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  1. KTLA's Sky 5 helicopter N925TV has been out for the past couple of weeks getting refurbishments. She's back now to match all of the KTLA fleet vehicles and branding, looking bright blue!
  2. Unlike others who seem to hate living in this country, I personally think that playing the national anthem is a welcome sight on television. We should be proud for the freedoms that we have living in the United States of America, and we shouldn't be afraid to show it for a few moments during the broadcast day. I doubt those of you who are opposed to this will even be watching television during the time the anthem plays. We'll see if any other broadcasters follow suit!
  3. Partial footage of the landing from KGTV:
  4. According to Deb Henke, it was Jo Eager that was inside the Chopper when it crashed and not Markham.
  5. "Chopper 8" was the lead in story on the top of the 5 on KFMB. They had a live reporter out there, who said the Chopper had a "rough landing on the runway" and then had a small fire which was quickly extinguished. I didn't see any fire damage from any of the photos, so who knows. After the report was done, Carlo made sure to read the disclaimer saying that although all of their logos are on it, it's a third party Chopper shared by all TV stations. He continued by saying the pilot and passenger on board are not KFMB employees, but they're friends and their thoughts go out to them. Pretty much everything that was stated in the online story was copy and pasted into the telepromter.
  6. All the usual jokes aside about Chopper 8, I am very glad that everyone is alive and will recover from this. However, I wonder what will happen from here on out? Is the Chopper still in the works with Welk Aviation/ACA in Pacoima, would they send down the A-Star like before? I am sure the local news chopper agreement is still in place, and they must provide a Chopper for all outlets? Who knows, maybe this is the final straw for 8? For any of you fellow AvGeeks out there, here is the data from the last flight 218GH had. https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/n218gh#21de1bb6
  7. Not to get off topic, but are any operations handled at their studios along the 183 in NW Dallas? No photos (driving), but when I went by last week, there were a lot of cars in front of the station. To go along with that, I spotted a vintage WGNO sat truck parked in the back, with a few other live trucks, all still marked in their old ABC 26 branding. Graveyard?
  8. n925tv

    Out & About

    Why would he return to KFMB when he had a "not so ceremonious" exit? Seems likely to me he's talking about turmoil going on inside one of the newsrooms here and him not making a return to television. He's thrown in the towel on meteorology reporting.
  9. n925tv

    Out & About

    The plot thickens....
  10. n925tv

    Out & About

    You must be fun at parties.
  11. So are they only connected to the Soledad site for the Chopper? I thought they had multiple "uplink" mountain sites, looks like up even in LA?
  12. She is up there, you can tell because the camera work is so horrible. I'm sure there is more of a reason they hired Jenny, but I have a feeling it's also due to how clueless Markham is up in the Chopper. I remember there was a short pursuit on the 11AM a year back, CBS was carrying it live. It was in the SDSU MidCity area, and Markham was a train wreck narrating up there. I recall Dan Cohen asking her where she was, she literally said she had no idea. Long pauses, sounded very frustrated and very unprepared for what was going on. Poor Chopper 8 yesterday, could barely keep up with the car going at freeway speeds... chugga chugga!! Signal crapped out when they reached the Lake Hodges area on the 15, causing Fox 5 scramble and cut to break. When the signal was present, looked like it was being transmitted from the Chopper using some LiveU unit, pixilated cellular like quality. I'm sure this is due to the amount of times the video is processed and scrambled down the line? Was very pathetic, yet entertaining to watch. Where's NewsChopper/SkyRanger 7 Alpha/Bravo? Come on NBC... (if City got a R44 then we have no excuses for SAN...)
  13. Tegna and KFMB are seeking your help to pay the bills next month. Only $2900 bucks to own a piece of Midwest Broadcasting history! Just imagine the number of reporters and photographers who have graced the presence of this E250! Gently used, clean, low mileage, no breakdowns, and full of the latest CRT and analog technology! Please, let's make sure that Barbara Lee isn't living in her car on Engineer Road next month. Thank you for your generosity for this worthy cause, and together we can prove that #TegnaCares.
  14. It's C-FNPQ, a R44 naturally. Former recent CIII-TV Global News chopper, as well as previously for sister Corus radio station AM640 CFMJ, and further back as CHCH's chopper. "Chopper 680" has been flying since the start of the month for the radio, now ready for the technical side of City. Port side has 680 News logos, while the Starboard side has the CityNews logos. Slowly getting back in the game City, sadly still without a pulse.
  15. On this Carlsbad, CA edition of "Whose News Van Is It Anyway?" I see rust (grey hair), something Tegna despises... @Eat News I found your home.
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