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  1. Luling is in Caldwell county, which is actually part of the Austin DMA
  2. Here we go again with WOAI NBC 4 in San Antonio letting go great talent. Weekday evening anchor Evy Ramos has left the building. She has been there since 2014. According to the article, it seems she was blindsided and shocked by her firing. http://m.mysanantonio.com/entertainment/article/Anchorwoman-Evy-Ramos-no-longer-at-the-WOAI-TV-10856714.php
  3. If there were a real life Quagmire out there, he would look almost exactly like this creep.
  4. TEGNA if your seeing this ... KENS channel 5 desperately needs a new logo too...
  5. I was watching KUVE news tonight, and they were showing a tribute to their employees who are retiring from the station after tonight. There are soooo many of them, I believe 9 employees. It made me sad. I'm surprised KENS down the road, also a TEGNA station, has not announced anyone retiring from their station (yet).
  6. . I didn't even realize that he left KXAN. Just goes to show how much I watch that station.
  7. I am guessing KXVA and KIDY will change over before KIII. Or maybe KIII will change over unexpectedly tomorrow.
  8. I take it WOAI is modifying their logo as well... It's about time!
  9. Speaking of Fox 29 and NBC 4, is there any update as to when these two stations will finally be moving in together??
  10. Has KREM switched on air graphics? It looks like they have... Confirmation anyone?
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