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  1. Not to get off topic, but are any operations handled at their studios along the 183 in NW Dallas? No photos (driving), but when I went by last week, there were a lot of cars in front of the station. To go along with that, I spotted a vintage WGNO sat truck parked in the back, with a few other live trucks, all still marked in their old ABC 26 branding. Graveyard?
  2. n925tv

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    Why would he return to KFMB when he had a "not so ceremonious" exit? Seems likely to me he's talking about turmoil going on inside one of the newsrooms here and him not making a return to television. He's thrown in the towel on meteorology reporting.
  3. n925tv

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    The plot thickens....
  4. n925tv

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    You must be fun at parties.
  5. So are they only connected to the Soledad site for the Chopper? I thought they had multiple "uplink" mountain sites, looks like up even in LA?
  6. She is up there, you can tell because the camera work is so horrible. I'm sure there is more of a reason they hired Jenny, but I have a feeling it's also due to how clueless Markham is up in the Chopper. I remember there was a short pursuit on the 11AM a year back, CBS was carrying it live. It was in the SDSU MidCity area, and Markham was a train wreck narrating up there. I recall Dan Cohen asking her where she was, she literally said she had no idea. Long pauses, sounded very frustrated and very unprepared for what was going on. Poor Chopper 8 yesterday, could barely keep up with the car going at freeway speeds... chugga chugga!! Signal crapped out when they reached the Lake Hodges area on the 15, causing Fox 5 scramble and cut to break. When the signal was present, looked like it was being transmitted from the Chopper using some LiveU unit, pixilated cellular like quality. I'm sure this is due to the amount of times the video is processed and scrambled down the line? Was very pathetic, yet entertaining to watch. Where's NewsChopper/SkyRanger 7 Alpha/Bravo? Come on NBC... (if City got a R44 then we have no excuses for SAN...)
  7. Tegna and KFMB are seeking your help to pay the bills next month. Only $2900 bucks to own a piece of Midwest Broadcasting history! Just imagine the number of reporters and photographers who have graced the presence of this E250! Gently used, clean, low mileage, no breakdowns, and full of the latest CRT and analog technology! Please, let's make sure that Barbara Lee isn't living in her car on Engineer Road next month. Thank you for your generosity for this worthy cause, and together we can prove that #TegnaCares.
  8. It's C-FNPQ, a R44 naturally. Former recent CIII-TV Global News chopper, as well as previously for sister Corus radio station AM640 CFMJ, and further back as CHCH's chopper. "Chopper 680" has been flying since the start of the month for the radio, now ready for the technical side of City. Port side has 680 News logos, while the Starboard side has the CityNews logos. Slowly getting back in the game City, sadly still without a pulse.
  9. On this Carlsbad, CA edition of "Whose News Van Is It Anyway?" I see rust (grey hair), something Tegna despises... @Eat News I found your home.
  10. Could Mediaite at least *try* to hide their biases? That short statement from Steve Cohen doesn't even admit defeat or backtracking from KUSI. And you all wonder why CNN and all of these media companies are called Fake News? Then KUSI does *1* little thing, oh god what a disaster; state run propaganda! Oh but it's ok, CNN, MSNBC, and everyone else can continue their TrumpBash2K20 all day long. DOA.
  11. Was there nearly as much equipment up there back in the day? Must've been crazy to be in the middle of nowhere as well, with no residential development around! I've gotta try the Mt. San Miguel hike one day with all the transmitters up there.
  12. KSWB has been using their old (2013 era) main anchor desk for Election Coverage at Golden Hall in Downtown San Diego tonight. They also brought out the 2013 era set panels, that were briefly used in their couch setup in front of the control room. Rather interesting they busted out both of these elements for tonight, let alone kept them in storage all this time.
  13. Once again, unless you have rock solid direct proof, there is no evidence of Trump spearheading the violence that occurred today directly and saying for people to do these things against the Democrats or News Media. If you know for sure 1000% that the person(s) who did this act were influenced by Trump, I'm sure the FBI would love to have a chat with you at your earliest convenience. And CNN's constant degrading coverage 24/7 isn't making their case better, IMO. Just look at their ratings, they do all the talking. And for the record, I don't believe in the childish "CNN Sucks" chants. While I certainly don't agree with the direction they have taken their channel, I actually still hope that one day news coverage will go back to the golden days of factual based reporting and not all of this sensationalized crap (fat chance). I am not angrily arguing with you, just stating my analysis and critical thinking beyond. We don't have to disagree, and it's very healthy for us to have reasonable discussion here (as we are). You have valid points, I have valid points, we certainly don't see eye to eye. But there is one thing we can all agree on, and that is these terroristic acts are absolutely NOT acceptable in this country and need to stop. Whoever is doing them should be punished to the fullest extend of the law.
  14. KRQE's new set debuted tonight, with the standard Nexstar look and our oh so favorite Dalek Desk. This new set replaces their original HD set which debuted in 2010. Also included in the mix was a new graphics package and music theme. They also did a slight "update" to their logo, by adding the CBS logo on the bottom right corner of their current logo. Set Tour: Timelapse: Their graphics so far are working out great as well... ahh first day with the graphics, always a joy!
  15. Sure he's said that, I don't completely agree with him for saying that, there are times where it should be dialed down. I still can't believe we are saying "this is on him" when the FACTS haven't even come out yet. Good god. If Trump said, "Go and Bomb CNN and MSNBC" then sure, yes I agree with you then. But until a specific order is given, no way you can connect it. Bombs were sent to other Democratic people as well, not just CNN too, remember that. This could be a horrible coincidence, some crazy (non political motivated) wack job that we have to deal with in this country. Could be from an external source not even in our country. There are a million different possibilities that can cause this, and we know zilch. What happened to CNN's Apple and #FACTSFIRST? Hmm...
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