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  1. The anchor changes at WNYT weren't the biggest news to come out of there today. Steve Baboulis, GM since 1996 and an employee of the station since 1977, is retiring. Steve is much of why WNYT went from also-ran to powerhouse and while his "it worked I the 90s" attitude has been a little detrimental as of late, this is a huge loss for a station that's had a rough year personnel wise.
  2. May this Louisville hire work better than the last (ex-WHAS'er Paulina Bucka who left after only four months).
  3. WTZA didn't fail because people preferred the NYC and/or Albany stations, WTZA failed because the original owner (a noted regional developer) was in a money bind and had to sell the station and the Frenches were the first to buy. Unfortunately the Frenches had delusions of grandeur and wanted their local CNN wannabe even before purging all the syndication. RNN even worked until they bit off way more then they could chew. Had they focused on the Hudson Valley and maybe made some inroads in relevant areas (Fairfield County and full carriage in Westchester/Rockland), they could've eas
  4. This is the time to mention that in Boston - a Top 10 market - there is no station in Boston proper airing YBYL. WMUR has picked it up to air at the puzzling hour of 10:30 AM but still.
  5. It's a relic from when Wheel had a daytime version that has remained out of inertia if anything. The involved parties seem to like the status quo more than anything at this point.
  6. Scripps could've uploaded a few smaller Ion markets to Inyo and have been fine. Also, Graham...exists.
  7. That Freedom stayed on 6 in the name of tradition was always a frustrating move as you ended up with a signal that had better coverage of Rutland, Brattleboro, and Poughkeepsie more than much of Albany and Troy. The 720p simulcast on WCWN's .3 only could do so much.
  8. If memory serves me right "we" in the context of @TheRobwould be WDAF.
  9. Another day, another person leaving WNYT. And this one is a big name. After 42 years at WNYT, 4:00/4:30/6:00 PM anchor and health reporter Benita Zahn is leaving the station to work as a certified health coach. Her last day will be May 28th For those keeping score, this is the sixth departure at WNYT in as many months. A near unreal period of tumult for a station once known for being atypically stable.
  10. Jill Konopka, formerly of WFSB, WVIT, and WNYT, has resurfaced at WTIC. She had spent the last several months in Boston, trying to enter that market. Come to think of it, this puts her in relatively exclusive company to have worked at three stations in the Hartford market; the only others I can think of would be Al Terzi (original WTIC/WFSB, WTNH, current WTIC) and Janet Peckinpaugh (WTNH, WFSB, WVIT).
  11. All with Karen Meyers, now of WMUR's New Hampshire Chronicle (with stints at WTTG, WLNE, and NECN in-between).
  12. WLFL left Fox for the WB because Sinclair gave them a sweetheart affiliation deal, not because lack of news. What you speak of applies to what happened in Norfolk at the same time with WTVZ (I can't remember of WAVY already had a 10:00 on WVBT when they were WB). That same sweetheart deal also triggered UPN to WB switches in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio. WLFL's news did well even into their time as WB, it was Sinclair want to force everyone Fox/Netlet (and WXLV) onto News Central that led to its demise.
  13. Sinclair is a bit different. They built themselves on Fox and netlets, not the other way around.
  14. WRDC to Nexstar would fit like a glove. They could run the station a la WCTX with an expanded morning news and a primetime block with MNTV going to late nights. Bahakel would be too big to re-enter Raleigh (they owned WKFT before selling it to Univision). The company I'm thinking that would be a better fit for WLFL would be, oddly, Tegna. Owning a standalone CW would be a bit unconventional but their approach would stand out in this market and would give the market the fourth OTA outlet it should have. Also, it would be able to draw from and benefit WFMY and WCNC so a win-win of so
  15. Four. Jill Konopka took a "dream job" (which seems to be outside TV) in Boston though she seems to tweet like she's still a journalist. Perhaps it's a stepping stone of sorts, Boston is one of those markets full of alumni from Albany stations. If this was anyone else on the morning team or any of the remaining veteran anchors, I'd be a bit concerned. There is a huge chasm between "market vets" and "twentysomething kids" on both fronts there.

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