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  1. Believe it or not, I thought “Georgia’s News at Ten” was clever, seeing as it tied into WGNX’s (now WGCL) call letters, which were established well before their news operation started.
  2. I’m surprised no one’s yet mentioned Craig Lucie’s departure from WSB.
  3. Gotcha. Admittedly, I haven’t been watching much of WSB (or TV In general) lately, so I haven’t seen this. Thanks!
  4. I hope so. With the new open and new weather graphics, a (much-needed) graphics overhaul to the remainder seemed inevitable. That being said, was this during the sports segment? They’ve been using the “slanted” version of the blue background for sports for a while.
  5. I really like the new weather graphics! Hopefully the OTS and lower thirds will follow suit sooner than later. They’re too stark a contrast with these newer graphics so I do believe they’re rolling out a new look piecemeal. Time will tell.
  6. They’re in December 1977 right now. So were probably close to seeing Kathleen Turner take over the role of Nola Dancy Aldrich soon.
  7. It’s kind of interesting too how people in comment sections and on YouTube tend to be ignorant of legal implications of speaking too soon. So many people were like “how come she can talk about everyone else’s business but not her own?” Well, that’s probably because she was getting her ducks in a row and her attorney advised her not to speak on it at all until Kevin got served.
  8. Random aside, but for some reason whenever I hear someone mention The Doctors, I think of the old soap opera and not the current talk show...
  9. Could use a little polishing. Do that and make some new lower thirds, OTS, etc. and I’m cool with it. (Though a part of me also wishes they’d just “borrow and modify” the WFTV graphics.)
  10. That’s just it. To me, it looks incomplete and rushed. Also, I feel like my real gripes are the lack of serifs, the 1s are too fat and that garish color choice.
  11. Yeah, I don’t take issue with C Clarity as a whole, just certain cuts. At least these actually look like “1”s. There’s only one scenario I can think of where this logo would’ve worked: A pre-9/11 WPIX, seeing as this logo resembles the twin towers at an angle.
  12. ACK! WXIA’s new logo...
  13. So, WXIA just unveiled a new logo and I’m not feeling it...
  14. Yeah, I’m definitely seeing some KABC/KGO/KFSN influence here, along with a slight hint of KMOV (which I would really like WGCL to get its hands on)
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