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  1. TresGriffin

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    This is why I've always said don't sleep on the possibility of Disney being the buyer of certain stations. I've always felt that the reason they "don't buy stations" as people are so quick to throw around is that stations they'd truly want were never available for them to buy. And before anyone says "but what about WJLA and WFAA?", those were cases where their owners were looking for a single buyer for their entire group of stations. Disney wasn't going to buy all of Albritton and Belo just to get WJLA and WFAA, respectively. Now, if this is also the case with Cox and they're looking for a single buyer, then Disney is out. But if Cox has been open to a split sale, I don't see why Disney wouldn't be seriously considering purchasing their 3 ABC stations, seeing as these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities up for grabs, especially in the case of WSB which has always been Cox's "baby". All three of them come with some benefit to Disney: - WSB is pretty much synonymous with local TV in Atlanta. It's the dominant station in a top 10 market. - WSOC could provide some synergy with would-be sister WTVD in Raleigh, sharing resources in North Carolina. - WFTV exists in a market where Disney is the area's biggest employer. I'm sure there's opportunities for some degree of synergy there. When it comes to this whole Cox sale, many creatures seem to stirring, even a "Mouse"...
  2. TresGriffin

    Out and About

    My eyes are burning...
  3. TresGriffin

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    My “Disney buys WSB” thought is an edge case, indeed. The reason why I think it’s possible (and not necessarily probable) for WSB to go O&O is because it’s pretty much one of ABC’s strongest affiliates and in a large market. They’re pretty everything a network could want for one of its affiliates. For all we know, ABC/Disney may have been keeping a close eye on Channel 2 for a while but never approached Cox because they know buying their flagship station would be an exercise in futility. But now that the station is on the market, there might be a bit of a “hmmmm” coming from some office at ABC.
  4. TresGriffin

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    There’s a part of me that wonders if WSB could wind up going O&O when all is said and done. It’s been one of ABC’s strongest affiliates. The only issues I could see are with evening newscasts and syndicated program. They could cut the 6:00 news back to just 30 minutes and have WNT air at its “standard” 6:30. But, to be honest, considering that Channel 2 has had news starting at 4 since Oprah went off the air, they could stand to shave the 6:00 broadcast down to 30 minutes. Another thing I could see is that dropping Entertainment Tonight and replacing it and the WNT’s delayed broadcast with the Wheel/Jeopardy combo that they could snatch away from WXIA. Keep me honest, but isn’t Wheel and Jeopardy a package deal for ABC O&Os? Also, they might start referring to their newscasts as “ABC 2 Action News”, which could be jarring for locals.
  5. TresGriffin

    Cox Media Group up for sale

    I can see it now: “Live from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Channel 9 Eyewitness News!”
  6. TresGriffin

    TEGNA's New Graphics?

    Looks like WXIA has joined the modified-but-not-necessarily-totally-new logo bandwagon with the new graphics:
  7. TresGriffin

    Out and About

    I actually heard that in Ron Howard's voice, Arrested Development-style.
  8. TresGriffin

    TEGNA's New Graphics?

    Very attractive graphics. Let’s hope 11Alive (WXIA) gets a new logo that matches the new look...
  9. I’ve been thinking that an “Enforcer with Chroma Cues Signature” could be put in place. If they can do it at KYW (with the KYW Signature ) and WFSB (with the Advantage) Signature, they can do it with Chroma Cues.
  10. TresGriffin

    WRAL New graphics

    Looks great. But "relentless pursuit of excellence"? Did they hire the old ad man from Lexus to come up with that one?
  11. TresGriffin

    Out and About

    Well, it looks like Erin Coleman is leaving WSB, according to a post on her Facebook page. She says with one young child and another on the way, she wanted to move back to her hometown in Philadelphia. One wonders if she's "moving closer to her world". Any speculation who her replacement may be? Now, I know there's been lots of talk about Stefany Fisher going to Fox 5, but this could be a viable opening for her as well.
  12. TresGriffin

    Preemptions of Network Programming

    Another thing that's been going on for a few years now that I've always thought was strange is why Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy come on two different channels here (albeit the two stations are Gannett's duopoly of WXIA and WATL). It kind of makes me wonder if King World is giving Gannett a "side eye" for doing that. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if they send it another station just so they can be "reunited" if Gannett won't do it. I think they'd be a good fit at either WSB or WAGA, especially if the former can scale back their 6:00 news to 30 minutes (because I think "the Three Hour tour", as one WSB anchor called it, is overkill), air World News at 6:30 and air the WoF/Jeopardy hour at 7.
  13. TresGriffin

    Preemptions of Network Programming

    WGCL here in Atlanta has a sort of funky daytime schedule. For a few years, they went without a Noon newscast and they've had The Young and the Restless come on at 3:00 ever since Guiding Light went off the air. Between Noon and 1:30, they were airing some combination of Better and Inside Edition. Now that there's an noon newscast again, I wish they'd put Y&R back on at 12:30 and move Inside Edition and what not to 3. It also creates kind of a quirky thing where a promo for the "upcoming" episode of The Talk will pop up during Y&R when the episode in question actually aired just before Y&R. Let's Make A Deal, The Price is Right, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Talk air at their normal times.

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