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  1. At that point herd immunity will come before a vaccine. And can our nation's mental, economical, and political health survive a wait of that long? Some day someone's going to have to say "screw it, if I die, I die."
  2. I just realized that TegCoxPollo is going to be one of the worst nightmares for the networks: ABC's largest affiliate, CBS's two largest affiliates and Fox's largest affiliate all under one roof. This...might be a good thing.
  3. Bangor: WLBZ and WABI. This would be a huge headache given how WLBZ is tied into WCSH and WAGM in Presque Isle is tied into WABI. Memphis: WATN/WLMT and WMC. Another mess given how it's WLMT and not WATN in the Top 4. Charlotte: WCNC and WBTV. I smell Charlotte getting it's second chance with an O&O...
  4. From those I know in the Berkshires, the two parties were fine for years, even when WNYT began signing translators on in the Berkshires and running a (since closed) Pittsfield bureau. WNYT pushed it more out of sour grapes once WWLP and WTEN ended up under common ownership and WTEN began beating them marketwide. Pure Club 13-level spite. I'm more interested in what led Spectrum to drop WCVB there. Their carriage in Pittsfield wasn't that grandfathered - added 1996 - and the "it's the alpha city of the state" angle made it a curio that was tolerated if anything.
  5. I know that WTEN picks up some WWLP stories and vice versa but clearly it wasn't enough. If this feed could get the Patriots preseason games, which Albany stations stubbornly refuse to carry, it would be a proper salve.
  6. Fun Fact: WTTV is now reunited with former sister WJZY. Both former Capitol stations that ended up triggering affiliation swaps in the 2010s.
  7. Let it be known that since Spectrum took over the ex-TWC systems in the Berkshires, they have lost WWLP (partially at the behest of WNYT) and WCVB (no reason given) and that the only reason, depending on town, WBZ or WSHM survive is literally the Patriots. The actions of Spectrum have gotten to the point that Senators Markey and Warren have tried to introduce legislation to force providers in the Berkshires and similar areas to provide protection to "home state" stations. And truth be told, those in the Berkshires would gladly swap this to get WWLP and WCVB back. Don't let Spectrum's altruism fool you. Well, yes and no. Here's a map from the Commonwealth that illustrates who provides cable by town. The areas in blue are Spectrum, dark ex-Time Warner (mostly the Berkshires and the Athol/Orange system straddling Worcester and Franklin Counties), light ex-Charter (chunks of Hampden County and southern/central Worcester County, plus two islands (Dunstable/Groton/Pepperell in Middlesex County - also serving Harvard in Worcester County - and Westport in Bristol County). From what I can tell, Athol/Orange and Westport currently aren't getting this channel. I'm surprised that they've held onto Westport this long with the MA side of that market an Xfinity stronghold and RI on lockdown for Cox.
  8. This is the most logical deal and it amazes me it wasn't tossed in with KCPQ/KZJO and WITI. Perhaps this is waiting for a Round 2 of sorts: I'm thinking WPHL, KSWB and KTXL for WOFL/WRBW/WOGX and a bunch of cash.
  9. KGW got the boot the day Nexstar took over. KOIN took over news the next day.
  10. I wonder where he is going to be based out of and how they will unite two disparate stations together.
  11. John Kucko can't even do his mic flag garland anymore and that speaks a ton. What would it take to demonize Perry Sook?
  12. "208" refers to the area code for all of Idaho. Not the first time Tegna has gone full state area code, granted WCSH/WLBZ's 207 is more a Chronicle wannabe. This is the first time Tegna is pulling this stunt on a station that is market dominated. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out, if the sterling reputation KTVB has dating back to the King days will still shine or if this will make Boise a competitive market.
  13. New York is a special flavor of this. Even LA versus NY and the NY stations always seem to have more going on with them.
  14. There are subtle differences but honestly having grown up with NYC TV it always felt lower quality versus nearby markets (Hartford and Albany from my own experience). Heck, even now stations in those markets seem to take some more risks than NYC stations.
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