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  1. Four. Jill Konopka took a "dream job" (which seems to be outside TV) in Boston though she seems to tweet like she's still a journalist. Perhaps it's a stepping stone of sorts, Boston is one of those markets full of alumni from Albany stations. If this was anyone else on the morning team or any of the remaining veteran anchors, I'd be a bit concerned. There is a huge chasm between "market vets" and "twentysomething kids" on both fronts there.
  2. Another month, another anchor leaving WNYT (and television altogether). This makes four anchors to leave in not even three months. Something...is going on there.
  3. Well, the Sunday morning public affairs debacle at WFSB post-Dennis House has reached "what's old is new levels. House's predecessor, Duby McDowell, was rehired for "Face the State" only to be let go three months later due to her PR firm winning a no-bid contract with the Lamont Administration. Their solution: Bring Eric Parker back to host a new show in the same timeslot. Heck, the title - "CT '21" harkens back to the title "Face the State" used for most of the 90s. The timing of this is curious as WTNH just launched "This Week in Connecticut with Dennis House" last weekend.
  4. Wheel/Jeopardy are on WCNC, not WSOC. And the order is reversed on WLOS vis a vis WCNC.
  5. Wouldn't this be remedied by selling some of the more puzzling Ion markets that Scripps kept to Inyo? I'm sure that they could make the room for the W?OW stations by leaving a few of them - Syracuse, Portland (ME), Scranton, Roanoke, and Greenville (NC) scream Inyo bait.
  6. I wonder if Gray will make a play for the zombie carcass of Heartland to get WKTV and KQTV. They both fit Gray like a glove, WKTV even moreso after this deal.
  7. I wonder how they're going to handle Rochester in this situation. Would WUHF and WHAM be safe as-is since Sinclair owns the Fox affiliate while the sidecar has the news department and the higher PSIP? Or would they work some Vegas-level magic, move the WHAM calls and 13.x PSIP to the WUHF spectrum, and put Fox on 13.2 or 13.3? This would have other consequences as well: WUHF is still uplinked to Canadian satellite and while it's utility has been lessened with WFXT/WUTV/WJBK/KMSP available, Sinclair still makes decent money from their Canadian audience. Is that enough them for them
  8. If Gray wanted in wouldn't we also see WHNS and KCTV bandied about?
  9. And what would be the end-of-season postmortem would've conflicted with Alex's last episode.
  10. 6:00: Very outside chance. From the looks of every article I've read, it seems like any anchoring would be solely fill-in. 11:00: No. Dennis stepped down from the 11:00 at WFSB a few years back to spend more time with Kara and their kids. If I had to do a shot in the dark, the only way I see him regularly going back to the anchor desk is if Kara comes over to 8 which I only think would happen if Better Connecticut was given the axe. Weirder things have happened but I think Dennis' days as a main anchor might be a thing of the past.
  11. In much happier but relevant news, WTNH has hired Dennis House as their chief political anchor and as a fill-in anchor as of January 11th. WTNH also will be launching a second Sunday morning political show hosted by House to go along with their longtime Capitol Report. This is a good move for both sides and only helps WTNH in the northern half of Connecticut where the battle for second place is a three station race. The transplanted CT folk getting paywalled out of WTNH's stream is going to be egg on their face though.
  12. A update: Her husband, the controversially-parted-from-WFSB Dennis House, has also tested positive for COVID. On the day before his birthday no less.
  13. It's made its way to some of the ex-Northwest stations. Both WSYT and WICZ have picked it up for early mornings.
  14. The year from hell at WFSB continues. Noon anchor/Better Connecticut co-host/de facto health reporter Kara Sundlun has COVID and at minimum her Better Connecticut co-host, morning meteorologist Scot Haney, is quarantining as well, doing the weather from home as had been standard practice at the outset of COVID. The rest of their morning team is in the studio as of this morning, I'm surprised they haven't had to self-quarantine as well as a precaution. For a clearer version of that image, click here.
  15. Because his contract was up and they wanted an easy out? WFSB was dominant before either of them came along, namely owing to WTNH being on the Sound and WVIT being UHF.

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