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  1. newsbot

    Out & About

    Legendary WGME anchor Kim Block is still recovering from a concussion sustained when she fell on ice in early January, just days after celebrating her 38th anniversary as co-anchor of the 6PM newscast https://wgme.com/news/local/cbs-13-wishes-kim-block-the-best-during-concussion-recovery
  2. newsbot

    Out & About

    Sure would be nice to have her back in Boston - Channel 7 is slowly imploding.
  3. Hopefully they won't fill the time slot with that recycled LX garbage that belongs on one of Byron Allen's networks.
  4. NBC Sports Boston has told Red Sox reporter Evan Drellich his services are no longer needed; it appears the network will have no dedicated reporter covering the defending World Series Champions going forward. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2019/02/12/nbc-sports-boston-parts-ways-with-its-red-sox-reporter/y5tqVazaR1xhiaqdl8lkhJ/story.html
  5. newsbot

    Out & About

    Chris Wayland, who cut his teeth at Ed Ansin's crosstown Sunbeam before moving on to Tribune, will head up NBC Boston https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/230055/chris-wayland-named-wbts-wneu-necn-station-manager/
  6. newsbot

    Out & About

    Longtime WBZ TV-Radio anchor/reporter Gary LaPierre has died aged 76 after battling leukemia https://ipswich.wickedlocal.com/news/20190205/gary-lapierre-legendary-journalist-dies-at-ipswich-home
  7. newsbot

    Out & About

    I suspect that if KDKA wasn't a CBS O&O the producer might have gotten off with a suspension.
  8. newsbot

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Here in Portland, ME all three stations use NewsON (they're owned by Hearst, Sinclair and Tegna.) The only newscasts that don't make the cut are the WGME-produced newscasts for WPFO. Lucky break I guess...
  9. newsbot

    Out & About

    WGME had to evacuate their studios due to flooding; they're doing their newscasts out of a makeshift newsroom set.
  10. newsbot

    Out & About

    Here in Portland, WCSH morning co-anchor Lee Nelson and evening co-anchor Cindy Williams have been married for 30 years. Another marital union between morning co-anchor Sharon Rose (now Sharon Rose Vaznis) and reporter Chris Rose ended in divorce. Chris Rose eventually left the station and is now with the University of New England.
  11. newsbot

    Out & About

    Another WHDH veteran jumps ship as Nicole Oliverio joins WFXT https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/names/2019/01/02/nicole-oliverio-switching-stations/KhB5gjOGQYBrSmDLivhIaO/story.html
  12. newsbot

    Out & About

    As clarification, of the 4P-630P block, only the 6PM portion would be available on-demand on their own website if they follow their usual protocol. Currently, the 4P and the 5P-630P newscasts are available on-demand during the window between newscasts up until about ten minutes before the next one. That doesn't apply to NewsON, where all of their newscasts for the current and previous day (but not Chronicle) are available. Curiously, their 7PM newscast isn't available on demand on the WCVB site, but Chronicle is.
  13. newsbot

    Out & About

    An apparent overdose, subject to confirmation by the coroner's office. In addition to his colleagues at KTLA, he leaves behind a wife and daughter. https://ktla.com/2018/12/27/ktla-anchor-chris-burrous-death-investigated-as-possible-overdose-glendale-police/
  14. newsbot

    Out & About

    This likely means that only the 6PM newscast will survive as being available on demand on the WCVB website due to Hearst's bizarre policies (their on-demand newscast availability maxes out at 90 minutes.)

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