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  1. This works better in concept than in practice. An identical thing happened in 2012 when WGBH took over much of the operations of then-NHPTV - WGBH was taken off of Comcast systems in New Hampshire and Maine, NHPTV was taken off of systems in Massachusetts - but it's never that cut and dry. Even today, WGBH and what now is NHPBS are both carried on Directv, Dish, FiOS, RCN, and non-Comcast systems such as Spectrum, Metrocast, and TDS. Also, even with WMUR superserving New Hampshire it isn't like WCVB ignores it totally. More people in New Hampshire watch WCVB than you would think a
  2. Comcast to drop out-of-market Hearst stations on 38 different regions effective 12/2/20. Some of these make sense as much as the replacement is inferior, such as the ancestral carriage of WTAE in the Wheeling and Clarksburg/Fairmont DMA's or WCVB's carriage deep into Maine and Southeast Connecticut (which was simsubbed and syndex'd into oblivion). Some of these are disasters waiting to happen, such as a fair chunk of the New Hampshire part of the Burlington market losing access to WMUR or Bristol County, MA losing access to WCVB.
  3. Hearst and Comcast are doing some pruning of adjacent market stations effective in December. Some of the prunings are going to be met with some resistance, the biggest one probably being the removal of WMUR from the Comcast system serving Claremont/Hanover/Lebanon, NH. Waynesville, GA is right behind as of this they would have zero ABC service of any sort. Other fun droppings: A lot of out of market coverage for WBAL where WGAL, WRC, WRDE, and WCAU have a presence, anything out-of-Boston-DMA for WCVB (which is going to go over well in Bristol County), ancestral WTAE ter
  4. The company with the most teeth in an NBCO repeal would be Hearst. They're the last TV company of size with considerable newspaper holdings and in a way this could be one of the things that holds them back from expansion as a Hearst buy of most companies would have at least one conflict with a newspaper. Hearst is one of the few companies also openly playing both sides of the political spectrum so if they push this saying that the survival of a 130+ year old company is at stake, who would dare say no? NPG might be the other considering their aborted attempt to buy KQTV from Heartla
  5. If there is any GM at Meredith who is a cheerleader for the company, it's Dana Neves at WFSB. Part of me wants to give her the benefit of the doubt but part of me thinks something else might happen.
  6. Isn't Studio 10 produced by sales and not news? IIRC the only local lifestyle show that Meredith produces that is produced by news would be Better Connecticut. I'd pin this on storm coverage honestly. Though these cuts in a storm are shades of when the ties between WALA and WVUE were cut in the wake of Katrina. Graham on WALA would look pretty decent. WMC on WFSB would be a mess. WOIO would fit WFSB better to be honest.
  7. WFSB also fired their Assistant ND, their Nightside EP, and their entire art department. I said this in the Discord, but today I learned that TV were just passions for Eric Parker and Mike Cameron and that both are also practicing attorneys. Might this have played a role in how they got the boot versus someone who could lobby an age/sexuality suit at the station or someone whose departure would be a bad look on Meredith? It'll be interesting to see how WFSB's morning show goes along. In the last year and a half their former co-anchor downgraded to being a freelancer and the fo
  8. "We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas." - either the syndication market is that soft or the WNCN programming department has channeled Ned Flanders' parents. Besides, wasn't My Carolina Talk already a thing, namely after the affiliation switch to CBS? I wonder what they will do next year when Judy is out of production, Would they be crazy enough to maintain the status quo?
  9. I wonder how this would affect the Meredith-produced TV series including that wonderful People boondoggle starting next week. Would Four M Studios qualify as a TV interest or a national interest? On that note, the real sign of something being gravely wrong came last week when WFSB, flagship of the TV group, suddenly parted ways with lead anchor Dennis House on his 28th anniversary with the station. The timing of this move is very, very suspect. While Connecticut has been a success story for containing COVID, it's still going on and all indications showed that House's weekly
  10. I see this turned into a "WBZ Hates Wheel" post so I'll toss in more than a few cents as someone who grew up out of market. The woes of WoF/J! in the Boston market lay at the feet of one man: Edmund Ansin. He declined to pick up WHDH's contract to air the two shows and put us on the path the Boston market is now on. I'll always wonder why WBZ didn't pick the two shows up in 2001 rather than put the shows into eight years of being exiled to WSBK. Were ET and Hollywood Squares/The Insider really that important? The treatment the show had the first three years on WSBK - airin
  11. I thought it was more Media General wanting to even the score after CBS left WISH in the dust.
  12. Boston WBZ/WSBK: Drew Barrymore to 9:00 AM, Hot Bench to the same time on WSBK. Couples Court, which had been 9:00 AM on WSBK, goes MIA. The only other changes are some sitcom swapping in overnights on WSBK with How I Met Your Mother's broadcast rights going to LAFF. WCVB: No Changes WHDH: DailyMailTV moves over from WBTS for the 11:00/11:30 AM slot, replacing the out-of-syndication Chicago PD. No changes otherwise. WBTS: Access Daily returns at 11:00 AM, Rachael Ray moves to 2:00 PM (An aside: Nobody is on at Boston at 11:00 AM. Every other ET NBC O&O is on at 11:
  13. His age (57 in December) might be a strike against him in the book of Tegna. Which is ironic given how if Tribune was still around they'd have done it in a heartbeat, they did so for a 70ish Al Terzi after WFSB pressured him to retire. If he stays in TV, I'd put them a little behind WTNH. It'd be instant gravitas and credibility but for how long. As it was, Dennis was down to the 5:00, 6:00, and Face the State on Sunday mornings (which taped Thursday afternoons). I honestly see him tackling new media and/or the political realm before a return to TV.
  14. If the FTV Live post about WFSB and Dennis House parting ways is any indication, confirmation that WFSB shot themselves in the knee. He'd be a good get for WTNH on paper, but I'd put money on him going to WVIT. They have a habit of getting people that WFSB has cast aside and they're based in West Hartford, a town Dennis has championed and calls his home. That is if he doesn't dabble into politics now that he's lost his home of vetting candidates. Or writes the book that he's teased about writing (he'd join Kara on the bookshelf).
  15. I would buy the didn't renew part, especially considering that the way he spoke about WFSB was akin to that of being family, a fact compounded by the fact he met his wife there. Not only is she still on the payroll, her show in Better Connecticut returns in two weeks after six months of COVID-hiatus. Another thing to consider: Dennis' heart possibly hasn't been in anchoring since Denise's very sudden passing and the logical solution (Dennis/Kara as a pairing, it's COVID proof!) just couldn't work between Better taping at 10:00 AM and their having two kids at home. I don't think he

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