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  1. TEGNA being the way they are... winner goes to the lowest bidder, putting all qualifications aside.
  2. You're entitled to your opinion. Just remember why ordinary folks are bashing and second guessing the media... because they're injecting careless and opinions to fit their narrative. Just like what you're doing.
  3. And how does this worthless comment have anything to do with television news? Hope you feel vindicated.
  4. Where are the journalistic values of unbiased, factual reporting WJFW has to air this factually incorrect ad - disgusting.
  5. CNN is still on television, color me shocked! First time tuning to their channel in the past little while, and it's so refreshing to see such objective, non-biased reporting in their chyrons. (rolls eyes) Doesn't matter what your politics are, if you care anything about this business, you should realize how bad this looks towards the profession. Report without bias first, ask questions later, and share opinions late at night.
  6. Not to stick my head in, but I think it's an important note that was made by the original user's post. First before you or anyone else attacks me for my opinion, my true profound thoughts are with the tri-state area, and our entire country and World as we suffer through this unthinkable disaster. We will overcome and we will become stronger from this as a nation. However, it is very important to note that this is a valid point. CNN and Jeff Zucker love to sensationalize the story. Think about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." This is exactly what CNN, along with all of the other cable news channels, h
  7. Random question, not sure if this is the right place to post. When it comes to 30 Rock's NBC operations, I noticed there's no satellite dishes on the top of the building, just the doppler. Is everything fibered or microwaved in from another location? I noticed CNBC in New Jersey has quite the dish farm at their facilities, maybe microwaved in from there? Many thanks.
  8. First of all, my thoughts and prayers to everyone in Nashville killed and impacted by the tornadoes. WTVF's Sky 5 chopper (N5TV) is based out of the John Tune Airport (JWN). That airport was severely impacted and took a direct hit by the tornadoes. NC5 was airing live footage from a chopper earlier today, courtesy of handheld video shot from the door of a Chopper. According to FlightAware, this was not N5TV their chopper. N90CL was shuttled from St. Louis to Nashville this afternoon and is now providing live footage for WTVF. Might be safe to say either Sky 5 is damaged, or inacce
  9. Great work for the list, that's awesome! Thank you for it. One clarification. KTTV and KCBS/KCAL share 1 chopper both in the morning and evening, so only 1 is flying at a time for them. KTTV has Rick Dickert up for their morning show, while KCBS is using the feed from the same chopper for their morning show. In the evening, Stu Mundel for KCBS is up there, while KTTV is just using the feed from the same chopper. N12YJ is the back up for all ACA, usually KTLA. N61HL also needs to be added for ACA as a backup. Sorry, I edited my original post to show ACA info above.
  10. Helinet: N71HD is KABC's main Air 7 HD since 2005, with the branding scheme. It is not used by any other station for video feed or on-air reporting. This ship has the Shotover camera for the MapTracking system. Helinet, the provider for KABC/KCBS/KCAL/KTTV/KMEX always flip flops whatever backup choppers they have, as needed. N828AP is one of Helinet's newest A-Stars, and that is now used as the primary backup ship for KABC. It was the first to have the call sign taken off of the online tracking servers. N828AP is in a black color scheme, and is occasionally used for outside production purposes
  11. KTLA's Sky 5 helicopter N925TV has been out for the past couple of weeks getting refurbishments. She's back now to match all of the KTLA fleet vehicles and branding, looking bright blue!
  12. Unlike others who seem to hate living in this country, I personally think that playing the national anthem is a welcome sight on television. We should be proud for the freedoms that we have living in the United States of America, and we shouldn't be afraid to show it for a few moments during the broadcast day. I doubt those of you who are opposed to this will even be watching television during the time the anthem plays. We'll see if any other broadcasters follow suit!
  13. Partial footage of the landing from KGTV:
  14. According to Deb Henke, it was Jo Eager that was inside the Chopper when it crashed and not Markham.

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