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  1. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    I would wait to see what happens with Cox but if Fox doesn't use their right of first refusal to buy back WFXT it would be a sign that Fox would probably pursue Sunbeam. They have the money to make a wild well-above-FMV offer that Ed couldn't refuse.
  2. scrabbleship

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    No, it is a part of a closing cut of Making a Difference that sounds like a predecessor to In-Sink.
  3. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Wouldn't merely raiding WTTV of it's CBS affiliation and moving it back to WISH be the eaisest move?
  4. scrabbleship

    Out & About

    Chet and Nat were married to others before they were married to each other and Chet had kids with his first wife. Heck, Jacobson was the last name of Nat's first husband! On the Boston tangent, Phil Lipof went down a similar path with his wife Juli (Auclair), first at WRNN (they met while detouring that way) then at WHDH back in the 90s.
  5. scrabbleship

    Out & About

    Elisa Streeter says goodbye to WTEN after 30 years. Some Highlights: A singalong with many of her former co-anchors and, for the Bay Area folks, a message from Terry McSweeney.
  6. scrabbleship

    CBS and Viacom seeking to merge... again

    Paw Patrol would like a word with you, but yes otherwise you're right on the money.
  7. scrabbleship

    Out & About

    I would not be shocked to see Inside Edition switch stations at this point, probably to WHDH as they could slot that at 7:30 while airing Extra solely at 11:30.
  8. scrabbleship


    WTEN and WNCN exist. WTEN already has a Capitol correspondent to feed their other New York stations (plus WFFF/WVNY), WNCN seems to be looking for one. WTEN and WNCN exist. WTEN already has a Capitol correspondent to feed their other New York stations (plus WFFF/WVNY), WNCN seems to be looking for one.
  9. scrabbleship

    Logos used after their retirement

    I know the exact intro you speak of, they were using it back during the NBC Stations era. It's impressive that that survived this year, especially since everything else that it lingered on (largely the interview area of the old set and their coffee mugs) was purged with the new set. Not to get too political, but that screams "why should we update this if an E/I rollback is inevitable?" deal even if such a rollback still hasn't happened. WNYT's logo tweaks in general always have had a glacial feeling to them. It took a good year to ease from the vertically-oriented Viacom-era arrangement to the horizontal Hubbard-era arrangement and the early 2000's had periods where the chubbier Viacom-era 13 was side by side with the (unshaded) skinnier Hubbard-era 13. If more 2002-04 stuff surfaced, it would further demonstrate the subtle yet stark difference between the two.
  10. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Harrisonburg is nearly twice the distance from Hagerstown than DC, Baltimore, even Harrisburg. Such a concept is totally not feasible. If Harrisonburg was going to be linked to any other market, it would've been Charlottesville before Gray began filling out both markets.
  11. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Yes. Via WTVR. WTVR's own obligations would often have a chance of zonking said newscast, I remember more than one case that severe weather or breaking news in Richmond led to WDCW's news being canceled for the night. Nexstar obviously wants WDVM to be something, they wouldn't have gotten back on FiOS and have gotten on some Comcast systems (Montgomery County, Alexandria, Arlington, Herndon/Reston) and have opened bureaus for Fairfax and Montgomery counties if they weren't. This could only help WDVM, especially in terms of carriage (Comcast in DC/Prince George's/Prince William/Loudoun counties, Directv, RCN) and in terms of program inventory given how WDVM resorts to blocks of H&I as filler seeing how their syndicated inventory is pretty much The Doctors and assorted Entertainment Studios filler. The carriage situation of then-WHAG wasn't as dire as you speak of. I know Cumberland (50 miles west of Hagerstown, roughly equidistant to DC, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh) dropped WRC for WHAG as soon as WHAG signed on and two years later still hasn't added WRC (their sole NBC is WJAC, added in the 90s).
  12. scrabbleship

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    What would qualify as "non-core" assets in this case? A lot of their smaller, more hopeless markets which just bring nothing to the table in this day and age? Or the duopoly/speculator bait? I think that this deal will have more headaches than the Sinclair deal would have just based on the scale of stations and the work needed to be done to meet the cap. Those shareholders are going to be earning some serious pocket change since if such deals as ComCorp and Media General are any indication, I see this dragging perhaps into 2020.
  13. scrabbleship

    Cleaning House at WTMJ

    I don't know what the bigger red flag is: Going haywire in market size (Milwaukee to Burlington back to Milwaukee to Mason City) or that he was one of those people who probably set up social media for his then-newborn at the start of the decade.
  14. scrabbleship

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    Yes, and yes. Heck, they still air Judge Mablean in the period between the noon news and The Bold and The Beautiful. I would say that WNCN is very lazy in terms of syndication, especially airing an hour of Judge Judy in access.
  15. scrabbleship

    Question about Market/Network Dominance

    I'd keep WDBJ there. The dynamic of that market is odd given how WSET owns the Lynchburg half yet struggles in the Roanoke half. Gray hasn't hit them that hard and the attention that Graham has lavished on WSLS hasn't paid that much in terms of dividends yet. It seems like CBS has less struggles in the bottom half of the Top 100. WINK, WCIA, WISC, KWTX/KBTX, WTOC, WBTW, and WCAX probably would also qualify as "dominant" and some dominate their part of a fragmented market (KFVS, WKRG). CBS's issues seem to be more in the Top 50 than in 51-100. ABC's duds seem to be concentrated in the middle plus they have some "superserve one chunk of the market" stations (think WSIL or WEAR). I can't really think of an NBC station that qualifies as WWJ/KDNL-level bad.

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