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  1. The station ID at the top definitely gave me vibes of what they did with the opens for the late Al Jazeera America, but I like the look overall. Still clean and has that Al Jazeera feel but is modern enough that it doesn't feel dated.
  2. Here's a quick video slapped together of the new open, talent rejoin and weather graphics.
  3. I'm getting a quick something together
  4. The South accounts (@PredsOnFSTN, @CanesOnFSCR, @HornetsOnFSSE, @HawksOnFSSE, @GrizzliesOnFSSE, @FOXSportsBraves) have been like that for a couple of seasons, I think. My guess is FOX Sports South et al thought it would be easier to give each one a separate Twitter account what with various channel assignments and viewing area restrictions, etc. Regarding the Ohio Twitter accounts, It does indeed appear STO has been morphed into FOX Sports Cleveland... the @FOXSportsOH account remains, but mostly retweets Columbus and Cleveland content...my guess is that this is because there's no use in creating a "FOX Sports Cincinnati" account for just the Reds. Actually works well since Cleveland has Indians and Cavs content plus Browns shoulder programming and Columbus has Blue Jackets and Crew SC content plus Ohio State shoulder programming (only time I've seen a college team get their own custom FSN logo bug). The Cincinnati feed has the Reds...and some UC shoulder programming? Not enough to create a separate identity.
  5. The FSNs do this to a point already. Reds games get cleared on one of the FSSouth/Southeast/Tennessee/Carolinas feeds in at least Nashville and Charlotte already. FSIndiana clears some Pacers games to at least Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green, KY through FSSouth, same thing with FSSoutheast and the Grizzlies.
  6. So starting in 2010 or so, The Weather Channel started displaying their national "lower display line" under all programming instead of leaving the job up to local STARs. Notice after the cut-over, the national weather remains on the bottom and the local weather doesn't yet appear. Those STARs are taken offline for the update. I think mine (on the SD side, at the time when still having a separate SD and HD feed was widespread) took about an hour to update. Maybe the new models in use today that push out SD and HD simultaneously are quicker. Another thing I've noticed, any normal commercial gets a squeezeback so the constant LDL doesn't cover up anything important, but they don't do this for their own promos, so the bottom is always cut off. The closest comparison I can make is to an ESPN/FS1 situation.
  7. I like the idea of the graphics overhaul. I like switching from a dull light blue to a dark blue/gray...but the typeface needs work. Akko suited them much better. Pairing the old graphical elements with what looks like Roboto Condensed is, uh, bad.
  8. The coverage is originating from WKRC but, I'm not sure if they're producing it or if the team is.
  9. Please continue to hold your shock as you find out that the Bengals spared every expense and are trotting out the same look as usual. This is a broadcast that doesn't even have down lines on the screen.
  10. They are essentially the old package just made flatter, with a different font, and adding a dash... ...and lemme tell you, I am here for it.
  11. Have Raycom's Panthers telecasts used the exact same package as the old Raycom Sports ACC telecasts before?
  12. Phoenix broadcast on KPNX going with the NBC "college" look, but replaces the peacock with advertising space. And yes, it appears there are timeout indicators but they're being cut-off my NFL Network's ticker (that has wayyyyy too much overscan space)
  13. Colts broadcast same as usual and WNBC still using the previous NBC package for the Giants.
  14. It finally happened, Spectrum finally did something with Spectrum News Kentucky. It appears to have relaunched as Spectrum News 1 earlier this week, dumped the offsite weather forecasts and looks like it's attempting to create a serviceable regional news network (albeit one that serves the metro areas and their suburbs. The state capital won't even receive this channel.) Everything appears to be based in Louisville, though there's at least one different feed for the western portion of the state as evidenced by the time card at the top of the hour quickly flickering from 11 to 10 (and the website is broken up into Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky). They're trying to keep some semblance of continuity with the old all-weather-all-the-time format with the attempt at a radar insert (yikes) and forecasts in lieu of a ticker. In addition, they're moving the channel from the legacy channel 2 (from when it was "Community Network" on Insight...cn|2) to channel 1, though I think Spectrum's keeping both channels 1 and 2 for at least a month. EDIT: It also appears possible to watch any of the four feeds (Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Northern Kentucky) online. The only differences appear to be the weather information (temp bug, crawl and Weather on the 1s inserts).
  15. Looks like on the hockey score bug, the shots have been moved into the main banner itself next to the score
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