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  1. The WAAF calls are being parked on WBZU in Scranton, PA and the WBZU calls are headed to WAAF. That marks four (count 'em) variants of WBZ in the Boston market, all with separate owners.
  2. It's not unusual for these Christian outfits to retain the legacy calls. In fact, Salem makes a point of doing so.
  3. https://www.masslive.com/worcester/2020/02/entercom-sells-waaf-a-worcester-and-boston-rock-radio-station-to-educational-media-foundation-for-107-million.html
  4. WSBK/Boston has launched a one-hour 10PM weekday newscast, produced (as always) by sister station WBZ. The newscast is simulcast on CBSN Boston. This creates a four-way battle for supremacy in the time slot, with longtime leader WFXT and WHDH already vying with WCVB's half-hour newscast on its MeTV subchannel.
  5. In Portland, at least, Hearst moved extended impeachment coverage from MeTV to H&I. Looks like it's still MeTV in other markets.
  6. To be clear, it's the extended coverage that's causing MeTV programming to be preempted.
  7. Hearst stations here in New England are bumping impeachment coverage to their METV subchannels; they're getting roasted online by viewers expecting to see their favorite sitcoms. It appears to be a corporate mandate. Hey, aren't must-runs supposed to be, like, bad?
  8. That was my reaction too. Nice to look at but the content is still meh. I can't imagine many switchers just because they have fancy new digs.
  9. I tried Dark Mode but found that navigation became much more sluggish. That could just be my ancient laptop's fault.
  10. Decent graphics, but the sets are ridiculously oversized, especially NBC Sports Boston. The talent on the set look like ants.
  11. I assume as well that it's a matter of KTVT having the infrastructure in place to do newscasts for other stations. Years ago, before WGME did a 7PM weekday general purpose newscast, they ran a half-hour politics-themed newscast in the weeks leading up to the election. Not sure what the ratings were, but they sure vacuumed up a boatload of political ad dollars in that time slot. I wonder if that might be more of an ideal focus for this CBS venture if the goal is what everyone thinks it is. What I'm thinking is, have the originating station focus on national politics (the presidential race, balance of power in the Senate etc.) the have the MMJs focus on local and statewide races along with some local color on the presidential. Sure beats doing stand-ups at the scene of structure fires and drive-by shootings.
  12. Nexstar needs to reconsider its decision to pull out of NewsON. Gray has put their stations on, although it's been a bumpy road for them. Then again, as noted before Nexstar doesn't even live stream its newscasts on many statons.
  13. iHeart has already been through bankruptcy court. John Malone is trying to buy them but is facing stiff regulatory opposition. Frankly I don't see how he would be any worse than the jokers who own them now.
  14. A substantial number of jobs got eliminated today at the radio behemoth including massive air talent layoffs. The carnage is so extensive that all air talent references have been removed from iHeart Radio websites. https://radioinsight.com/headlines/183270/ongoing-list-of-those-affected-by-iheartmedia-cuts/
  15. A year after being sidelined when she sustained a traumatic brain injury in a fall, legendary WGME anchor Kim Block is stepping aside. She was with the station nearly 40 years. https://wgme.com/news/local/a-statement-from-cbs-13s-kim-block-to-you https://wgme.com/news/local/a-look-back-at-kim-blocks-40-year-legacy-in-maine
  16. It might help the A block, but I suspect that Welker will be sucked in the web of fluff that dominates morning television.
  17. Well, that sucks. We lost local media coverage in Maine when Al Diamon mothballed his Media Mutt column years ago, so I know firsthand how it feels to lose this vital service. It's not like anyone else is waiting in the wings to take over this beat.
  18. WMTW expanded its weekday 12PM newscast to an hour today; WCSH and WGME remain at a half-hour. Previously WMTW aired a rerun of Access Hollywood in the 12:30PM time slot.
  19. Weekday morning co-anchor David Charns is the second WMTW veteran to exit this week https://www.wmtw.com/article/wmtw-says-goodbye-to-david-charns-maine/30388262
  20. Dan Lampariello exits WGME for WBFF
  21. WHDH/WLVI/WSVN owner Ed Ansin says he wants to die with his boots on - and he's gunning to swipe the FOX affiliation in Boston away from Cox/Apollo's WFXT https://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2020/01/01/whdh-owner-ansin-still-charge-want-die-with-boots/OUdRVkqeC7AtU5c1YGlr4J/story.html
  22. Tracy Sabol exits WMTW after 14 years. She joined the station in April 2006 as a weekend anchor/reporter. She was promoted to weekday evening anchor in 2010. She's leaving to be closer to family in the DC area. https://www.wmtw.com/article/tracy-sabol-1577836429-maine-wmtw/30371383
  23. Ever since Bill Green retired from WCSH/WLBZ last month there was some question as to who, if anyone, would pick up the mantle of chronicling the state of Maine on a weekly basis. It appears WMTW may be taking baby steps towards establishing their own franchise. Veteran WMTW anchor/reporter Steve Minich hosts "Total Maine with Steve Minich" on WMTW sister station WPXT on January 4th. So far it's only a OTO compilation of content that has already appears on weekday newscasts. Despite WMTW and WPXT being Hearst stations, they didn't bother with the Chronicle branding (which WMTW uses infrequently for hour-long "specials" which preempt ABC prime time programming.) Edit: Kind of inauspicious start if you ask me (they aired it instead of their usual 7PM newscast that would ordinarily air in the time slot whenever there's a sports overrun on WMTW.) Typical half-hearted Hearst Portland move.
  24. I never really cared for "This is Home," and I'm generally a fan of warm-and-fuzzy Gari packages ("Hello News" especially.) Our local TEGNA stations even continue to use "Good News" for their winter storm coverage.
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