4 market to use a magnetic board for weather at the turn of the century. The gyro cam was a true innovation, possibly saving lives and property (a human plus a $50K camera) but this 360 is just (like what others said) just a desperation to address 10's Skyforce technology. They seem to be desperate as they know its not if, but when 10 will KO the 1st place. The 3D thingy, this sports center desk seems to be out of character. Has the management been the same since the last 3 years? If it has, I bet the water has been tainted by their next door neighbor - JUST KIDDING!
  4. I think if anything remotely close, that the media division might have a stake with USATODAY.com. couldn't you save some characters and just say "look at my sig"?
  5. I agree with you on this one. USA Today is NOT a local brand, and what they seem to be branding is using a logo built out of ABS plastic of a product, that you can't tell the thing apart. Also what "sports" event are they promoting? Generic, Generic and Generic branding! HS Football is a huge thing in Texas, and you'd think the morons at Gannett would've at least known more about the state after buying London. That's great technology! The problem is Gannett forgets that these types of sports are so hyperlocal, you cannot treat them as a nation.
  6. why does 6 need a sports desk? The idea of a sports desk reminds me too much of WSVN. I know almost every station in America is doing it now, but why should everyone do it? How can they do banter with Jim if s/he is in another part of the set or in another studio?
  7. Apparently Gannett fixed a problem with cutting off ether the open or the last block of news at least on the KHOU stream post switch to the Gannett site. Watched a couple of their newscast last night and was able to see the open and last block/close.
  8. In my neck of the woods, WBZs Eric Fisher had initially milked the use of the truck. I haven't watched 4's 5 or 6:00 in a while but last October the SUV went up to Mount Washington, NH - 5000 feet above ground in some deep snow. It's been elsewhere in the viewing area. I like their approach. He seems to be the outdoor cat of a weatherman, likes to be out on the field than standing around a chroma wall/103" flat panel. If you got a Chief meteorologist whose the outdoor cat like him, then it could be put into great use. Not sure Gannett would be able to implement in such effective way.
  9. The Deathstar and Apple are different, the latter was once ruled by a gutsy CEO, Gannett however as of late can't seem to run their sites effectively. Have not been able to stream some of the ex-Belos running on Presto lately.
  10. Gannett can't seem to make things work right... what else can they f*k up? Anything!
  11. Yeah the weather set from before then and what is now has similarities. I'm wondering if it did get cut in some ways and rearranged other parts of it. Their current weather set is kinda neat, it still has some depth with an array of three desks in the shot.
  12. Wasn't sure if this should be in it's own thread, but this is for you NY brats, former WABC (now WCVB) anchor Phil Lipof is back on the air after being under the weather for having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic. He came back last night to anchor the 11:00 news. newenglandone.com/news/local-news/item/589-phil-lipof-back-on-wcvb-s-anchor-desk-tonight.html
  13. [yt]https://www.youtube.com/oC1k9uQ87-4[/yt] EDIT: Just when I thought I got the hang of linking YouTubes, I apparently posted a "playlist" - Don't cha miss the days when you clicked a link on one's profile you actually got to the video without any bloated JavaScript playlist BS??? I found recent video from HulkieD (err, Matt's) YouTube from WCAU. I don't know if such things have already been said. Paging Drop Shadows! Where is it on time/temp bug? It makes it very hard to read. I still can't take the off the shelf version of Look F, I felt WCAU's version should had been the official version, because it looks professional. I don't like the serif font that was used in the L&O opens for many years. I do love that NBC logo used on the far left L3. The crop and the gradient effects adds appeal. And what in the hell is the Digital Operations Center needing to have such long name? Up here WBZ recently started a new shot called the "Sat Center". Isn't it just another ingest room? If I was a microwave signal, I'd sue for on air discrimination! I know this has been around for NBC 10 for at least a year or more, not sure when they got the fancy name and decal used in the taped teases. I don't like the use of the open for a stinger going to break. It worked out awesome for the 360 theme (including 2011 Look C had the same idea), but LA Groove wasn't composed with the idea of normal, going to break stingers. Since changing themes - its actually clutter. I still like the departure of the old NBC 10 News, they still are focusing on the serious news with a personality to it. This is also a NBC owned property, which leads to wondering why can't they in their own news operation (network, sister O&Os, etc.) look up to WCAU? Serious news is a marketable trend, if every station in the country could take notes.
  14. I liked WCAU's set going back to the 2008 launch. It has that Philadelphia feel (small but big city.) I don't know if I mentioned this but I thought WCAU had like 3 big studios dating back to the CBS days and things probably changed over the years. I wonder if the sets will be smaller or studios will be 1 or .5 when they move to Center City in 3 years. I love that set.
  15. I took their current tag was to help reinforce KHOU name in 11 News. The last time it was known as KHOU 11 News was nearly 13/14 years prior to 2011, where it was used from 1989 to 1997. Some of the YouTubes showed how tongue tied the anchors were to say KHOU 11 News again (or ever depending on the talent's tenure) On The Spirit, I am quite surprised it wasn't used in smaller markets or other stations mimicking the format or even use the Texas flag in their graphics - it was the two large markets that was the most patriotic. It's so mindblowing for me (even when it hasn't been used for both stations in ages.) At least KHOU still has the red/white/blue in their graphics/logo now. Well I do believe there should be some level of standardization, and while those tags could be generic, I wouldn't call it cheesy. It's all how you execute it. If you got a good voice over, good graphics - and other ways to format, you can make lemons (the generic slogans) into kickass lemonade.
  16. And have we learned how the word "change" has been "changed" for the better or for the worst in the last 5 years (whether way you see it...)
  17. Sadly the music signature was what was remaining of The Spirit. I won't repeat what was already said of its hyperlocal patriotism that is missing of local TV. It's an utter shame that KHOU/WFAA nixed the image ID. I am all for tolerance of people's views, I do not like petty attacks such as calling my opposition "childish". I respect others views, and opposites attract a diversity of opinions. If you disagree with me, then just say it instead of acting like a teenager and slandering me as someone who doesn't like change. Got it? Thanks
  18. Well then, maybe my part of the world is childish. We agree to disagree.
  19. Instead of people bitching about the new graphics and website, people should (and I say should) bitch on WFAA's (and at some point KHOU's) pages demanding they bring back The Spirit. Name drop 615, TM Productions or even Stephen Arnold (and if you like/follow them, then add them into the wall conversation.) Some management are so arrogant they think the viewers are too stupid to know the details about sonic branding, despite said sites have been existent for more than 15 years now.
  20. Not from Texas, but I'm in touch of my inner Texan - People might be "4 New York*" but I just celebrate The Spirit of Texas. *the 2nd best local image ID ever behind "The Spirt"
  21. add to the problems was 1st season had a super slow, sleepy format, the other season was more fast paced energetic format. People were better off reading the actual newspaper than half-assed newspaper on TV program. (Oh and yes, TIH also kinda falls into this 25 years later - sorry )
  22. There was even a Look E demo reel from Stephen Arnold's YouTube channel featuring WNBC test graphics too. The only O&O that actually used it was KNSD. That video was the only thing close to WNBC with the NBC O&O Package.
  23. How can WFAA screw something like that up? I thought their writers were "Working in The Spirit of Texas", which I'd assume they should know where the small cities are? I wonder if it was an carpetbagger intern that wrote that part of the copy - or worse written elsewhere like at the corporate HQ in Virginia.
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