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  1. If memory serves me right, that's a young Gary Apple, now of SNY. Wyland came to WNYT right as Apple left for KMOV right after Viacom took that station over from CBS.
  2. By the mentions of the miniseries "Peter the Great", this dates to early February 1986 (2nd-5th). That set only had some more months left as it was replaced by the fall by the set that lasted until 1995. It was later that year when things really started to pick up steam, partially aided by some bad moves on WTEN's behalf that drove viewers up three channels.
  3. KRON was a bit outside of McDermott's control. McDermott wasn't the person who thought that paying so much for one station was a good idea, nor was she the person who called the bluff of a very salty NBC. Fun fact: This means that every Big 4 station in Providence has had McDermott involved in some role (WJAR for the year between the Young/MG and MG/LIN deals, WPRI/WNAC under post-LIN MG, now WLNE). I was thinking about this the other day. WLNE is the epitome of consistently ending up in the path of bad luck. Looking back. If Pulitzer held onto them in the early 80s instead of selling them to Freedom, they probably would be a Nexstar or TEGNA station today considering that a) Hearst would not have been able to keep them due to overlap with WCVB and b) that LIN and Gannett probably would've fought for the additional New England presence. If Freedom held onto them back in 2007, they would be a Sinclair station today. Probably a better outcome than what happened under Citadel. Hearst and Meredith both kicked the tires of WLNE back when Freedom had the "For Sale" sign up and both ran away when the price Freedom wanted was well above what either were willing to pay. Quite telling when broadcasters with relevant regional synergies that each own a powerhouse bail. When the clock struck midnight with Global, the speculation was that Belo and Nexstar were both interested, the former would've made a backdoor print/newspaper combination (A.H. Belo owned the ProJo at the time), the latter would've given them an actual station in the market and a JSA/SSA would've been formed with WLWC (this when WLWC was still Four Points-owned and Nexstar operated) Again, TEGNA or Nexstar versus Citadel. WLNE had a good niche under Global where they did newscasts in time periods others weren't - 4:00, 7:00 (pre-WJAR), later weekend mornings. While towards the end Global did silly things like preempt the 7:00 for an infomerical for the Genie Bra, it was at least something. All nuked by Citadel. If there was a broadcasting version of sports YouTuber UrinatingTree, WLNE would have its own Legacy of Failure.
  4. This might be an interesting situation to see unfold, especially if it lasts long enough for the assorted deals for Terrier to close. Has there ever been a case where a company in a retransmission fight has taken control of new stations during that fight? I know back in 2013 Media General and Dish had a squabble that ended a couple of days before their merger with Young closed but I think that's the closest we've gotten. Given that the main element of Northwest's worth is the retransmission deals, I wonder if it would instantly apply to the ex-Cox stations.
  5. As long lasting as the old logo was, it did not age well at all and really should've been put out to pasture back years ago. I'm surprised that Young didn't change it when they took over from Newport. This reminds me a little of the first logo after Clear Channel took over: https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/WXXA-TV?file=WXXA_1995.jpg
  6. I clearly remember them doing talent rejoins earlier this decade, after going HD but before MG put in the Scripps ripoff graphics. Your take on Linear Drift and talent shots is right on money, WNYT's talent bumps are only narrowly more animated than WTEN's are.
  7. An end of an era in Boston television is upon us. Lynch's last night on the sports desk will be on August 15th. The question is who replaces him: Conventional wisdom would say Friday/Saturday sports anchor Bob Halloran, especially since Josh Brogadir, has been transitioning to general assignment reporting. Does 5 go with the tried and true, as they often do, or go off the board?
  8. Do they have the energy given they have all of Raycom's stations to absorb? I think this may be more Terrier or Hearst's to lose.
  9. Doesn't Graham technically not have a flagship since they left Detroit for Chicago? That said, being the flagship leaves them the most likely to be sold if history is any indication. Not falling for this b8, m8. I used to love what was Post-Newsweek but 2002 soured me on them permanently.
  10. The Big Story on WFSB's 11:00 PM news on April 13, 1997: The Whalers final game before moving.
  11. Sometime over the last few weeks, WCAX got the standard Gray graphics. Typically they look fine but compared to what they replaced and what sister WOIO got it's a step back. With new graphics comes new music: A New Wish is out and Momentum News is in. A puzzling choice of sorts even considering WCAX's history with Non-Stop.
  12. I would've said just as much as the new WOIO graphics too. It's a potential portal into the mind of @oknewsguy and his Gray/Meredith hypothetical. All of the other graphics are still from the CBS O&O package. Somehow this...oddly enough works.
  13. These debuted as of the 5:00 PM newscast last Thursday (4/11), just in time for the start of the ongoing Stop & Shop strike. Interesting that they go for a little bit of a Tegna vibe when Tegna is soon entering the market.
  14. WOWT was a sister first, Chronicle bought them from Meredith in 1975. Chronicle didn't buy KAKE/KUPK until 1979, KLBY until 1987.
  15. Compared to what it replaced (the 2000-11 set which came with the VDO WJBK/WMTW opens they used to death), it was an improvement. Did it age well versus that set? Even after Media General did some cosmetic work - replacing the Young-era projection screen with a video wall as seen in this thread - I can easily say no.
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