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  1. Excuse me while I shoot myself -litteraly. And while I'm at it, maybe @[1:@Weeters] should wipe my account clean like I never existed.
  2. Shoot the messenger, maybe I'll shoot myself!
  3. excuse me while I drug myself to death...
  4. I'd rather be dead than being alive getting assaulted by other users on the Internet simply expressing my opinion or having a title of a thread change for "quality" purposes. Jesus do we have rights in the US? #livefreeordie. See my handle on competing sites. Good Day!
  5. I'm out again, I can't take people throwing eggs because I see things differently - leaving again to go onto competing sites ( one I manage.) Sorry folks TVNT is so 2005.
  6. CBS2NE is back, just on very *seldom* basis...
  7. CBS2NE is back, just on a seldom basis.
  8. I've decided to leave TVNT for a number of reasons. I didn't think I be around for so long and post over 500 comments. I think I registered because I wanted to post 2 cents on I believe the subject of the CBS O&Os. Anyways, I'll see you when I see you kinda thing. If you are so interested to follow me elsewhere, I'll put links to the members only part of my profile. Bye
  9. thinking the ISP is blocking me from TVNT, good bye for now???
  10. I feel like I can't have a minority opinion without being treated in certain unspecified ways...
  11. is everything done in production control? I don't know about Gannett's package if elements (like time/temp and crawl) is done at master or done on another engine in production.
  12. Take Care of Business Pats, please swoop and take the Trophy away from the defending champs!
  13. Jon Stewart is a low life comedian who mocks journalists who never wrote a real hard hitting story in his life!
  14. the 2012 Super Bowl introduced the infamous (to a lot of fanfare) Look F. In fact the cuts they used sounded a little different than in the Look C, the pitch sounds a little different.
  15. So want to do a mock newscast on the blizzard, but all the assets are stored on a server shutdown from a possible outage. Too complicated to restart today.
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