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  1. newsbot

    Out & About

    Here in Portland, WCSH morning co-anchor Lee Nelson and evening co-anchor Cindy Williams have been married for 30 years. Another marital union between morning co-anchor Sharon Rose (now Sharon Rose Vaznis) and reporter Chris Rose ended in divorce. Chris Rose eventually left the station and is now with the University of New England.
  2. newsbot

    Out & About

    Another WHDH veteran jumps ship as Nicole Oliverio joins WFXT https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/names/2019/01/02/nicole-oliverio-switching-stations/KhB5gjOGQYBrSmDLivhIaO/story.html
  3. newsbot

    Out & About

    As clarification, of the 4P-630P block, only the 6PM portion would be available on-demand on their own website if they follow their usual protocol. Currently, the 4P and the 5P-630P newscasts are available on-demand during the window between newscasts up until about ten minutes before the next one. That doesn't apply to NewsON, where all of their newscasts for the current and previous day (but not Chronicle) are available. Curiously, their 7PM newscast isn't available on demand on the WCVB site, but Chronicle is.
  4. newsbot

    Out & About

    An apparent overdose, subject to confirmation by the coroner's office. In addition to his colleagues at KTLA, he leaves behind a wife and daughter. https://ktla.com/2018/12/27/ktla-anchor-chris-burrous-death-investigated-as-possible-overdose-glendale-police/
  5. newsbot

    Out & About

    This likely means that only the 6PM newscast will survive as being available on demand on the WCVB website due to Hearst's bizarre policies (their on-demand newscast availability maxes out at 90 minutes.)
  6. newsbot

    Out & About

    To absolutely no one's surprise, WCVB is going to bump Inside Edition to 1:05 AM (after Nightline) in the New Year to make way for a 4:30PM weekday newscast https://www.wcvb.com/article/wcvb-channel-5-announces-newscast-changes-in-the-new-year/25684775
  7. The SportsNet LA debacle was due to Time Warner Cable paying excessive rights fees to the Dodgers, which led to clearance problems with other operators. That won't necessarily be the case with Marquee due to team ownership of the network. As the team has skin in the game, Marquee has a powerful incentive to avoid the same pitfalls that befell SportsNet. The question then becomes whether the Cubs can make more money on their own than they would have by staying with the NBC Sports Chicago partnership.
  8. The rumors were true; the Cubs are going their own way. It remains to be seen if a single-team RSN can make a go of it. Will the Blackhawaks eventually join them? The baseball-hockey RSN model works in New England (NESN) https://awfulannouncing.com/local-networks/cubs-marquis-rsn-sinclair-nbc-sports-chicago.html
  9. She disappeared in 1995 https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2018/12/12/jodi-huisentruit-missing-iowa-tv-anchor-cbs-48-hours-findjodi-1995-disappearance-mason-city-ia-kimt/2290901002/
  10. newsbot

    Jessica Starr, Fox 2 Detroit, 35

    A number of publications are speculating that her suicide arose from complications from recent eye surgery. Not saying that I agree with or endorse such speculation, but it's out there... https://people.com/tv/detroit-meteorologist-jessica-starr-suicide/
  11. newsbot

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    WMTW in Portland, ME broke into Jimmy Kimmel (and preempted Nightline) with continuous local coverage after the ABC alert with Meghan Torjussen and Steve Bottari anchoring by themselves initially with Steve Minich joining them two hours in. Kathleen Jordan relieved Torjussen and Bottari, and Cristina Frank relieved Jordan at 5AM, at which time David Charns, Paul Merrill and Joe Glauber did live shots from Kennebunkport. WCSH and WGME/WPFO carried the network alerts but had no local coverage. The coverage was simulcast on newly-acquired CW affiliate WPXT, for which WMTW produces a daily 10PM newscast. WCSH began coverage at the usual 5AM with anchors Pat Callaghan and Rob Caldwell. WGME, which has no regularly-scheduled weekend morning news, aired a special two hour report from 6A-8A anchored by Kim Block and Gregg Lagerquist. The Bush family has a summer compound in nearby Kennebunkport.
  12. newsbot

    The Hearst Thread

    Yep, and Escape is still at 51.4. It's an OTA coverage upgrade for MeTV and a PQ upgrade for an overstuffed WPXT.
  13. newsbot

    Out & About

    Former WGME anchor Doug Rafferty has died at 66. His death was mentioned in passing at the end of the A block in their 5PM newscast and wasn't mentioned again during the 5PM-630PM news block. The exact same script (and video montage) was recycled for the 11. Curiously, Rafferty was seen but not heard (his booming baritone was a noteworthy aspect of his presentation.) https://wgme.com/news/local/former-wgme-anchor-reporter-doug-rafferty-dies A possible reason for the cursory mention of Rafferty's passing: After an on-air stroke in 2006, he was relegated to mostly behind-the-scenes work at a sharp reduction in pay. He left WGME, took a job with the State of Maine and subsequently reached an out-of-court settlement with Sinclair on an age discrimination claim. https://www.pressherald.com/2013/11/25/settlement_reached_in_ex-tv_anchor_s_suit_against_wgme_/ The Indy Star had a writeup on Rafferty focusing on his stint at WTTV https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2018/10/31/former-wttv-channel-4-anchor-doug-rafferty-dead/1830295002/
  14. newsbot

    The Hearst Thread

    That honor went to Laff, which moved over from the WPXT multiplex.
  15. newsbot

    Out & About

    After ten years at the Fox affiliate, meteorologist Sarah Wroblewski heads across town from Cox's troubled WFXT to CBS O&O WBZ, where she began her career https://tvnewscheck.com/article/more-news/224018/meteorologist-sarah-wroblewski-returns-wbz/

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