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  1. In that case, I'll go WTIC. They can use a little refresh to be honest.
  2. WPRI hasn't gotten new anything since they went HD eight years and two owners ago. They're due.
  3. Pour one out for the end of the Ed Hopkins era at WNYT. As of today, they switched from Keynote to the NBC version of 360's 360 and took to Instagram for the occasion: Skimming through NewsOn, which WNYT has issues with as opens are clipped, Steve Stone is now on the talent opens.
  4. This slipped through the cracks, but WFXT's Blair Miller is headed to Cox's Washington, DC bureau. His last day was this past Friday (September 6th).
  5. I don't think things are technologically that bad. Sets and the grade Z diagrid ripoff graphics need to be junked ASAP though. In the case of WLNE, they need to make a concerted effort to improve and maintain it long term. The two times that there has been decent investment in their product (the late 70s/early 80s under Pulitzer and the late 2000s under Global) they built some headway until new ownership blew it all up. As with both times, WJAR is in a state of flux once again and there could be an opening in that market if they take any loss.
  6. Something seems very screwy on either my end or their end. I'll show a screencap because if you not the timings alongside that of WTIC something is very broken. As it is, they're shuffling a whole bunch of stuff around. That Dr. Phil replay had been at 7:00 PM, Family Feud is moving into the 7:00 hour, Tamron Hall is going to 4:00 PM, TMZ is moving from late night to 5:00 PM paired alongside ExtraExtra.
  7. Zap2It is saying similar. I'm getting the feeling that this is a move to try do drum Dr. Oz out since their ratings are so going to tank in that 3:00 hour. Find some patsy, namely WCCT or WCTX, to take that deal on and all gets solved in time to accomodate People TV next year. On the tangent of WCTX, Zap2It has them down for joining the 9:00 PM news brigade as of 9/9 with the second MyNet half hour's fate being unknown. This would make them the second market in the Northeast with such a split arrangement, WNYA in the Albany market doing it first as of this past April.
  8. Boston, as of 9/9 at least: WBZ: No changes. WCVB: Tamron Hall at 10:00 AM, Chronicle repeats at 12:30 PM as filler until 25 Words or Less starts up. WHDH: Outside the change of Extra to ExtraExtra, no changes. WBTS: DailyMailTV x2 to 2:00/2:30, Kelly Clarkson at 3:00. WFXT: Mel Robbins is supposed to be at 3:00 as of 9/16. I don't know who would swap slots but the 1:00 hour being vacated by Face the Truth is being filled by repeats of ET and TMZ for the week of 9/9. WSBK: No apparent changes. WLVI: No changes. WMUR: Tamron Hall at 10:00 AM, Kelly Clarkson at 3:00 PM(!), New Hampshire Chronicle repeats at 7:30 PM for identical reasons to WCVB. The reasoning for the odd sharing of Kelly Clarkson probably links to this: NBC and Hearst were the first two markets to sign on to the show and it was the easiest way to settle who got what.
  9. Source on this? This seems a bit odd given how Better Connecticut regularly does well at 3:00 against Dr. Phil on WTNH and Ellen on WVIT and how Dr. Oz has seemingly been in decline.
  10. WFSB is launching a 4:30 PM newscast on September 9th. This just broke yesterday so no idea what they are slotting at 4:00 PM, this year at least.
  11. Didn't a lot of the colleges that did advertise on them shut down during Obama's second term when the Education Department went hard after them?
  12. Before Cablevision/Optimum/Altice had all of the systems on Long Island on board, News 12 was offered to any systems that Cablevision didn't own. I know the then-TCI headend in Brookhaven carried News 12 for years until Cablevision took over that system in the late 90s. I think the distinction is more competition. The NECN example is a bit different as even now Comcast still misses fair chunks of New England - most of Fairfield County, some other splotches of Connecticut, the Worcester area, the Berkshires, northern New Hampshire, most of Maine, and all of Rhode Island. The last one has never been rectified as Cox still refuses to add NECN for unknown reasons. In that case, the competition (FiOS, Hulu, YTTV, PSVue) has the leg up on the legacies.
  13. Wouldn't a sale mediate any conflict. I remember Media General having a conflict with Dish which coincidentally ended the day before their merger with Young closed.
  14. WTNH picks up that feed as well.
  15. Good to see him make the big time. I remember when he was tapped by WTEN to restart their sports department at the start of this decade. Good to see him make the big time. I remember when he was tapped by WTEN to restart their sports department at the start of this decade.
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