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  1. I was watching it on demand on Livestream before it flipped over to the 11PM news replay right in the middle. Ah well, maybe someone will put it up on YouTube. Wow, Maureen O'Boyle is still a stunner after all these years...
  2. WSVN's Bob Leider obit https://wsvn.com/remembering-bob-leider/
  3. WRC is owned by Comcast (Xfinity), which might offer a clue as to why it's carried despite low viewership.
  4. The Viacom-owned free (for now, anyway) streaming service Pluto TV already carries a number of diginets; I wonder if Court TV will join the lineup eventually. It could help with distribution in areas where a number of these diginets don't have wide distribution.
  5. After the Charlie Rose scandal CTM lost its momentum. All the anchor shuffling since then is an outgrowth of that.
  6. The best advice for any CTM or CBSEN anchor not named Gayle King is, rent, don't buy. As for the moves, I'd say that, if you're gonna be in third place, might as well try to establish a niche for yourself.
  7. Is that really a matter of WGCL no longer being a basket case or just Tegna making a royal mess of WXIA?
  8. When Meredith didn't pounce when other groups were looking to sell off stations that should have been a sign that they didn't see TV as a core business.
  9. Meredith is the next group cashing out https://www.reuters.com/article/us-meredith-stations-exclusive/exclusive-meredith-to-explore-sale-of-its-u-s-broadcast-stations-sources-idUSKCN1S74KX
  10. WABI sports director Tim Throckmorton is retiring after nearly 40 years https://bangordailynews.com/2019/04/23/sports/channel-5-sports-director-retires-after-39-years/
  11. WAGM still uses News Source as its newscast title. WABI used Telejournal News as its newscast title for decades, a reflection of the extensive French-Canadian heritage in Maine
  12. Tegna's NewsCenter Maine and New England Sports Network announce partnership to provide weather forecasts for Northern New England markets. In addition, NewsCenter Maine's Jessica Gagne will regularly appear on Red Sox pregame shows. https://nesn.com/2019/04/nesn-and-news-center-maine-announce-partnership/ https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/sports/nesn-and-news-center-maine-begin-exciting-new-partnership/97-6679408f-caab-43d5-8786-ceb7d9d5c2a2
  13. Legendary WGME anchor Kim Block is still recovering from a concussion sustained when she fell on ice in early January, just days after celebrating her 38th anniversary as co-anchor of the 6PM newscast https://wgme.com/news/local/cbs-13-wishes-kim-block-the-best-during-concussion-recovery
  14. Sure would be nice to have her back in Boston - Channel 7 is slowly imploding.
  15. Hopefully they won't fill the time slot with that recycled LX garbage that belongs on one of Byron Allen's networks.
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