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  1. NYNewsTV

    PIX 11 Overhauls Open, Music

    I was looking at the “P” and it kinda looks like Gotham but I’m not sure if it is.
  2. NYNewsTV

    PIX 11 Overhauls Open, Music

    Another new cut of their theme has been used on their traffic report segments [MEDIA=vimeo]228697131[/MEDIA]
  3. NYNewsTV

    New WGN Set

    Looking at it now, it reminds from the box 6 XETV had when it was a Fox affiliate.
  4. NYNewsTV

    New WGN Set

    The "9" on the new logo kinda resembles the one they used until early 90s or so. And I hope they keep the box colored the same way as the current logo.
  5. NYNewsTV

    WKAQ Getting A New Set

    Finally, some screngrabs of their new set. I should notice that the weather center has been tweaked a bit during the weekend.
  6. NYNewsTV

    NBC Puerto Rico/WKAQ

    Kissimmee, Orlando and Tampa are some of the cities that have a predominant population of Puerto Ricans in FL. That's why WRMD in Tampa airs WKAQ's Telenoticias after the 11pm newscast (I'm not sure at what time they air it).
  7. NYNewsTV

    WKAQ Getting A New Set

    From what I see some parts of the previous set remained, some elements of the new set reminded me about WSCV and KNSD.
  8. NYNewsTV

    WKAQ Getting A New Set

    They launched the new set today at 5 (or 11am?), hopefully I'll get some screenshots from the 10pm newscast since I wasn't able to get some screenshots earlier.
  9. NYNewsTV

    Afternoon Traffic Reports?

    I think WTVJ has been doing it since they launched the 4pm show and the "new" graphics (Look N)
  10. NYNewsTV

    WKAQ Getting A New Set

    As we all know Puerto Rico is in a "yuge" economical crisis since 2012 or so, finally NBCU started investing some cash on WKAQ for a new set. Parts of the new set already debuted some months ago like their new interview and a standup area including a touchscreen monitor. Here are some images of their temporary set which is very small, one thing I dislike from it is that they moved the old set desk and moved it and the main area which it kinda looks empty with thr blue background. As usual with new sets some elements will remain but hopefully the final product won't look like this at all.
  11. A closer look on the bug: It still looks horrible, I don't like how it looks with the L3s (overall the graphics are terrible). On a side note, the font size for the time & temp. is a little big to fit on the bug.
  12. NYNewsTV

    Oldest sets still in use?

    They updated some parts of the set last year and I think that last week they added a touch screen monitor in one of their standup areas, but the set still looks very outdated.
  13. NYNewsTV

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    I'm not the only one who noticed the graphics rehearsal.
  14. NYNewsTV

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    It wouldn't surprise me if the theme is named "A Mouthful of Peacocks and NBC Chimes everywhere!"
  15. NYNewsTV

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    I'm not sure if you noticed but it looks that they commissioned a custom theme. When I first heard it I thought it was 615's "The Tower".

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