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  1. Scripps chow. Scripps chow.
  2. Once either KSFY and/or KOTA/KEVN and the Wyoming News Now stations are added to NewsOn, they'll be at 48 states. New Jersey (no native opportunities) and Delaware (WRDE) the lone ones without. Also, after nearly four years, welcome to NewsOn KWQC!
  3. I would have to think that their channel number gets lowered and soon. if not, oof.
  4. A Sports Talk station on AM. In a radio market that has long migrated to FM and where the highest rated AM doesn't even get a 1 share because AM just doesn't cover the market consistently. If Cumulus was serious about this, they wouldn't have sold 107.3 to EMF, moved WMAL to 107.3, and have kept the 630/105.9 simulcast for this. Instead, good luck getting any sort of crowd outside of Redskins games which probably will be simulcast on 105.9 anyway. This screams of them selling their remaining stations to Hubbard. As that cluster is solely spoken word on the analog English language side, this would fit in well on Hubbard's end as they more than have the room.
  5. This owes to their pedigree. Go back 10 years and Sinclair was mostly Fox/netlet stations while Nexstar, then-WHAG aside, had nothing in the Top 50 markets. Both grew up whereas Tegna has done the opposite, doubling down on their strengths of larger market network affiliates with some aberrations (London, KWES, most of the Tribune rejects). What I wonder is what there is left for them to go after before they cross the cap.
  6. Graham screams Terrier. It's their only path into Texas and sorting out Jacksonville would be easier than having to sort out San Antonio and Roanoke. Orlando is the easy: Scripps or Gray.
  7. WCAX probably is the most dependent on foreign viewership of the three, four counting WWNY. I can't speak to KGNS carriage in Mexico but of the Gray stations that have cable carriage in Canada WCAX is the only one also carried in HD. Anglophone Quebec plus far eastern Ontario is more than twice the size of its actual DMA.
  8. Better than what Mix was doing and better than the other ex-ex-ABC talk stations birthed on the AM band. I'm surprised they didn't move that to 107.3 and tossed 105.9 to EMF to be honest but Cumulus seems to be lacking in common sense.
  9. The big problem is who in DC might flip formats, especially since while WRQX was a middle-of-the-pack station it brought in a good demographic. [url="https://ratings.radio-online.com/cgi-bin/rol.exe/arb015"]Looking at the most decent DC radio ratings[/url], the options for someone to take on the current Mix format are very limited: WIAD: Walked away from the same format as Mix last year, has always been a problem frequency for ARS/Infinity/CBS/Entercom. WWDC-FM: Killing one heritage station (DC-101 goes back over 40 years) to fill the hole of another (29 years of Mix, 42 including Q-107) might not be a good look. Also, potential overlap with WASH-FM and WIHT down the hall. WDCH: Are the checks Entercom getting from Bloomberg more than the money they would leave on the table by not reincarnating Mix at 99.1. Also, signal issues in the Virginia side of the market and format overlap with their own sister with the same name in Baltimore. If I'm Entercom, I'm seriously weighing my options. This really shouldn't have happened, Cumulus was really lazy in this case by at minimum not seeing if Hubbard wanted first crack.
  10. WLNE has to be a rare case of a station that got overhauled and got progressively worse. Their set, graphics, music, and overall effort was much better pre-Citadel than it was post-Citadel. It will take quite a bit of investment, but if Sinclair keeps clipping away at WJAR and Nexstar keeps doing nothing with WPRI, there may be a chance to try to make some noise.
  11. I mean, there is always worse. One could always be Vince DeMentri.
  12. If memory serves me right, that's a young Gary Apple, now of SNY. Wyland came to WNYT right as Apple left for KMOV right after Viacom took that station over from CBS.
  13. By the mentions of the miniseries "Peter the Great", this dates to early February 1986 (2nd-5th). That set only had some more months left as it was replaced by the fall by the set that lasted until 1995. It was later that year when things really started to pick up steam, partially aided by some bad moves on WTEN's behalf that drove viewers up three channels.
  14. KRON was a bit outside of McDermott's control. McDermott wasn't the person who thought that paying so much for one station was a good idea, nor was she the person who called the bluff of a very salty NBC. Fun fact: This means that every Big 4 station in Providence has had McDermott involved in some role (WJAR for the year between the Young/MG and MG/LIN deals, WPRI/WNAC under post-LIN MG, now WLNE). I was thinking about this the other day. WLNE is the epitome of consistently ending up in the path of bad luck. Looking back. If Pulitzer held onto them in the early 80s instead of selling them to Freedom, they probably would be a Nexstar or TEGNA station today considering that a) Hearst would not have been able to keep them due to overlap with WCVB and b) that LIN and Gannett probably would've fought for the additional New England presence. If Freedom held onto them back in 2007, they would be a Sinclair station today. Probably a better outcome than what happened under Citadel. Hearst and Meredith both kicked the tires of WLNE back when Freedom had the "For Sale" sign up and both ran away when the price Freedom wanted was well above what either were willing to pay. Quite telling when broadcasters with relevant regional synergies that each own a powerhouse bail. When the clock struck midnight with Global, the speculation was that Belo and Nexstar were both interested, the former would've made a backdoor print/newspaper combination (A.H. Belo owned the ProJo at the time), the latter would've given them an actual station in the market and a JSA/SSA would've been formed with WLWC (this when WLWC was still Four Points-owned and Nexstar operated) Again, TEGNA or Nexstar versus Citadel. WLNE had a good niche under Global where they did newscasts in time periods others weren't - 4:00, 7:00 (pre-WJAR), later weekend mornings. While towards the end Global did silly things like preempt the 7:00 for an infomerical for the Genie Bra, it was at least something. All nuked by Citadel. If there was a broadcasting version of sports YouTuber UrinatingTree, WLNE would have its own Legacy of Failure.
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