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  1. Going back to an earlier question, why wouldn't Deerfield want to give AT&T a fair deal if they can't tie it into Sinclair, and knowing if they did, they might just drag them into another RKO General situation?
  2. Couldn't they sue Sinclair as well, and potentially challenge Sinclair's whole shell company stratagem as well?
  3. Two more questions, then: Why wouldn't Deerfield want to negotiate a fair deal? Are they trying to tie their deal to Sinclair's? If not, it seems very counter-intuitive as they would be losing money out of this whole ordeal. Is there any way to take "bad faith" negotiations to court, or at least to an arbiter of some sort? I would imagine that if this was true, then, say, the Pac-12 conference could complain against or sue AT&T for not carrying their networks.
  4. Sorry to seem like a noob, but what exactly qualifies as "bad faith negotiations"?
  5. A wee bit surprising to me. With WGN's sports content going exclusive to cable (either on NBC Sports Chicago or Marquee), you'd think that they'd try and get that affiliation back, but I guess the Nexstar merger might have complicated things a bit?
  6. Or better yet, use CBS Local as a nod to the PNP days.
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