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  1. Fox News just made itself available for free. Additionally, its O&Os will stream for free. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/fox-news-breaks-ranks-cable-news-free-streaming-virus-crisis-1285239
  2. I wonder if the banks will start pulling back their support for the surviving bids, too, with the credit markets in freefall.
  3. Mel Robbins wasn't renewed for a second season. As for America Says, the status of the syndicated show is uncertain, but originals will continue on GSN.
  4. Who is backing Allen's bid? Allen went in with Sinclair on the Fox RSNs.
  5. Are the exceptions limited to the ex-Tribune/Nexstar/Dispatch stations?
  6. With NewsON you can watch any Tegna newscast from the current or previous day.
  7. As I understand it, Tegna's streaming scheduling protocol is an automated process based on timers. Around here they use Gray's in-house solution (Syncbak) which also powers CBS All Access. Integration with NewsON is horrendous.
  8. I hate the WFXT stream. Terrible audio and stupid slides during commercials (they USED to stream everything including commercials but not anymore.) I love that Tegna streams everything in the clear including commercials and the audio and video quality is excellent.
  9. I really hate Gray's streaming protocol, so I'm hoping this doesn't happen.
  10. I wonder if there is any point in Tegnafying any more stations in light of this if they're all gonna get Grayified in the end.
  11. WCSH/WLBZ kept "Good News" for their storm coverage, otherwise it's bleep-bloop all the way.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/03/media/bobbie-battista-obituary/index.html
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