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  1. I may have spotted the first sign of WRTV's new logo on their website. Now please, everyone, contain your excitement at this design marvel and do not bombard me with requests of black-market copies of this logo.
  2. Be on the lookout for WRTV in Indianapolis. I believe they may be getting ready to rebrand. A vague ad was airing saying "The future is coming to WRTV soon" with just "WRTV" letters floating in the background, and they changed the title of their Facebook page to just "WRTV" this week.
  3. WRGT/WKEF in Dayton have rebranded their newscasts as "Dayton 24/7 Now." Here's the release: https://dayton247now.com/news/local/introducing-dayton-247-now-bringing-you-the-latest-news-around-the-clock
  4. Anyone watching KTLA may have noticed they were "Baba-Booeyed" today.
  5. This is WKJG (now WISE and now a CW affiliate) from Fort Wayne, Indiana from 1997 (video has the whole newscast.) It was like someone learned how to make something in 3D and then spent no time learning how to make it look good. To be fair, in less than two years in October 1999 they launched a brand new graphics package that was incredible for that market. [MEDIA=vimeo]240943111[/MEDIA]
  6. WISH TV is now broadcasting from their newsroom as construction begins on their new set.
  7. WFFT in Fort Wayne has reverted back to its "FOX55" branding for the first time in a decade with a new logo that mimics the Tribune/FOX O&O logos. See WFFT.com
  8. WXIN Fox 59 in Indianapolis is apparently getting a new set with construction starting today. No more details than that though at this time.
  9. It's probably the case for any Nexstar station but funnily enough I always just pulled WFFT up with WFFT.com
  10. Speaking of Indiana, not sure how I missed this, but apparently Tim Doty and Marianne Lyles are out at WTTV CBS 4's Morning News in Indianapolis. They have brought in Frank Micken, he comes from WFMY in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is doing his first morning newscast with them as I speak. I think Nicole Pence (yes, she's related to the VP) is on maternity leave but her Facebook posts makes it sound like she is still with the station. She says they are "Changing things up" for the morning news.
  11. Sorry, maybe I was thinking of WSBT/WSJV's ownership changes (I am in Indiana but not near South Bend.) With that being said, I wonder if the set and refresh they poured all that money into just two years ago just didn't go over well.
  12. WNDU unveiled a new set and new graphics in the past week or so only two years almost to the day after they went through a major refresh. To be fair it could be the new ownership. http://www.newscaststudio.com/2017/01/19/wndu-new-set/ This was the previously look: http://www.newscaststudio.com/2015/01/20/south-bend-station-upgrades-set/
  13. Longtime WTHR anchor Bruce Kopp has announced he is leaving the station after 34 years. Can't say it's surprising after they gave him the shaft and "demoted" him to Weekend Morning anchor.
  14. Looks like a reception issue.
  15. WPTA in Fort Wayne appears to be getting ready to launch a Weekend Morning newscast to compete with WANE-TV. http://www.careersatquincy.com/story/31819654/weekend-morning-producer-internet-producer-wpta They are also hiring for a (assuming Weekend) Morning anchor and meteorologist.
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