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  1. https://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/cnbc-is-ending-production-of-on-the-money-and-nightly-business-report/420735/
  2. My money's on Wrobo, too.
  3. It sure would. Consultants have an expiration date, and Cheatwood's was years ago.
  4. About the only reliable source of income newspapers have these days is public notices. Here in Maine there was a push to eliminate public notice advertising in newspapers, as newspaper circulation has fallen precipitously and government entities can publish public notices for free on their official websites or on Facebook or Twitter, but the newspaper lobby managed to nix that idea.
  5. Cunningham Broadcasting-owned Portland, ME FOX affiliate WPFO expands "Good Day Maine" to the 8AM hour starting today, extending the morning franchise to 4-1/2 hours a day overall (4:30A-9:00A), the first 2-1/2 hours being on Sinclair-owned CBS affiliate WGME, which produces GDM. Of course Cunningham is a Sinclair shell company to get around duopoly rules.
  6. A WGN farewell cake spotted in the Cubs remote truck over the weekend...
  7. Caught the legal ID/promo for KHOU's "HTownRush" this evening in yet another sign of the millennial apocalypse about to overtake WNEP. If the formula holds, there will be much bad dancing and flailing of arms. Tribune seemed to be able to pull off irreverence without sacrificing dignity. Tegna, not so much...
  8. When I was working in radio Ed Hopkins was our voice guy. That was back in the '80s...
  9. There's a difference between an older employee volunteering to work for peanuts versus receiving an insult offer to stay aboard.
  10. That's often an invitation to an age discrimination lawsuit. Early retirement is seen as a cheaper way of easing out older talent.
  11. In addition to saving on veteran talent salary and benefits, younger talent is seen as more compliant about doing the crap that owners like Tegna foist on viewers like their obsession with social media.
  12. Original post corrected to mention that it's Saturdays only (for now, anyway.)
  13. With the most highly-contested US Senate race in the country underway, WMTW is adding a 7PM Saturday newscast on its CW-affiliated sister station WPXT starting August 31. Gotta grab as many of those sweet 2020 campaign dollars as you can...
  14. It makes a lot of sense. Comcast makes NECN available to competing cable operators in New England, so this isn't unprecedented.
  15. Fun fact - Steve Minich has been here in Portland at WMTW since 1991.
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