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  1. If there is any GM at Meredith who is a cheerleader for the company, it's Dana Neves at WFSB. Part of me wants to give her the benefit of the doubt but part of me thinks something else might happen.
  2. Isn't Studio 10 produced by sales and not news? IIRC the only local lifestyle show that Meredith produces that is produced by news would be Better Connecticut. I'd pin this on storm coverage honestly. Though these cuts in a storm are shades of when the ties between WALA and WVUE were cut in the wake of Katrina. Graham on WALA would look pretty decent. WMC on WFSB would be a mess. WOIO would fit WFSB better to be honest.
  3. WFSB also fired their Assistant ND, their Nightside EP, and their entire art department. I said this in the Discord, but today I learned that TV were just passions for Eric Parker and Mike Cameron and that both are also practicing attorneys. Might this have played a role in how they got the boot versus someone who could lobby an age/sexuality suit at the station or someone whose departure would be a bad look on Meredith? It'll be interesting to see how WFSB's morning show goes along. In the last year and a half their former co-anchor downgraded to being a freelancer and the former traffic person became co-anchor.
  4. "We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas." - either the syndication market is that soft or the WNCN programming department has channeled Ned Flanders' parents. Besides, wasn't My Carolina Talk already a thing, namely after the affiliation switch to CBS? I wonder what they will do next year when Judy is out of production, Would they be crazy enough to maintain the status quo?
  5. I wonder how this would affect the Meredith-produced TV series including that wonderful People boondoggle starting next week. Would Four M Studios qualify as a TV interest or a national interest? On that note, the real sign of something being gravely wrong came last week when WFSB, flagship of the TV group, suddenly parted ways with lead anchor Dennis House on his 28th anniversary with the station. The timing of this move is very, very suspect. While Connecticut has been a success story for containing COVID, it's still going on and all indications showed that House's weekly "Face The State" specials on Thursday nights with Gov. Lamont were going to resume in the Fall. There's an election in two months, and while this is an "off" cycle for the US Senate seats in Connecticut it still is a crucial election. While WFSB can, and has, easily plugged Capitol correspondent Susan Raff to host the main Face the State on Sunday mornings, it still is a bad look, Heck the banner image on WFSB's page for Face the State speaks a ton. This comes less than a year after the very sudden death of Denise D'Ascenzo, a tragedy that left the station catatonic. While this could play a role, Dennis and Denise had a very close relationship as "TV spouses" and "the [opposite gender sibling they] never had", it still isn't a good look given the above especially since it was truly Dennis leaving on his own volition you know they would've milked a goodbye and set up a plan of succession. This said... Meredith is still under a hiring freeze, still hasn't found a replacement for the aforementioned Denise (though finding the right person + COVID hasn't helped), and for men has a bench that boils down to...not much. Hard to build a bench when your station sees little movement. Oh, and let's consider that WFSB still employs his wife. For whom in part they're reviving the last gasp of the "Better" format six months after a COVID hiatus and a year after it got cut from an hour to a half hour. This is a good look on nobody at all, much more Meredith than a very atypically silent Dennis.
  6. I see this turned into a "WBZ Hates Wheel" post so I'll toss in more than a few cents as someone who grew up out of market. The woes of WoF/J! in the Boston market lay at the feet of one man: Edmund Ansin. He declined to pick up WHDH's contract to air the two shows and put us on the path the Boston market is now on. I'll always wonder why WBZ didn't pick the two shows up in 2001 rather than put the shows into eight years of being exiled to WSBK. Were ET and Hollywood Squares/The Insider really that important? The treatment the show had the first three years on WSBK - airing in the 6:00 hour from 2001-03 and the 5:00 hour in the 2003-04 season - did a ton of damage as well. At a time when most timeshifting was still on VHS, it just didn't work and by the time they moved it to the 7:00 hour the damage was done. The move of the two shows to WBZ in 2009 seemed a bit hasty, especially knowing that they were already tied into the deal for Patriots-related programming (that began in 2006). You'd think that even as corporate sisters CBSTD would have seen a good 25-30 preemptions a year in a Top 10 market as a major red flag. The "watch out of market" option just isn't feasible anymore: WMTW got purged in New Hampshire after Hearst took over, WWLP is on one system on the fringe of Worcester County, WNNE (which was on cable as close as Concord NH until the mid 2010s) no longer exists, and most importantly WPRI got purged from systems in Plymouth County/the Cape and Islands the last time Xfinity and Nexstar reupped their deal. Your options besides "DVR overnight" are an antenna or piracy. A lot of these issues could've been avoided if WoF/J! had either been on WBZ all along or had they had moved in 2004 after Hollywood Squares ended. For one, it would've mean that the Patriots would've had to have taken a backseat and your number of preemptions of new episodes would dwindle to All Access before a Thursday night game or preseason when both are in reruns anyway. The garbage treatment WoF/J! get in Boston is foreign to just about anywhere else I've been. The three stations I grew up with them on (WABC, WTNH, WTEN) probably preempt them less combined in a year than WBZ does on its own. Heck, during the Fall of 2014 - when CBS had TNF and WBZ hosted political debates for several races, there were weeks where Jeopardy was airing in pattern twice in a five show week! Punting them to WSBK on Fridays would make perfect sense...if it wasn't for reruns of The Big Bang Theory having the highest ratings in the market at that time of something not called Wheel, Jeopardy!, or Chronicle (WCVB's 7:00 may be here now too to be fair). Yes, somehow a show with tons of reruns elsewhere can't be thrown overboard for one night save for the J! ToC. Bazinga! Remember during the outset of COVID when ABC O&O's were preempting Wheel reruns with WNT replays and people complained? Welcome to Boston any week from August to February. Even moving to WFXT, an option not possible in 2001, would result in less preemptions if other ET/CT Fox stations with the pair (WALA, WBFF, WSYT, WVUE, WXIX) come to mind. For a market with this many issues, it's amazing that the only syndicated shows with no clearance are the Atlanta-based MGM/Orion court shows and the only things with a really bad clearance are anything Byron Allen less Funny You Should Ask. At least Boston isn't Hartford with multiple vanity projects at 7:30, syndication pioneers in overnights, multiple shows not cleared, unnecessary double runs, and the same Catholic Mass on two stations at the same time. On this note, two shows that lacked Hartford clearances finally have homes thanks to the Tegna duo! They might have passed on Dr. Oz and ET, but they picked up Right This Minute (WTIC, 3:00 AM hour) and 25 Words or Less (WCCT, 4:00 AM hour). Boston may have issues with two shows but Hartford seems to be an all-around mess. In fact, it seems like the whole lower half of New England has issues somehow (Springfield's ignorance of NBCU product, Providence and WLNE).
  7. I thought it was more Media General wanting to even the score after CBS left WISH in the dust.
  8. Boston WBZ/WSBK: Drew Barrymore to 9:00 AM, Hot Bench to the same time on WSBK. Couples Court, which had been 9:00 AM on WSBK, goes MIA. The only other changes are some sitcom swapping in overnights on WSBK with How I Met Your Mother's broadcast rights going to LAFF. WCVB: No Changes WHDH: DailyMailTV moves over from WBTS for the 11:00/11:30 AM slot, replacing the out-of-syndication Chicago PD. No changes otherwise. WBTS: Access Daily returns at 11:00 AM, Rachael Ray moves to 2:00 PM (An aside: Nobody is on at Boston at 11:00 AM. Every other ET NBC O&O is on at 11:00. Why not you, WBTS?) WFXT: Mel Robbins is replaced at 2:00 PM by...a mix of E/I and random 2018-19 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? reruns. WLVI: No Changes Hartford/New Haven WFSB: Better Connecticut returns at 3:00 PM, replacing Dr. Oz which it appears has not been picked up by anyone. People (the TV Show!) takes the 7:30 PM slot Entertainment Tonight had for nearly 20 years. WTNH: Drew Barrymore to 10:00 AM with Rachael Ray moving to WCTX at 1:00 PM. Also, Entertainment Tonight ends up here at...1:37 AM. That isn't a replay of an earlier airing on WCTX, that's the main run! WCCT: Some show swapping but nothing major. WVIT: No Changes. This includes the albatross known as All Access. WCTX: Some afternoon shuffling: Tamron Hall to 2:00 PM, the Dr. Phil replay to 4:00 PM, the second run of Judge Judy to 7:00/7:30 PM. WTIC: Judge Mathis takes the Noon slot held by Mel Robbins. 6:00-8:00 PM is still sitcoms. Albany WRGB: No Changes WTEN: Dr. Oz to 9:00 AM from WNYA, replacing Mel Robbins. A second run in overnights, replacing reruns of The Game. WNYT: Drew Barrymore to 11:00 AM, bumping Tamron Hall to 2:37 AM (WNYA is airing it at the more sane hour of 7:00 PM). WXXA: Some minor show swapping of court shows nobody watches. The Friday night double run of Judge Judy (7:30 PM) and TMZ (11:00 PM) are being nixed for football season for two Nexstar-produced football shows, the Giants/Jets-centric WTEN-based NY Blitz and the Patriots-centric WPRI-based NE Nation. WCWN: A second run of Steve Wilkos replaces America Says at 4:00 WNYA: Dateline reruns to 6:00 PM and a second run of Drew Barrymore at 3:00 PM, plus some random things dumped on overnights. Springfield WSHM: Drew Barrymore to 9:00 AM with Kelly & Ryan going to parent WGGB. People (the TV Show!) replaces ET at 7:30 with ET moving to 1:37 AM. WGGB: Wendy Williams goes solely to WGGB.2, Rachael Ray moves an hour later to 10:00 AM. They get a second run of People(!) at 1:07 AM, this while quadruple running Family Feud surrounding the early evening news blocks. WGGB.2: A bunch of low-grade court show shuffling, plus Maury replacing Chicago PD at 4:00 PM. The two hours of reruns of The Simpsons is now one with Last Man Standing and Modern Family going to double runs. Oh, and the 10:35 PM run of ET becomes, yes, People(!). WWLP: No Changes. Meredith is going to flat out tank themselves with People(!), aren't they?
  9. His age (57 in December) might be a strike against him in the book of Tegna. Which is ironic given how if Tribune was still around they'd have done it in a heartbeat, they did so for a 70ish Al Terzi after WFSB pressured him to retire. If he stays in TV, I'd put them a little behind WTNH. It'd be instant gravitas and credibility but for how long. As it was, Dennis was down to the 5:00, 6:00, and Face the State on Sunday mornings (which taped Thursday afternoons). I honestly see him tackling new media and/or the political realm before a return to TV.
  10. If the FTV Live post about WFSB and Dennis House parting ways is any indication, confirmation that WFSB shot themselves in the knee. He'd be a good get for WTNH on paper, but I'd put money on him going to WVIT. They have a habit of getting people that WFSB has cast aside and they're based in West Hartford, a town Dennis has championed and calls his home. That is if he doesn't dabble into politics now that he's lost his home of vetting candidates. Or writes the book that he's teased about writing (he'd join Kara on the bookshelf).
  11. I would buy the didn't renew part, especially considering that the way he spoke about WFSB was akin to that of being family, a fact compounded by the fact he met his wife there. Not only is she still on the payroll, her show in Better Connecticut returns in two weeks after six months of COVID-hiatus. Another thing to consider: Dennis' heart possibly hasn't been in anchoring since Denise's very sudden passing and the logical solution (Dennis/Kara as a pairing, it's COVID proof!) just couldn't work between Better taping at 10:00 AM and their having two kids at home. I don't think he heads back to TV this soon, I could see politics, I could see something else in the media, I could even see him helping out Denise's husband and daughter with the nonprofit they set up in her memory. This picture was on Dennis' Instagram story earlier today and very similar one was on Kara's. At first thought it comes off about the new month and their son's birthday being today. In hindsight, it seems like an omen.
  12. I think you'll see a horse race market a la Albany with no clear dominant station. It also wonders whose decision this was: If Meredith wanted him out, they shot themselves in the knee. If Dennis wanted out, it was another bad wound for a station already taking wounds. Oh, the station also has no male bench. Mark Zinni's a great guy but he can't do everything.
  13. 28 years and one day after starting at WFSB, Dennis House and the station have parted ways.
  14. TV Passport only goes to the 7th for me and Zap2It won't let me go past the 12th even in grid form.
  15. Which listings source goes to the 14th already? None of the ones I use (Zap2It and TitanTV) do.
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