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  1. Five WMTW employees have the 'rona... wmtw coronavirus 11-21-20.mp4
  2. I have a feeling it won't be in Radio One's hands for long. Could iHeart end up with it somehow? It would have to be swapped to keep them under the limit, but it's the kind of station that is right up their alley.
  3. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/urban-one-enters-into-exchange-agreement-with-entercom-that-will-expand-urban-ones-reach-into-the-general-market-in-charlotte-north-carolina-301167646.html
  4. WCSH/WLBZ anchor Lee Nelson is retiring this week after 31 years with the stations.
  5. In fairness, there have been a lot of questionable WHDH firings over the years (most notably Boston TV legend Randy Price) so this is very much in the Ed Ansin mold. Both Amaka Ubaka and Polikseni Manxhari have posted words of praise for Alaina, so it's clear that there is blowback inside 7 Bulfinch Place. Independently owned TV stations are often easier to support in theory than in actual practice.
  6. The virtual MVPD business is dying. Sony pulled the plug on Playstation Vue. The remaining services are in a war of attrition, hiking rates and slashing content even as subscribers flee. Not offering the very content that subscribers have demonstrated a willingness to pay for is suicidal.
  7. WPXT has launched WMTW News 8 @ 6pm on Maine's CW for conflicts with college football; previously these newscasts aired in the 7PM time period. In housekeeping notes, WPXT also moved Total Maine with Steve Minich from 7PM on Saturdays, the time slot occupied for many years by crosstown rival WCSH's Bill Green's Maine (no longer in production due to Green's retirement) to 10:30PM on Saturdays (following WMTW News 8 at 10pm on Maine's CW.) The news theme is a variant of the corporate "Strive" package from In the Groove Music not previously heard in this market. The premiere was, shall we say, sl
  8. It's now "Boston 25 Tonight" in which they "dig deeper" into top stores. New graphics and music accompany the newscast. Here's a sampler of the graphics
  9. WCSH/WLBZ have changed out the generic TEGNA ident at the end of the newscasts to an Election 2020 themed one with the identity of the local station. Are other Tegna stations doing this? Default_20200917_17001830.avi
  10. Half the News Nation audience disappeared in three days - and it's even worse in the demo. Perry's folly? https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/7/news-nation-loses-half-their-audience-in-3-days I wonder how Nexstar intends to replace the viewers who quickly fled after sampling.
  11. Once again CBSN Boston isn't airing Saturday news simulcasts. Not sure why they'd blow off just one day's worth of local news simulcasts instead of just taking the weekend off. If this weekend continues the pattern the simulcasts will return tomorrow. Weird. This Saturday they're not evey running the national CBSN feed - just a continuous animated loop of "You're Watching CBSN Boston"
  12. Depends on the market; for example, CBSN Boston was airing the local newscasts on weekends up until now. No banner at the top saying that CBSN Boston would resume on Monday as with the CBSN Local sites that weren't carrying weekend newscasts to begin with. Could be a budgetary issue or possibly technical. Edit: The Los Angeles and Bay Area CBSNs are still running local news. Could be budgetary after all. Edit 8/16 WBZ news is back on CBSN Boston as of the 6:30PM Sunday newscast. Could have been a technical issue. Who knows?
  13. Looks like all the CBSN Local sites that typically simulcast or rebroadcast local newscasts are broken; they're all carrying the national feed with no local content whatsoever.
  14. Indeed that seems to be the big issue with ATSC 3.0 - getting a tuner that will be economically viable out to the mass market.
  15. News Center Maine is teasing upcoming stories on its 11PM newscasts to entice viewers to watch more political ads keep watching a while longer.

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