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  1. scrabbleship

    Cox "Exploring Options" for Radio Cluster

    This is Hubbard's to lose. Of course, EMF will probably buy a bunch of stations they don't really need.
  2. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Probably try to run it out of WPTV or just hold onto it to eventually swap for something else. Terrier is screwed. I'm getting same vibe I got from Four Points or Newport or Local TV. There is nothing realistic to take anymore. As I said, if I'm Tegna I'm looking long and hard at WFXT right now. It's their only real path to any sort of expansion in New England short buying Hearst or hoping that Citadel gives up the ghost. It would be an improvement over the status quo and since Terrier lost their one path for anything in the Northeast short maybe Hubbard it's the right thing to do. Heck, have one buy 25 and the other buy Hearst. WCVB and WMUR can take care of themselves and Tegna/Scripps would be an improvement over the status quo in not-yet-HD Burlington and who-knows-when-they'll-go-HD Portland. WCVB is a strong station. If they can survive A Package they can survive C Clarity or Inergy. #Jealous #TerrierIsAWasteOfTime #FAnsin
  3. scrabbleship

    NBC trades away SB LV (Tampa 2021) to CBS for LVI (LA 2022)

    There were two superfluous Xs in there. I meant 55/56.
  4. scrabbleship

    NBC trades away SB LV (Tampa 2021) to CBS for LVI (LA 2022)

    I wonder if another element is that the delays of the new stadium in LA led them to switch from LV to LVI.
  5. scrabbleship


    I'm going WISH special. Dating back to the latter Young days, WATE has usually been in step with WTEN and WTEN's on deck for a refresh too. I wonder what might happen with WRIC now. IIRC Media General did nothing with them during their ownership.
  6. scrabbleship

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    I wonder how many of the people behind this are alumni of Boston University.
  7. scrabbleship

    Gray Television - General Thread

    I wonder if Nexstar would cast aside some odd outliers to make room for Morris. If they had the cap room it would be a clean deal and they would fit in well with their existing stations.
  8. scrabbleship

    Random WGN thread

    Nothing. The other teams will be going cable-exclusive on NBC Sports Chicago come 2019-20.
  9. EMF already bought a full-market LA FM when 100.3 came on the market during the Entercom buy of the CBS stations. I think that an EMF buy of KLOS would trigger a lot of red flags, especially how a non-profit would be able to afford the cost of a full-market commercial band FM station in LA twice. If they launch a third network, which at this point I wouldn't be shocked if they do, and end up buying a stable of stations for that which happen to be above 91.9, it would potentially raise eyebrows even with this FCC. At which point do you start to wonder if something is seriously up?
  10. Market presence? Using NYC and DC as examples, iHeart has a lot more skin in the game (5 FM's/1 AM in NYC, 5 FM's in DC plus an iHeart-controlled rimshot up in Frederick, MD) than Cumulus does/did (3 FM's/1 AM in NYC, 2 FM's/1 AM in DC). Considering that as it is the only buyer with money and will is a freaking nonprofit, I'd hate to see what iHeart's endgame is.
  11. How many major market Cumulus stations didn't come via Citadel or Susquehanna outside outliers like WCNN (owned separately by the Dickey family) and WNSH (the post-failed apocalypse Family Radio selldown)? The Citadel stations were already suffering after being taken off the teat of the Mouse, the Susquehanna stations have been a bit more and that company was the class of radio. With all the hand wringing about WPLJ, what might happen in DC will be interesting: WRQX is currently a Top 10 station and Entercom bailed on taking them on when they flipped WIAD last year. That and WGTS, the locally based CCM station, is VERY well-run and VERY local and will do anything they can to protect their turf. At the same time, who might end up with WMAL? Hubbard who should've made a deal for WRQX to begin with?
  12. Daystar then...oh crap.
  13. So if Tegna goes under the only company to rescue them would be...TBN?
  14. Just give them the option to sell ads or that if they wanted to cash out to a commercial operator that they could do so. It's only fair if EMF is the only company with money and scores of commercial stations are going noncommercial to even the score. Case in point: WGTS in the DC market, the CCM station that has about the same ratings as WRQX has now, should be able to sell a limited number of ads, perhaps alongside their underwriting/support tags, as a means of making more money and solidifying the locality they've had for so long. It would be fair to do so, what with a commercial allocation becoming basically dead out of sins such as sloth (of Cumulus, Hubbard had more than enough room to keep the status quo) and vainity (of EMF, who at this point is buying for the sake of buying and little else).
  15. I wonder if it's time to give up on the idea of reserving 88.1-91.9 for noncommercial use. If EMF is the only company with money anymore then surely segregating FM is an awful idea. When relatively profitable stations have no takers, you know your medium is screwed.

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