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  1. Looks like the bug and ticker system is having a few issues EDIT: not sure about how I feel about the bug without a lower behind it.
  2. I would think the Bengals *might* use the Bally set since the flagship of the network and all of the affiliates but 2 are Sinclair stations, but nope. Looks like a team production more than anything else. The Bengals literally made smallest updates to their bug (flattened it, made some of the borders white) possible. The supers are new, but that's about it. (also, never mind that at least one Bengals affiliate dumped out of the LA Galaxy/MNUFC match in the middle of it)
  3. We have a new NHL on NBC score bug now that we're officially in the playoffs. But the lowers remain the same.
  4. Now that the website's launched, you can stream the BSN's on their website, but it's limited to the large providers. It would shock me if they had to re-negotiate deals with every small cable provider for streaming rights. FOX Sports Go still works concurrently with it, too. EDIT: nope, looks like the website just glitched
  5. Noticed one of those "Prep Zone" broadcasts from FOX Bally Sports West show up in the FOX Sports Go app (yep, still hasn't been rebranded and the Bally Sports website still says "coming soon!") and noticed that we have an early look at a football score bug! Unless they're planning on popping down information out of the team sections like NBA timeouts or baseball pitch counts, the idea of just having the right side of the bug be the ticker might be an issue. Not going to base reactions on a football version of the score bug on this one just yet because it seems like a generic version that's been adapted for football.
  6. WKYT in Lexington still carries a radar loop on 27.4. In 1080 HD too. Used to be on 27.3 in SD, but when they launched Circle, they moved it to 27.4 and upgraded it to HD. Back in the early-mid 2010s, it used to be hooked up to their main MAX box, so you could literally see the meteorologist preparing their show...they'd just have to remember to switch it to radar when they were done. Also someone mentioned WCPO, they had a more traditional DT2 weather channel up until sometime in the mid-2010s. Apparently it used to have narrated forecasts by meteorologists, map loops and actual local ads. But sometime between 2013-14 (when I would see it on the rare opportunities that Cincinnati signals would "invade" to my rather southern locale for them), it was switched to just radar with weather radio.
  7. Pretty sure they're just sticking with "WGN America"
  8. Well, SBJ's got the scoop, Sinclair will announce the rebranding today (free account required to read). Biggest changes are "shuttering" the Tennessee and Carolinas channels and folding them back into South (for the Predators) and Southeast (Hornets and Hurricanes) Prime Ticket becomes Bally Sports SoCal and SportsTime Ohio becomes Bally Sports Great Lakes. Rebrand takes effect "sometime before MLB season."
  9. I can see CBSSN living on for a bit longer because they still have some college rights from G5 conferences, but I think this may be the beginning of the end for those on TV as well, outside of "marquee" teams like Boise State (football, anyway). The issue with that is that CBS wouldn't have anywhere to put them unless they shove them all to whatever they're calling CBS All Access in the future.
  10. Appears NewsNation is covering the Inauguration this morning/afternoon. First big event after Nexstar got WGNA carriage on YTTV (and any cable company that carries a Nexstar station)
  11. Doesn’t appear even after the deal that the RSNs reach the same coverage area as before. FSNs seem almost entirely unavailable in the state of Kentucky. Checked several KY zip codes (Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and Paducah etc. DMAs) and no FSNs appear to be available. Check a Cincinnati zip code (appears to work anywhere inside the Cincinnati DMA) and lo and behold FSOhio pops back up.
  12. According to Matt Sarzyniak's College Sports Website, Marquee will be (along with FOX Sports Ohio) simulcasting the Dayton/George Mason basketball game tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 25) from Stadium. Noticing that Sinclair has started doing this more and more with the FSNs and, imo, should try to do it whenever possible on the FSNs.
  13. Yep, new graphics in place at the mothership on WCPO, which has now rebranded their newscasts from "9 On Your Side" to just "WCPO 9 News"
  14. It feels like a quick turnaround on this package vs. the last two. And if it is a while new network-wide package, I wonder what the plans are for other FOX Sports properties...Daytona 500 is only a 2.5 weeks away, then MLB starts in late March. Plus it's a whole thing as to whether or not the FSNs get re-branded by then and whether Sinclair will debut a new package for all of their sports properties or keep Stadium and the FSNs separate and continue to use the old FOX graphics (a la 2011 Root Sports).
  15. Here's a quick video slapped together of the new open, talent rejoin and weather graphics.
  16. I'm getting a quick something together
  17. The South accounts (@PredsOnFSTN, @CanesOnFSCR, @HornetsOnFSSE, @HawksOnFSSE, @GrizzliesOnFSSE, @FOXSportsBraves) have been like that for a couple of seasons, I think. My guess is FOX Sports South et al thought it would be easier to give each one a separate Twitter account what with various channel assignments and viewing area restrictions, etc. Regarding the Ohio Twitter accounts, It does indeed appear STO has been morphed into FOX Sports Cleveland... the @FOXSportsOH account remains, but mostly retweets Columbus and Cleveland content...my guess is that this is because there's no use in creating a "FOX Sports Cincinnati" account for just the Reds. Actually works well since Cleveland has Indians and Cavs content plus Browns shoulder programming and Columbus has Blue Jackets and Crew SC content plus Ohio State shoulder programming (only time I've seen a college team get their own custom FSN logo bug). The Cincinnati feed has the Reds...and some UC shoulder programming? Not enough to create a separate identity.
  18. The FSNs do this to a point already. Reds games get cleared on one of the FSSouth/Southeast/Tennessee/Carolinas feeds in at least Nashville and Charlotte already. FSIndiana clears some Pacers games to at least Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green, KY through FSSouth, same thing with FSSoutheast and the Grizzlies.
  19. They are essentially the old package just made flatter, with a different font, and adding a dash... ...and lemme tell you, I am here for it.
  20. I did notice something a few minutes ago that perturbed me about WHAS's use of "categories" to delineate the content of each story. They used a teal-colored travel category when discussing a local bridge closing and some other construction work. I get that this is technically "travel" information, but when I think travel I think of something like a trip to a faraway location, rather than having to take the longer way to work in the morning. Does the Gannett package really not have a category for traffic?
  21. WHAS actually broadcasts in 1080i as opposed to most ABC affiliates, which broadcast in 720p. But no, their newscasts are still shot and broadcast in widescreen SD. You could tell it wasn't HD if you were to watch it on a television or heck, even watch my video in fullscreen HD mode.
  22. Not technically in the Louisville market, but I do receive WHAS on cable, no it doesn't sound like that. Video of the 6pm open last night recorded from cable:
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