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  1. Would've made sense actually, given Hearst owning part of A&E and all of Litton.
  2. Didn't WPGX just launch a WMBB-produced 9:00 newscaar?
  3. No, it was Bianca. They met while both were students at Emerson in the early 90s, married while both were at WXXA in Albany, and divorced back in 2009.
  4. No, it was Bianca. They met while both were students at Emerson in the early 90s, married while both were at WXXA in Albany, and divorced back in 2009.
  5. When I saw the nominations, I knew that she'd have been a shoo-in for one.
  6. Fun Fact: Phil Lipof's first job (WTZA/WRNN) was alongside Ernie's daughter Nina. Additional Fun Fact: Somehow that old studio in Kingston was a house of chemistry as both Phil and Nina met their spouses (Juli Auclair later of WHDH/WFOR for Phil, WRGB's Greg Floyd for Nina) there as well. If Phil did replace Ernie, knowing the history, it might be lowkey hilarious.
  7. I've brought this up on the Discord before but it's relevant here: At this point, what is keeping WNYW from giving WWOR the WDCA treatment and starting up news in prime time? I know the dynamic in DC is different with WTTG doing significantly more news than WNYW, but I think and 8:00 and a 9:00 with MyNet on overnights would be a good idea. It works in DC, why wouldn't it in NYC?
  8. Somewhere David Wade is happy at the debacle he dodged. Seriously her leaving WCVB was one of the more bizarre moves to happen in that market.
  9. Isn't KMOV in the same boat with Great Day St. Louis? If Better KC is truly dead and Better Connecticut doesn't come back, it may add fuel to the fire of Meredith tapping out of broadcast. Especially if they'd kill the cash cow of the latter as that was winning its slot back in the 3:00 days and all signs pointed to a return to that time/60 minute length was a "when, not if" deal pre-COVID.
  10. The huge problem is that the consistency they want to one-up Today is impossible because Kelly & Ryan is in the way. How toxic would it be to bring back The Chew, or was that name sullied fully because of Mario Batali?
  11. This, for now, is curtains for Meredith's "Better" concept as Connecticut has been on hiatus since COVID hit. Also, Better KC was pay for play? From what I've seen of Connecticut they seem to strain to hide anything of the sort.
  12. Romines came in during the reign of terror of René LaSpina when they tried to become a smaller version of WHDH with Scott Chapin and the dreadful opens of the period. When he got actual power, he took WTEN from a competitive #3 to being #1 in the market by investing in talent and newsgathering which Media General and Nexstar saw as worthy. He's a good add and I think he'll right the ship. Remember, late 2000s WTEN was a debacle a few rungs ahead of "Hey Hey Carolinas".
  13. WTIC moved DBL from late night to the 2:00/2:30 PM which had been DailyMail TV (which moved to WCCT) a little while back. It would be a bit redundant to air it thrice in a period of not even three hours. Keep the 10:00 AM news - they're running unopposed and the competition isn't much - and stay away from a noon where WFSB and WTNH both do well. Otherwise... 11:00 AM: Wendy Williams (as is now) 12:00 PM: Mel Robbins -> Judge Mathis 1:00 PM: Judge Mathis -> People's Court 2:00 PM: DBL x2 (as is now) 3:00 PM: People's Court -> Nick Cannon (that is if they did get the rights) 4:00 PM: News -> Dr. Oz (from WFSB) 5:00 PM: News (as is now) 6:00 PM: 2.5 Men x2 -> News 7:00 PM: Big Bang Theory x2 -> Inside Edition/Entertainment Tonight (from WFSB) WCCT has more than enough room to take on 2.5 Men and BBT. If for some reason Nick Cannon ended up elsewhere, I know a good 3:00 show: 25 Words or Less. Nobody in Hartford picked it up and that time slot is a bit of a bloodbath as it is, even moreso if Better Connecticut was to return there as it more often than not won when it was on at 3:00.
  14. I think Raleigh might, might have a chance if for some reason the Hornets were to leave Charlotte. Given the incompetence of that franchise, I think the ground is salted there.
  15. Might there be a Speculatron post hidden in this sentence?
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