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  1. Half the News Nation audience disappeared in three days - and it's even worse in the demo. Perry's folly? https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/7/news-nation-loses-half-their-audience-in-3-days I wonder how Nexstar intends to replace the viewers who quickly fled after sampling.
  2. Once again CBSN Boston isn't airing Saturday news simulcasts. Not sure why they'd blow off just one day's worth of local news simulcasts instead of just taking the weekend off. If this weekend continues the pattern the simulcasts will return tomorrow. Weird. This Saturday they're not evey running the national CBSN feed - just a continuous animated loop of "You're Watching CBSN Boston"
  3. Depends on the market; for example, CBSN Boston was airing the local newscasts on weekends up until now. No banner at the top saying that CBSN Boston would resume on Monday as with the CBSN Local sites that weren't carrying weekend newscasts to begin with. Could be a budgetary issue or possibly technical. Edit: The Los Angeles and Bay Area CBSNs are still running local news. Could be budgetary after all. Edit 8/16 WBZ news is back on CBSN Boston as of the 6:30PM Sunday newscast. Could have been a technical issue. Who knows?
  4. Looks like all the CBSN Local sites that typically simulcast or rebroadcast local newscasts are broken; they're all carrying the national feed with no local content whatsoever.
  5. Indeed that seems to be the big issue with ATSC 3.0 - getting a tuner that will be economically viable out to the mass market.
  6. News Center Maine is teasing upcoming stories on its 11PM newscasts to entice viewers to watch more political ads keep watching a while longer.
  7. And their CBS affiliate in Portland, ME (home market for Dielectric as well as David Smith's seasonal residence) just won a New England Emmy for best Medium Market evening newscast.
  8. True, but Schieffer was the weekend anchor. Either he or Mudd would have been a better choice.
  9. The original sin was pushing out Uncle Walter when he turned 65 (none other than Bill Paley himself made a mockery of the mandatory retirement policy by staying on well past it.) The second big mistake was in picking Rather over Schieffer as Cronkite's successor. It just cascaded from there.
  10. They said in the video that they weren't losing their jobs, just being reassigned.
  11. New England broadcasting legend Dick Gosselin has passed. He worked for all three Portland, ME stations, most notably for WMTW where he was both a reporter and videographer. He also did a stint with WCVB in the 1980s. He even hosted the quiz show "So You Think You Know Maine" for WCBB. He was 72 and suffered from Parkinson's/Lewy Body Dementia. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/richard-gosselin-obituary?pid=196442397
  12. WFXT has cut down their hour-long 6PM weekend newscasts to a half-hour; the second half hour has been turned over to their "In Depth" series of prerecorded news specials. A similar cutback has hit the Sunday 10PM newscast.
  13. Former WCVB/WFXT anchor Bianca de la Garza sued to recover $15 million in (allegedly) embezzled funds. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2020/06/16/alden-shoe-bianca-de-la-garza-lawsuit
  14. In other words, she's getting a promotion within Nexstar.
  15. Open for the first News Center Maine at 4. It didn't go well... (social distancing alert: Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams are married) wcsh-2020-jun1-4p-HD.mp4
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