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  1. I'm surprised that all the effort was made to create a show airing solely in six markets when news would've been the cheaper option, especially when three of those six markets (NYC, Philly, Hartford) have nobody on at 7:00. If you crunch some numbers, every other Top 100 market in NYS/Pennsylvania/New England has someone on at 7:00 except those three so it's a viable hole to fill.
  2. It's not that hard to believe. WNYT is a station which is still stuck in the 90s in many ways - that they kept their 1995 vintage set until 2018 is probably Exhibit A. They never have had a ticker at any time of the day, their morning newscast still starts at 5:00 versus 4:30, their use of WNYA pales to that of WRGB's of WCWN or WTEN's of WXXA even. Much of this is at the feet of their longtime GM, Steve Baboulis, who has been GM since Hubbard took over at 1996, was ND during their worst-to-dominant period, and has been at the station in some form since 1977. For all of the "when (Benita/Jim/Elaine/Bob/Rodger/et Al.) retires 13 will not be the same" talk, when Steve calls it a career you know that stuff's going to go down at the hands of Hubbard...or whoever ends up with WNYT down the road. The "one of the newest members" caption makes me wonder if something else is going to go down. Bob finally calling it a career and someone new doing noon/4:00? Neal Estano re-calling it a career and someone new going on mornings? This could get interesting.
  3. WNYT has found their replacement for Greg Pollak, and has made history in doing so. Allison Finch, a current senior at UAlbany graduating this May, is the first woman meteorologist that WNYT has ever had, a good 25ish years since WRGB and WTEN did similar.
  4. If this happens, I so see the TV assets of Hubbard, at least the non-Minnesota assets, in play. KOB is nestled in-between Tegna's assets in Texas and Arizona and WNYT/WNYA and WHEC would be joining this: Buffalo: WGRZ (Tegna) Syracuse: WSYT (Cox) Binghamton: WICZ/WBPN (Cox) Elmira: WYDC/WJKP (Standard) On the New England side - and WNYT probably panders to the Berkshires and Bennington County the most of any Albany station - they'd join this: Boston: WFXT (Cox) Hartford: WTIC/WCCT (Tegna) Providence: WLNE (Standard) Portland: WCSH (Tegna) Bangor: WLBZ (Tegna) The only holes that MechaTegna + non-Minnesota Hubbard would have in the Northeast would be NYC, Burlington, Springfield, Utica, Watertown, and Preque Isle. And I think that Utica might end up off that board as any of these successor companies have a decent chance of landing WKTV. This is nothing to sneeze at. Problem is some of the basket cases there (WSYT, WICZ, WYDC, WLNE) need tons and tons of work.
  5. I wonder if the move from Newton to Needham played a role in the odd tech problem WBTS had during the third period of the Bruins/Penguins game where the main audio wasn't going through.
  6. Under Standard, under Tegna, or either? Under the latter case I can Tegna being a great help in Jonesboro (Memphis/Little Rock), Jackson (Memphis, reestablishing WATN/WLMT's links to that market), and especially Lafayette (Indianapolis).
  7. Nexstar could probably make their own app in conjunction with a couple of other groups and do fine. As it is NewsON has seemingly capped how many stations per market can be on there and adding Nexstar back would be a headache waiting to happen.
  8. Nexstar could probably make their own app in conjunction with a couple of other groups and do fine. As it is NewsON has seemingly capped how many stations per market can be on there and adding Nexstar back would be a headache waiting to happen.
  9. However bad WLNE and KLKN are, whatever Tegna is doing now would be a marked improvement and both markets are so stale that it would be a breath of fresh air. The real factor here would be the ex-Waypoint stations. Those are hot messes at best and lost causes at worst and would be a massive headache for anyone to deal with. The situation Cox management is facing with the ex-Northwest stations pales to this. On that tangent: If Tegna/Standard becomes a thing, why does the idea of Coxpollo unloading WFXT and perhaps some of the ex-Northwest lost cuses (KYMA and KPVI come to mind) to Tegna sound like a doable transaction?
  10. With all this Coxpollo chopper grounding talk, I wonder what the fate of WFXT's chopper is. Or would the volatile nature of that market make a grounding unfeasible at the current time?
  11. Remember the panic when what was then to be called Terrier Media was announced, that the ex-Northwest stations would be an albatross on the legacy Cox stations? This would make that seem quaint. Standard's stations are all bottom feeders and need work that some C Clarity and NXT graphics and Oooohs just can't fix.
  12. Wasn't it at WSOC/WAXN to begin with? Or was it filler on WBTV?
  13. Having known him since his days as an MBTA blogger back when he was a student at Suffolk, good to see a jump. One more gig from the inevitable gig back home (Boston).
  14. Let's be fair: Has Nexstar changed any of the domains of any of the ex-Tribune stations?
  15. Speculatron thread made. Part of me sees this as Florida Man doing Florida Man things or Grandpa Simpson yelling at a cloud. The other half sees this as potentially catastrophic for Coxpollo. Adding in the ex-Northwest stations, Cox has Fox affiliates in nine other markets. Some of those markets might be a bit difficult to find stations in, The Delta (where Cox has a monopoly) and possibly Jacksonville (WJXT seems to be fine not pursuing a network) among them.
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